Ipsos I-Say Details

Get Paid To: Surveys, Polls, Referrals

Where to Join: I-Say by Ipsos registration

Payment Methods: Gift cards, Paypal

Payment Threshold: $5

Sign-up Bonus: Contest Entry

Ipsos I-Say is a solid direct survey site with over 3 million members. You can earn I-Say points by taking surveys and polls. The points can be redeemed for gift cards including Visa gift cards. You can also request a Paypal transfer, so it is essentially cash.

Anyone in the United States or Canada over 18 years of age can join. if you live outside North America they have local I-Say sites that you will be redirected to 

Go to our Survey Taking guide.

I-Say by Ipsos — Legit or a Scam?

I-Say is definitely legit.

Ipsos is a major consumer research firm located in Paris, France. They also have offices in 80 other countries and over 15,000 employees. This is not a fly-by-night company.

When you deal with many other survey sites you are working with aggregators. They are like a survey portal. You will find you are being linked to many different hosts to take the surveys. This can be confusing and possibly risky. But with I-Say by Ipsos you just stay at the original site, making for a better user experience.

How can you Make Money with I-Say

Once you join I-Say you will find a number of ways to earn money. Like all survey sites, none will make you rich. But you can have fun and monetize your idle time doing …

  • Paid surveys — Surveys are the primary way to earn points from I-Say. They have lots available but one of the few downsides of a direct survey company is that there may not always be multiple surveys to take per day.
  •  Contests — To keep you engaged I-Say has a number of contests. Right off the bat there is a welcome contest for new members where every four months 30 people get $100. They also have what they call a click draw where you can win 10,000 points. The I-Say FaceBook fan page also lists new contests.
  • Polls — These are short, pay very little, but take no time. Perfect for the app while standing in line somewhere.
  • Referrals –– You can also earn 100 points for referring your friends to I-Say.
  • Loyalty program — You get bonuses for completing a number of surveys. There are multiple gates …
    • 5 = 25 bonus points
    • 15 = 50 bonus points
    • 200 surveys = 600 bonus points.

How to Take Surveys with I-Say

I-Say is very easy to use. The enrollment process takes just a few minutes with the usual questions about age, sex, race where you live, etc.  Answer these questions completely and accurately. These demographic details are important because the people who pay Ipsos are only interested in surveying their target audience. If someone is collecting consumer information about low-priced cosmetics they will need to target women of a certain income group and so on.

Once you enroll there is a pre-qualification survey. This is to gather more details about you to further refine the survey matching process. It is a very short survey with about 10 questions.

That’s it.

One slightly annoying thing is that when you now start actually taking surveys there may be another qualification survey with similar questions. Be sure that these answers are the same as your profile and original pre-qualification survey.

Survey Disqualification Rate

Generally you can expect to qualify for about 1 in 5 of the available surveys. Of course, this will vary be your demographics and the current survey needs. Another annoying but familiar issue is that you may end up starting a survey, get 10 minutes in and get disqualified. This happens with all survey companies. I-Say does give you a few consolation points when this happens.

I-Say Apps

A nice touch is that i-Say has apps for both Android and iOS, so you can complete surveys waiting for the kids or in line at the store. You also can setup alerts in the apps to notify you when a new survey is available.

Payment Details

Like many survey sites, I-Say uses a point system.

100 points = $1

The surveys and other activities generate points that are held in your member account balance. When you reach 500 points or $5 you can get it paid to you with an electronic gift card or direct PayPal payment. This low payout threshold is a nice feature of I-Say. One of the more common “scams” is to have low points for a survey and a high payout … like $50. With that set up the survey company wins when many people just stop taking surveys before the $50 threshold. They then forfeit the balance.

But NOT with I-Say the $5 payout is great.

Also, payment is very quick for e-cards.

Here is a list of ways you can be paid …

  • Amazon e-Card
  • Starbucks e-ard
  • Walmart e-Card
  • Charity Donations
  • Facebook Game eCard
  • target e-Cards
  • Visa Gift Cards
  • Merchandise
  • Many other gift cards
The e-catds are sent almost immediately which is nice. The PayPal funds take 3-4 weeks to process. The physical cards like Visa gift cards are 4-6 weeks. This is pretty typical for survey sites, with the instant e-cards being a nice feature for I-Say.

There is a 2% charge for PayPal funds and a 100 point charge per physical card like Visa Gift Card.

Your points stay active as long as you are an i-Say member. If you or I-Say deactivate your account, you only have 45 days to use your points. Again this better than many survey companies who have you lose your points if the account is closed.

I-Say Community

Ipsos i-Say, creates a nice community experience for their members. You can even post your own polls. A fun thing they do to keep the members engaged is sweepstakes and contests.

Sweepstakes & Contests

I-Say wants you to be an active member. You are entered into contests for taking surveys and polls. Some of the drawings include …

  • I-Say Quick Draws: Every survey you take enters you into the Quick Draw contest where every 4 months, 10 I-Say members get a free 5000 points. The more surveys you take, the better your chances of winning.
  • Poll Predictor — You guess the results of polls to win prizes.
  • Lucky Grand Draw — If you redeem your points from their merchandise catalog you are entered into a drawing. The more you redeem the more entries you get.
  • Exchange for Education — Spend 200 points to enter a drawing for $5000. Better odds than your local scratch ticket!
I-Say is constantly adding contests with at least one per season so check their Contests and Prizes page or FaceBook page for the latest contests to win.

I-Say Facebook

The I-Say FaceBook page is fairly active with over 300,000 members. They are mainly motivational type posts but they do use the platform to announce new rewards and other promos. It is not a place to get support or administrative information.


Pros and Cons —
Ipsos I-Say Surveys


Better than average payouts

Nice community

Pays quickly

PayPal option

Not a consolidator


Small number of surveys

Must be 18

Reports of account deactivations

Bottom Line

I tried I-Say for myself. After 1 week, I had 720 points. Based on my time spent it was about $1.20 per hour. I was not trying to rush or do 10 surveys per day (they don’t have 10 new surveys every day that you would qualify for). This makes them above average for earnings though not the highest.

If you want to earn more you need to sign up for multiple survey companies. You can check out our big guide to paid surveys for more options.

Paid surveys should not be thought of as a job. Tehy are a fun way to monetize your idle time.

If you are looking for a real online job check out our guide to making money online for some great ideas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ipsos I-Say legit?

For sure. They are the online survey division of a major consumer research company.

How much can I make with I-Say by Ipsos?

If you are proactive you should be able to make If If you are active, you can earn $20 - $25 per month. However, at some times there may be a lack of surveys you qualify for. Sign-up for other survey companies to make more.

What kind of surveys does I-Say have?

Ipsos surveys tend to be consumer products and services. They tend to be fun rather than tedious.

How old do I have to be to be a member?

You need to be 18 years old for the main US and Canada sites.