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ContentFlips Benefits

Affiliate and other content driven sites have the lowest startup costs. But …

  • New content sites take at least 6 months to rank for Google search results.
  • This long time to market issue can be eliminated by starting with an already aged site.
  • ContentFlips sites are vetted and ready for business today. Not in 6-12 months.

Content Sites and Google’s Sandbox

Content sites are driven by Google Search and SEO.  You create great content, attract visitors searching on Google and convert them to affiliate sales or receive advertising income. But it takes time to build and start to rank such a site. Typically 6-12 months.

You must do extensive keyword research, create the site, create the content thsi takes time. But then, you must wait. Google does not trust you enough to send their search customers.

This period from launch until Google trusts you enough is the sandbox period . Your affiliate or ad-based content business has a long time-to-market factor. An aged site can eliminate this.

Marketplaces like Flippa have aged sites but they are not vetted. Most Flippa content sites are; autoblogs, duplicate content, fake traffic – these are near worthless. ContentFlips was created to fill this need for quality, aged, vetted, content sites.

ContentFlips puts trusted sellers in front of buyers looking to start earning today, not in 6-12 months.

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Details for Buyers

Find out more about our listing and selling process.

Buying Info

All our marketplace sites include: sites out of the sandbox, a foundation of content, WordPress setup, disclaimers & about pages in place, full site audit, keyword and topic recommendations. 

The buying process is trasnparrent and safe. The sites have a fixed price and include a detailed SEO and keyword research report with content and growth suggestion.

Our selers represent many niches to choose from and we are growing our listings all the time.

ContentFlips buyers can start ranking keywords and generating traffic today. Not in 6-12 months. Learn More about buying a site at ContentFlips.

Details for Sellers

Find out how you can sell your content site. 

Selling Info

There are many reasons to sell a content site …

Ramped your site up to have steady monthly revenues? We can get a premium for that site.

Have an affiliate site that has content and a few keywords ranking? We can sell that.

Have a site that needs more content but you have moved on? There are customers for that site.

Do you build starter affiliates and have some aged ones? We can help market your sites.

Whatever your reason to sell, if you have quality content and your site is active and more than 6 months old we can help you turn your content site to cash.  Learn more about our site requirements, fees, and launch promotion.


ContentFlips is all about transparrency – for both buyers and sellers.

Marketplace Info

Our goal is simple – transparrency.

As a seller, you will know exactly what is required to list, all costs and our marketing plans and expectations.

As a buyer you will be presented only sites with original content. You will know the traffic and ranking keywords. You will know the domains authority.

We accurately and completely describe the websites metrics. All information is verified. Content is unique. Learn more about our vetting and valuation process.


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SEO is the lifeblood of an affilaite marketer or any content site.

Getting keywords to rank on page 1 is the ultimate goal. It takes great targeted content, proper on-page seo, backlinks to gain authority and more.

Content Marketing is your business.

You need to know how to find writers, create content that converts, productive copywriting and outreach. Content is your product, you must maximize its roi.

Wether you are an affiliate marketer, an ad and traffic specialist, or both – we have actionable information.  Learn more about marketing and SEO for content sites.

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