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At Prosociate, we are all about affiliate marketing and SEO for bloggers and affiliates., We build plugins for Amazon and eBay affiliates and done-for-you sites for many programs. There is no better way to earn and learn than affiliate marketing. Perhaps you will go on to Amazon FBA or your own products but affiliate marketing has distinct advantages – particularly for newer online marketers.

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guest posting best practice

Guest Posting, Cross Posting, Footer links – the Backlink Grey Zone

updated 12 November 2018 We spend a lot of time with on-page SEO and have a detailed on-page SEO guide and checklist to help with this. But off-page matters too ...
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Info to money post ratio affiliate sites

Info to Money Page Ratio for Affiliate Niche Sites

Many affiliate marketers understand that information posts play a role in your Google organic traffic. But what is a good ration of info-posts to money posts? ...
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12 outsourced writing resources

12 Great Article Writing Service Options for Affiliates and Bloggers

Sometimes you need to find outsourced article writers for your blog or affiliate sites. Some great resources ...
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47 Free Sources for Graphics

47 Free Graphics Sources and Tools for Affiliates and Bloggers

Visitors will quickly bounce away from walls of text. Here are 47 great free graphic resources for fonts, logos, images and more ...
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Free Graphics for Affiliates and Bloggers

Free Graphic and Image Library Dynamic Checklist

I use this checklist when I am trying to find a graphic specific to a topic. Just check off sites you have already checked or do not use. We will ...
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21 Writing Tips for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

Writing for blogs and affiliate sites is not the same as business or essay writing. Short, punchy, chatty prose works best. Here are 21 tips for better online writing ...
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affiliate marketing myths

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Misconceptions, Myths, and BS

There are so many myths and misinformation in the affiliate marketing world. many are trying to sell you something. Here's our list of things to watch out for ...
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Affilaite Marketing Definitions

Affiliate Marketing Definitions, Techniques, and Terms

Like many industries, the affiliate marketing world has its own set of terms and vernacular. here is our list of must-know terms for online marketers ...
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High Ticket Amazon Products

Expensive Niche Products – Amazon Products with Big Commissions

Would you rather have 6% of $50 or $5000? Affiliate marketing is a numbers game and new affiliates are still building traffic. One strategy is to focus on, or include ...
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101 Affiliate Website Examples

101 Affiliate Marketing Website Examples – From Amazon to YouTube Plus Affiliate Income Reports

Types of Affiliate Sites Affiliate niche sites come in many shapes and sizes. Some affiliates choose to use video as there delivery vehicle. Many use Amazon products but we also ...
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Website Buyer Agent – Don’t Swim Alone

Are you thinking of buying a website? It is a great way to jump-start your online venture. However, the business broker world is one of many landmines and risks ...
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Amazon Affiliate and Internet Sites for Sale – Where to Find and How to value

Build or Buy There are good arguments for both building and buying an Amazon Affiliate or other Internet websites. Build: Involvement - By building your own site, you will be ...
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Using Keyword Golden Ratio to Rank Higher on Google

Finding Succesful Keywords Finding longtail keywords for your niche is easy. Finding keywords that you can rank on page 1 of Google search results - trickier. If you are a ...
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On-page SEO Checklist for Affiliate Marketers – Top 25 tasks for Every Page

This is a companion tool to our On-page SEO for Affiliate Marketers post. These items will take very little time and are sure to increase your SERP location. You can ...
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done-for-you affiliate site on-page seo

Easy On-page SEO for Affiliate Marketers – Make Great Content

What is on-page SEO and why do affiliate marketers care? Think of it as your content and all of the additional html and information that helps Google find it. It’s ...
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Performance Optimization – Tuning an Affiliate WordPress Site for Speed

Background Affiliate traffic is dependent on SEO. Google considers site performance a major ranking factor. So we make sure our affiliate sites load quickly.  We provide hosting performance and Amazon ...
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Amazon Associate - Worth it?

9 Reasons Why Starting an “Amazon Affiliate Site” is the BEST Thing You Could Do As a Newbie (And How You Should Do It)

If you have been looking for content about Amazon affiliate sites, perhaps you have come across this article: "9 Reasons Why Starting an "Amazon Affiliate Site" is the WORST Thing You ...
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Finding Affiliate Content Keywords with Free Tools – LSIGraph and

Introduction Our Affiliate SEO tip this week is using free tools to quickly find good seed keywords for your affiliate content marketing projects. We all know that keywords drive Google ...
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Best Keyword Research Tools for Affiliate Marketers – 2018 Edition

Affiliates and Keyword Research Affiliates sites are very dependant on keywords and in particular longtail keywords - but we'll get to that! Like all blogs, it is the most crucial ...
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Amazon’s New Product Advertising API Key Policy for Affiliates – What to Do?

What rules have changed with getting Advertising API keys In the past, every new Amazon affiliate could get the Product Advertising API Keys (API keys). The old process was: Sign ...
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Top 10 Free WooCommerce Themes for Amazon and eBay Affiliate Sites

WooCommerce & Prosociate Affiliate plugins like Prosociate are powered by WooCommerce - just like real online merchants and stores. Whether you are using Prosociate for Amazon stores, eBay stores, authority ...
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Top Hosting for Affiliates

There are lots of hosting companies to choose from, see our complete review of hosting companies for affiliate markers. For affiliate marketers, there are four categories of options. Shared hosting for ...
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Creating a Succesful Amazon Affiliate Store – 2018 Edition

The way it used to be A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … circa 2014, creating a successful Amazon affiliate storefront was easy. Select a niche with ...
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amazon rules - don't get banned

Amazon Affiliate Rules, Example Disclosure and more – Don’t Get Banned

Amazon Affiliate Agreements and Terms of Service (TOS) Whether you are just starting out, or a long time successful affiliate, you must adhere to Amazon's TOS rules. Don’t get your ...
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Free Affiliate Themes

Free Affiliate Themes and Plugins

Free Amazon and eBay Affiliate Review, Adsense Themes, and Plugins All of our legacy themes and plugins are now FREE. We have decided to give back to the affiliate community and ...
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Building Amazon and eBay Affiliate Stores with WooCommerce and WordPress

WooCommerce is the leading WordPress plugin for commerce sites. According to Datanyze WooCommerce is used on 680,730 sites and 22.91 % of the entire e-commerce market. That includes non-WordPress sites. Squarespace ...
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plugins themes

Building an Affiliate Site with WordPress – Detailed Guide

Infographic -- Building an Affiliate Site with WordPress Introduction Niche marketing is a simple concept. Create an audience around a niche that has sufficient organic traffic to profitably promote products ...
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Best Website Hosting for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online. Build a niche site, become an authority in that domain, drive traffic to your site ...
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Rapisite – Affiliate Marketing Platform

ReadyThemes and our other product companies have a long history of creating themes and plugins for affiliates. Working with thousands of affiliate marketers, we have noticed a number of common ...
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Prosociate 4

We are wrapping up a major release of Prosociate, our Amazon affiliate publishing tool. With Prosociate you can search the entire Amazon catalog and create products in WooCommerce as an ...
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Ebay Changes Affiliate Commissions – Amazon Next?

Ebay has issued a new worldwide commission rate card effective immediately. They have unified commissions across their global websites that participate in the Ebay Partner Network (EPN). The rates went ...
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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Tools Guide

A few weeks ago, Amazon released LinkBuilder, their official Wordpress plugin for Amazon Associates. Since we were in a reviewing mode we decided to do a roundup of the available ...
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Prosociate Review – Philosophy, Past – Present – Direction

As we prepare to release the next version of Prosociate, our most powerful Amazon and Ebay affiliate site building tool, it was a good time to take a step back ...
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