Affiliate marketing websites come in many shapes and sizes.

The typical affiliate marketer creates a product reviews or other helpful site that gets most of their traffic form SEO — Google Search. But there are many other models to consider for an affiliate marketing website. Travel blogs, diet and nutrition niches, personal finance blog, advice sites, software reviews, all can have substantial affiliate income.

Some affiliates choose to use video as their delivery vehicle. Many use the Amazon Affiliate Program but we also highlight a number of digital product and ClickBank affiliates and other monetization strategies. There are many different ways to earn money — display advertising, sponsored posts, financial services, etc.

There are some common things that all sites do that are successful in the affiliate marketing game. You don’t need to do exactly what a particular site does but you should:

  • Track website visitors
  • Use Solid web hosts — speed matters
  • Generate organic traffic
  • Double down on profitable campaigns
  • Focus on a target audience
  • Leverage social media accounts
  • Create their own products
  • Leverage affiliate promotions

We look at the diverse world of affiliate sites to give you create ideas for niche selection as well as design and content types. These are sites that make money from digital marketing.  There are also a number of income reports to give you an idea of the different ways that you can diversify your online income.

Go to our affiliate marketing guide for more tips.

We will make this an evergreen report and add to it as we discover more sites that we feel may be of interest to you.

So here is our big list of 101 niche affiliate marketing website examples. Some of the most successful affiliate marketing websites to motivate and educate you.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Examples

These are the typical site most people think of as the typical affiliate site. They almost always use the Amazon Affiliate Program for at least part of their income.

Niche Amazon affiliate sites typically focused on a fairly narrow niche so that they can rank in search results by specializing and be the authoritative affiliate website on a topic.

With the recent affiliate rate cuts at Amazon they are more difficult to monetize but still often the perfect place to start affiliate marketing.

The Amazon affiliate websites in this list can also give you a good idea of the right size niche to work with — not too broad, not too narrow.

The designs are very flat and straightforward. This keeps the web hosting demands low and the costs down. Website building is not your job, nor a monetization strategy. It can take time away from building affiliate partnerships, and creating more content.

They are easy to deploy and a great way to start your affiliate journey. These niche sites are the perfect first step as an affiliate marketer.

They are not generally what I would call passive income. An Amazon affiliate site owner should always be creating content, checking product availability, engaging with your target audience, etc.

Due to the lower commission you will also need a good amount of content to generate the website traffic needed. Always a good idea to consider other affiliate programs too.

Don’t become too dependent on the Amazon affiliate program they are known to change direction quickly and have many rules that you could run afoul of inadvertently and find your self deauthorize and lose all of your income.

We have a detailed post on Amazon affiliate rules you may want to review.

Headphones addict is a good example of a narrow product niche affiliate site. With over 50K ranking keywords and more than 70k monthly visitors they are a busy affiliate website. Though they only focus on headphones there still are many categories of headphones and related affiliate products to develop content around. These include …

  • Earbuds
  • Sports
  • Noise cancelling
  • Gaming
  • Bluetooth
  • Over Ear
  • On Ear

A good example of how to fully blanket a niche. The rank for over 51k keywords.

Who would have thought that an affiliate site focusing just on camping cots would be able to rank for over 13k keywords. It is a nice clean design clean design. They get additional ad revenue from Mediavine which means they get quite a bit of traffic.

Another narrow tightly focused Amazon niche affiliate site though not your typical Amazon affiliate website. This is not the biggest of sites and is a reachable goal by all in the first year with an affiliate website. Also not the most expensive affiliate product but there is lots of opportunity for repeat business.

With a focus on just electric shavers they rank for over 2,500 keywords and have almost 500 backlinks. This site is organized by brands like Braun and Panasonic not product categories.

Knife Informer has an affiliate site with a strong focus on buyers guides. They have over 35 guides including …

  • Multi-tool
  • Pocket
  • Machetes
  • Hunting Knives
  • and more

With over 35k keywords and over 10k backlinks they are clearly focusing on SEO. They have over 50k monthly visitors who are all coming for knife related keywords. They are also a good example of a multi-vendor approach with both Amazon and other online retailer options for most products.

Additional Amazon Niche Examples

Some additional Amazon niche sites include …

Personal Blog Niche Affiliate Marketing Examples

Personal blogs and guides are affiliate websites that are monetized by affiliate commissions have some distinct advantages. First, they don’t feel like affiliate sites. There is more engagement with the audience. There is more trust built between the visitor and blogger. They also can use Facebook and Pinterest more effectively. These types of sites have longevity – the create a personal connection with the audience.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is a good example of an information and educationally focused site. They are also a well-diversified site from a revenue standpoint with affiliate products, eBooks, advertising and courses. More of a magazine style than the typical plain affiliate site design. They are definitely a model worth studying.

Digital Photography School is a good example of an information and educationally focused site. Surely not just an affiliate website. They are also a well-diversified site from a revenue standpoint with affiliate products, eBooks, advertising and courses. More of a magazine style than the typical plain affiliate site design. They are definitely a model worth studying.

They are a beast with 2.5 million backlinks, 500k ranking keywords and 300K monthly visitors.

Photography is a great niche with so many sub-niches with low competition to get you started.

Just don’t name your site after a narrow sub-niche and limit your future expansion opportunities.

As a lifelong photographer and printer, I could easily see a site with a focus on subjects like …

  • Wide Angle photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Large format photography
  • Landscape and nature 
  • Pinhole and homemade cameras
  • Traditional and hand printing


Just a girl and her blog is a solid site with a definite focus on women and things that would interest them from them. It is a great example of a site that is not based on physical products or hobbies.

There is a focus on planning, organization and decorating. In addition to affiliate income the sites sells digital products like planners and printable binders.

Having multiple sources of income is key and you will notice there is not an affiliate link every third paragraph nor even an affiliate link in each blog post.. This adds to the trust component.The design is feminine without being girly.

With 70K ranking keywords and 50K monthly visitors this is a real business and anyone would be thrilled to have these numbers for their personal blog.

Lucie’s is a survival guide for new parents. Both a blog and affiliate site. There is lots of great content for parenting and newborn care. The site has many gear guides that provide lots of affiliate opportunities.

The nice thing about new parents as a niche is that they are spending freely. There are also family members who want to support the new baby.

They have a huge amount of traffic with over 130k monthly visitors with near 200k ranking keywords.

Additional Personal Blog Examples

Digital Product Niche Affiliate Marketing Websites

Digital products are attractive offerings for affiliates — they pay well. The largest marketplace for these os ClickBank but there is also JV-Zoo and Warrior Plus among other sources. These products typically focuses on relationships, health, and finance though there are many other product types.

These sites and offerings do often feel too “slick” for my taste but there are many people who are attracted to these offers. Be careful integrating ClickBank or similar affiliate offerings with your personal blogs. Be sure that you are offering products that are solid and a good fit for your audience.

Work anywhere is an affiliate marketing website focused primarily on the make Money online (MMO) market — live the  “the laptop lifestyle”. Lot’s of email opt-in opportunities it seems much of the sites revenue efforts are in email marketing.

This makes a lot of sense for ClickBank and offers like Wealthy Affiliate. With these products you need many touches with the customer to get the deal. You need to build trust. It is the opposite of the Amazon affiliate approach.

With Amazon products just send the traffic to Amazon — they are a conversion machine. With ClickBank, training and similar products you need to do the converting.

This is not the biggest of sites and is an oversaturated market. Many an affiliate marketer starts out learning the industry, never really takes action, finally decides to build an affiliate website. After doing an assessment of what niche/topic they like and are knowledgeable about — voila … another MMO blog!

Another MMO site. You probably don’t want to replicate these at this point with so many out there.

They are a Wealthy Affiliate (WA) promoter as are many of these sites. WA has become a bit of a MLM scheme themselves from my perspective with the affiliate training itself basically ending with if you want to be a successful affiliate, sell WA.

The one good thing about building an MMO-focused site is that you will learn the basics of promotion that many Amazon affiliates do not. Learning how to use lead magnets to build an email list, create landing pages, run a retargeting ad campaign … these skills can be used for many future affiliate monetized sites.

Health, fitness and biohacking. These are evergreen and high-paying niches. The revenue streams are focused on speaking, coaching and affiliate income from supplements.

Being a Your Money Your Life (YMYL) site Ben does a great job of documenting his expertise to be sure to satisfy Google’s  expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT) criteria for such sites.

With 40k monthly organic visitors this is a solid site that likely does well financially.


Additional ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Websites

Video-based Affiliate Marketing Websites

Representing affiliate products via video is a great idea. You have much less competition for search results. People love videos but they do require some onscreen and production talent. Often these type of offerings and videos can be a supplement to your website rather than your exclusive channel.

How to Blog

This is a video channel called WP Eagle. It has 50,000 subscribers and scores of great videos. It is a great example of integrating video into your business model.

Ryan’s Toy Review

Video toy reviews are a great idea. Though they do review toys, it’s not the typical what’s-in-the box type videos where parents get a preview of a toy before buying it. Ryan’s Toy Review takes and educational approach with the site. With an emphasis on science experiments there are lots of great informative videos. They even have a Spanish version of the channel.

Additional Video Examples

Large Corporate Affiliate Websites

Sites in this group are backed by large staffs and budgets. This may be your long-term goal and you can use these sites to see details of how pages that convert are set up.

The authors are professional writers and they likely ab test their call to action buttons and perform other conversion rate optimization techniques.

Be careful when reviewing these sites for acceptable Amazon and other compliance issues as they likely have operating agreements that are different from a basic Associates.

From an SEO standpoint, you will not be able to outrank these sites in a head-to-head article for the search results page.

A site like ThisiswhyIamBroke are often viewed as a simple Pinterest styled site that can be easily replicated. It is difficult. They had their start with viral Reddit activity. The SEO challenges of a similar site are formidable.

Wirecutter is now owned by the New York Times. Kayak and Skyscanner are huge airline affiliate websites. So best to learn from these companies and look for gaps in their coverage rather than go head to head with them.

They need little discussion as household names but just look at their metrics. If anyone tells you affiliate websites are all low-quality or low-value point them to these sites.

Wirecutter is a monster of an affiliate marketing website site. Now owned by NY Times they are the king of review sites. It was started in 2011 by Brian Lam and sold in 2016 for $30 million. They are the Amazon of review sites with products in almost every imaginable category.

With a huge budget, teams of writers who do real reviews on actual products that they purchase they are hard to beat. Probably not a site for an individual to emulate. There are still great ideas here. I use them to check design trends and ideas, article structure, graphic and table layouts, etc.

Wirecutter now has changed from to be a subfolder of the NY Times website at So it is hard to break out their traffic and keyword information. Let’s just say it is quite a bit larger than yours and mine.

Everyone loves this site. Originally a place to find crazy, odd-ball and often  expensive items, it is now focused on gifts for everyone. If you want to get Dad a trip in a fighter plane ($2,999) this is the place you will find it. The site is organized as …

  • Gifts by Occasion
  • Gifts by Recipient
  • Gifts by Category
  • What’s New

One of the interesting things about This Is Why I’m Broke is that they really got there big start with social media … a Reddit thread that went viral. But they also were one of the first to use infinite scrolling, Pinterest like layout, funny product descriptions and original images instead of Amazon’s.

The design is so popular that you can find themes and templates that replicate it. If you go this route of very short product descriptions vs. reviews, plan on finding non-SEO traffic sources like social. Those short witty descriptions are fun but won’t rank for much.

I would put this generally in the Amazon Store category — a difficult and somewhat outdated model.

Best Reviews Is a broad product review site like Wirecutter. They have a team of over 60 people testing and reviewing products. Interestingly they were part incubated as a startup in the Harvard Innovation Lab. They have a number of senior staff who are from educational backgrounds at Harvard Business School, Berkeley, West Point,  etc. A case study brought to real life … nice.

There site is another good study in design. Notice that the biggest, most successful site use basically a clean flat design. No flashing text, scrolling images or music playing in the background. Another trend is tables that are simple not super-wide multi-category comparison tables.

With a large team of expensive staff, I am not sure how much they earn on 73k monthly visitors but a solid site and good example of professional design and layout.

Additional Mega-Site Examples

Authority Sites vs. Niche Affiliate Marketing Websites

Sometimes people get hung-up on terms that have no clear delineation. What is an authority vs a niche site is one those times.

Authority sites are really just the next step up the ladder from a niche site. You always want to be the authority on your topic — no matter how narrow.

An “authority site” usually implies a broader niche. Sometimes just a collection of related niches like outdoors vs. tennis racquets.

Often niche site affiliate marketers will grow into an authority site. A good reason to not be too specific with your niche site domain name when you start out.

No mystery what Outside Pursuits is about — everything from camping to kayaks. A good example of a broad brand-able domain name that also is very niche relevant.

People are passionate about their outdoor activities and these are generally higher paying commission categories.

They have over 140k monthly visitors and 240k+ ranking keywords.

Gear Patrol is a mix of Wirecutter reviews and lifestyle blog. There main categories include …

  • Food & Drink
  • Fitness
  • Tech
  • Style
  • Watches

They are a very diversified site from a business model perspective, even having an e-commerce store in the revenue mix.

With almost 1 million monthly visitors they are doing many things well.

The Spruce is a home and garden focused site that has many affiliate marketing opportunities. They write about furnishings, home repair, gardening, and similar topics. These tend to be high-paying niche products.

During this pandemic time, people are nesting and improving there home and living areas — The Spruce is in a good position to capitalize on this.

With 7 million ranking keywords and 20 million monthly visitors, they have a huge audience and lots of SEO traffic.


Additional Authority Examples

Services, Internet Marketing & Software Affiliate Marketing Websites

Web Hosting companies and software products pay some of the best commissions. These sites need less traffic to generate similar revenue. These are some of the best paying affiliate partners you can find.

Hosting companies often have recurring commissions or very large bounties. If you are interested we have a detailed post on recurring commission affiliate programs.

These also include the website builders like WIX. They all have a very high customer lifetime value since people typical keep their web host for a long time. Site builders and afford a large new customer acquisition expense.

Software is typical a SaaS product which again is often a recurring commission. This includes marketing tools, SEO tools and email marketing platforms.

These affiliate offers pay enough that you can even consider paid ads as part of your traffic strategy in addition to the typical organic traffic from SEO search engines.

Of course, the trust factor with Amazon is a given. With these sites, you need to use your expertise to build trust with your audience to get conversions.


Software How reviews PC and Mac software. Software is a great niche with high margins and affiliate commissions. It is definitely competitive.

Software How strengths include a great easy to navigate design and reviews by qualified individuals who know the field.

That is the tricky part of software review sites. You can hire many people to write a review posts of the best toaster ovens but software requires more technical writers. You need to write in-depth reviews to satisfy this demanding audience and Software How does.

The traffic and keyword numbers are very impressive. With 120k plus ranking keywords and 80k monthly visitors they are a top technology website.

Additional Service Affiliate Website Examples

Travel Niche Affiliate Marketing Websites

Everyone travels – or wants to. Even arm-chair travelers will read travel blogs and dream of their next getaway. You generally want to specialize as general travel sites are difficult to rank against.

There are many large travel companies that will be on page one for most travel-related searches. You need to find a niche within the travel industry.

Switchback Travel does a great job of combining a travel blog and product review site. They are a good example of meshing your reviews with informational content for your affiliate marketing website. You can find the best camping places in Patagonia with the perfect travel and hiking gear for your trip. Clever.

They are a substantial site with over 320k visitors and a similar number of ranking keywords.

Nomadic Matt is an inspiration to many. One of the best known travel bloggers, to many he lives the perfect life that blends work and passion. This is an affiliate marketing website that is the envy of many. The nice thing when you get anywhere near the size of Matt’s blog is that you have a super-strong foundation to build off of. Your new content ranks right away because you are the authority in Google’s eyes.

I do not know the size of the staff but this is a real business. With almost 450k monthly visitors just the display ad income is likely $5k-$10k per month. Add in the affiliate revenue and his info products and training … a good roll model.

Additional Travel Examples

Finance Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Show me the money! Financial sites from credit card offers to retirement planning will always do well and many of the products you can represent have large payouts.

Like the health sites, the latest Google SEO update was a challenge for many of these sites.

There is additional scrutiny on sites that fall under the Your Money Your Life (YMYL)  category. The most important thing to do is have a clear and demonstrable level of expertise and trust. Google refers to this as  E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust).

Along with the software, hosting, and SaaS products this affiliate category requires in-depth detailed content. You will want to hire actual industry experts to satisfy the Google EAT algorithm so a new blog post is going to costly. Good keyword research will be critical. You want to find topics with good search volume that you can compete for.

It is also a competitive niche so you will need to keep track of consumer trends and provide linkable content to attract backlinks. You will want to have lots of varied content, landing pages, your own ebooks, etc.

Personal Income is a smaller site that you may be able to glean some competitive content ideas from. They have a nice design and seem to create strong content.

The first thing you see is a lead magnet (free guide) so you know that email marketing is a big part of their business model.

Also notice the disclaimer that they are not giving financial advice. Since this is a YMYL (your money your life) site they are being careful to establish there sites objectives. Smart.


The Points Guy is an institution and hugely successful site. A good example of someone who started narrow and became an authority in abroad niche like travel.

With 2.4 million monthly SEO visitors this is one of the busiest websites. The best part is that The Points Guy gets mostly free traffic from SEO.

Making Sense of Cents is all about money — saving it and budgeting. If that is not a universal and evergreen niche …

Like many larger blogs they have also developed a revenue stream with courses on how to create a money-making blog. Hard to argue with success.

It has a healthy 50k plus monthly visitor base so lots of opportunity for this high-paying niche.

Additional Finance Examples

Health & Beauty Niche

You only get one body. People are always interested in ways to improve their health and longevity. The August 2018 Google update hit these sites hard from an SEO perspective.

The update targeted YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) sites. You need to be sure that your content is matching the search intent well, has social proof, has real expert writers.

These sites will use product reviews promote affiliate products and include:

  • Diet
  • Nutrition
  • Medical Devices
  • Skincare niche

Health Ambition is not the biggest of sites but a good example of a non-ClickBank health, nutrition and fitness site.

They appear to be driving most of their revenue with ads and are ramping up informational content. This is a viable strategy even for a smaller site and less fickle than dealing with ever-changing affiliate commissions.

Additional Health Examples

Traffic and Income Reports

I love these. More than the actual numbers the types of income streams can be very educational. I am a big believer in having a rich-mix of revenue sources. Amazon is a great affiliate partner but no reason to put all your eggs in one basket.

We created an entire post of these income reports. It can be hard to tell if a site makes money with these income reports. Most of these reports will have their monthly revenue for their online business broken down by income sources.

⇒ Check out our Income Reports for Affiliates and Bloggers post


As you can see there are many styles of niche websites. The Amazon niche sites are the easiest to deploy and with planning, can grow into a larger authority site. You can easily find low cost writers for most niches.

Successful affiliates will rarely use just Amazon however. They will use other affiliate sites and other sources of revenue. Always consider, Google Ads (or Ezoic etc.), your own info products, sponsored content, etc.

If you are looking to build a community the blog and guide style provide many opportunities to bond with your audience via social media channels. You can add videos as an additional channel for your affiliate offerings to any of the sites.

At Prosociate we have done-for-you services, writing services, and many other offerings for affiliates. One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing over other online business models is the very low cost to start up your new business.

The biggest step is to take action!

Are most affiliate sites product review sites?

Many are and they are the most familiar. But there are many other types of affiliate sites.

Are Amazon niche sites still the best way to go?

Amazon affiliate links convert better than any other. Even though the rates are lower now, they are still a good choice. But diversify.

Is affiliate marketing still a good business model?

Yes. Some of the key benefits are; low startup cost, no inventory, no customer support.