We are Affiliate Experts that can Sell your Site

We have years of experience in the affiliate and content marketing industry. At Prosociate we created an industry leading plugin for affiliates. We also build affiliate sites and sell ready-made sites at Prosociate. We also have operated a number of affilaite sites ourselves. If you are considering selling your affiliate or other content site in the near future, checkout our post on getting your site ready to sell.

Only Content Sites

You won’t be limped in with FBA, E-Commerce, Saas or Apps. Our customers and mailing list is full of affiliate marketers and others interested in content driven sites.

Premium Prices

We understanf affiliate sites and can effectively market and help buyers understand the value of your site.

Safe Transaction

All sales go through escrow.com to protect all parties. The low cost fee is shared by Seller, Buyer and ContentFlips.

Audit and Report

We do a full on-page SEO and keyword research report. You can impliment the changes or just pass this information along to the buyer. It shows buyers where the can increase the value of your site and encourages sales.

Good Neighbors

Unlike places like Flippa you won’t be lumped in with scams and junk sites. 



We have years of experience in the affiliate and content marketing world. Our customer and other email lists will be presented with your site. 

How to Value Your Content Site

We have a short survey that we us to value a content site. We can use that as a starting point to help you decide what price you should offer your site for. The factors that will impact your sites value include:

  • Content
  • Revenue
  • Traffic
  • Ranking Keywords
  • Domain Authority
  • Domain Name
  • PBN

How quickly you want to complete the transaction is also a factor. Our process is to confirm that you are a good candidate for our marketplace. We sell complete starter sites (with little traffic and no revenue but out of sandbox with some ranking keywords). And also more mature revenue generating sites.

What are the Selling Costs?

We are all about transparency. We provide a complete audit and vetting of sites that we list. We will help your buyer migrate the site and provide them with a keyword research report to help them plan their post purchase growth.  

For sellers, we have a very simple fee schedule:

Monthly Listing Cost: 


This cost is the monthly cost to keep your site listed. We also volume and repeat customer discounts.

Performance Cost  

< $1,000 = 10% 

$1,001 – $2,500 = 9%

$2,501 = 8%

This is the commission paid to ContentFlips at the closure of the transaction. 

Get Started Today

You can get started today by filling out the valuation form. We will get back to you after the initial review and discuss your business and valuation further..