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A great way to improve your content’s position is to perfect your on-page SEO. This will give Google the best understanding of your content. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, tag clouds, meta keywords, etc. Google now also does not use brute force keyword analysis (well perhaps to measure if you are stuffing keywords).

Now Google uses semantic processing to understand the context and topic of your page/post. It looks at internal and external links to determine context and relevance to a query by a search user. Quality content now requires quality structure. There is a lot of competition for most keywords that have search volume. Google will put a premium on a page/post with solid on-page structure over one with empty attribute tags, no keywords in headings, stuffed keywords, 3 H1 tags for presentation purposes, etc. You can read more about on-page SEO for affiliates in our feature post also our dynamic on-page checklist for your new or existing content

Audit and Repair Service

Don’t let great content go undiscovered by Google with poor or incomplete on-page SEO.

We will do a deep crawl of your site. Fix all on-page SEO issues, de-index any thin or otherwise low-quality content and create a new XML sitemap for submitting to Google.

If you are an Amazon Associate we will check your site for and terms of service issues that could get you deauthorized.

Our audit and repair service will perform the following on up to 30 pages/posts of content (maximum 60k words — additional content can be quoted):

  • Title tag keyword optimization — Your main keyword should be in your page/post title
  • Meta description — Meta description should be the proper length and contain keywords and semantic keywords.
  • H1 — There should only be one H1 per page/post. Often the theme applies this.
  • H2-H4 — We will confirm that the page/post is structured properly. That H2-H4 is used for structure, not style.
  • H2/H3 — The H2 and H3 tags should have your keywords and semantic keywords … but not overused.
  • “<img>” Alt tags – All images should have alt attribute information with keywords and semantic keywords
  • no_follow/follow — Check all links for follow vs nofollow.
  • Anchor text — Check anchor text of links
  • No-index thin content – Pages with no ranking keywords that are short or duplicate content are candidates for de-indexing. This will allow your strong content to be dominant. It will also increase your Google crawl-rate.
  • Linking – Review internal and external linking
  • Create new sitemap – Confirm your sitemap is updated or create one as needed. You will submit this to your Google Webmaster/Search Console account.
  • Check Amazon Compliance – If you are an Amazon affiliate we will audit your compliance, disclaimer, image use and product pricing.

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