Prosociate is Better

View our complete product overview and walk-through then see our competitors. If they don’t provide a complete product screencast you have to wonder why not?

To be a successful Amazon Associate requires you to select a niche/market, develop an audience and create a compelling website with engaging content and products. Prosociate is a proven product with years of development and support time.

Prosociate vs. Competition

Search and post Amazon and eBay products Amazon only no support for eBay products
Lifetime support and updates Additional support of $67 year
Unlimited sites of Amazon and eBay Only 1 site per license 2nd site needs a new license
30 Day Refund Policy for any reason Good luck getting a marketplace refund!

We are very good value as well. Most affiliates will have more than one site. With our competitors, each site is licensed separately and has annual support or license costs. Prosociate is lifetime updates and support as well as having a low-cost unlimited site option.

 Prosociate is the Best Amazon Affiliate Store Builder on the Market.


Prosociate uses the power of the WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin to Dynamically add Amazon products to ANY Wordpress site with all kinds of behind the scenes technical wizardry which has never been released to the Public before!  All you have to do is Install the Plugin, choose your products, and GO!    It’s that EASY! Prosociate let’s you focus on the important things: content, products,SEO.

Prosociate is Better.  Not convinced?  Keep Reading!

Simple, Flexible, and Powerful


Using the free WooCommerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress, Prosociate combines the API’s of both WooCommerce and Amazon to allow you to quickly and easily import an Unlimited number of Amazon products into your WordPress blog.  By using WooCommerce’s shopping cart functionality, Prosociate is able to add Amazon’s products into Your store’s database as actual Products without adding them simply as Affiliate links.

With Prosociate You can add Amazon Products from any Amazon Category or Browsenode and/ or by Keywords you select.  Then you can select which Products you want imported into your store and which category to place them in and You are done.  That’s it!

With Prosociate and WooCommerce You can use ANY WordPress Theme which means no cookie cutter sites, just beautiful looking online stores visitors will love to Buy from!  Plus, using WooCommerce’s fantastic widgets and shortcodes, you can then add Amazon products to any post or page without worrying about SEO or anything.  You simply treat it like any other online store and Your Visitors will love You for it!

Lock in 90 Days of Profits from Every Customer

90 Day Cookies

Using Amazon’s Add to Cart API, Prosociate locks in Amazon’s 90 Day Cookie every time one of Your Visitors goes to Amazon to Checkout.  Because of this, even if that Visitor never comes back to Your website again, You will continue to earn from them for up to 90 days, even if they don’t come back to your website.

Ok, so Let’s Run This Down Again, Prosociate is Better Because You Can…

  • Integrate Amazon Affiliate Products DIRECTLY into ANY WordPress Blog for Instant Profits!
  • Sell Multiple Products at Once from a REAL Shopping Cart and Capture 90 Day Cookies When The User Clicks to Checkout!
  • SEO Optimized! Amazon Products Become YOUR Products and Google Will Love You for it!
  • Use it With ANY WordPress Theme and the FREE WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin!
  • Build Awesome Amazon Affiliate Stores in Minutes Even if You Are a Beginner.
  • GEO Target any Country which is Supported by Amazon.
  • Lifetime support and updates
  • Create an unlimited number of sites

Heard Enough?


Prosociate Pricing

Free Ebay

Free Prosociate Ebay Edition. Just like Prosociate for Amazon the Ebay edition lets you search for products, build campaigns,change product descriptions, etc.

limited time