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Now 182 Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs!

Affiliate sales can feel like you are the lead in a remake of Groundhog’s Day. You keep reliving the same activities with your online business. You do your keyword research, create great content, bring traffic to your site via search/SEO, Social Media, e-Mail etc. You optimize your content for conversions. You get the visitor to your offer …

Boom you get a sale!

You get paid your referral fee and go off to find more traffic. Your relationship with the customer generates a single commission.

What if you could use the same traffic tools but get commissions every month from a single transaction? Commissions for the lifetime of the customer using the product.

That would be great right?

Well, you can with recurring affiliate programs.

Typical affiliate


  • Attract visitors
  • Send visitor to offer
  • Earn a commission
  • Rinse & Repeat

Recurring affiliate


  • Attract Visitors
  • Send visitor to your offer
  • Earn a commission
  • Get repeat commission every month for sale

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Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commission

Products like Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, hosting, membership clubs, payment processors, VPN providers, cloud storage and are often recurring commission affiliate programs. Products with monthly payments from the customer can have recurring commissions. If the customer is paying the vendor monthly the vendor is able to pay you a commission monthly or a very high percentage of the initial purchase.

These affiliate programs are also sometimes called …

  • Recurring referrals
  • Residual or lifetime commissions
  • Recurring passive income
  • Recurring affiliate programs
Not all monthly service products pay a recurring commission. Some prefer to pay a one-time large commission to attract affiliates. Hosting companies typically will do this. The commission on a hosting contract can exceed the initial payment by the customer. How can they do this?

Because the customers have a very high lifetime value.

This is how a hosting company or other recurring affiliate programs might calculate the lifetime value of a customer:

  1. Average revenue of $240 a year with the company.
  2. Cost of goods sold (cogs) for a customer is $60.
  3. Average retention time is 5 years.
  4. Lifetime gross is $900 ($240- $60) x 5 years  = $900.
  5. Commissions to affiliate or other acquisition costs are $250.
  6. Customer’s net lifetime value = $650 ($900 – $250)

So even though the hosting company paid you $250 on $240 of initial purchase revenue, they are making $650 on the transaction.

one-time vs. recurring affiliate commissions

Hosting, Cloud Storage & VPN Recurring Affiliate Programs

Hosting Recurring Affiliate Programs

Best Hosting Recurring Affiliate Programs

Web hosting companies pay affiliates well. Some of the best recurring affiliate programs are with web hosting companies. They also have very loyal customers who need the service every month. These include traditional hosting companies and those that are more like a website builder. They get a recurring payment so you get monthly recurring commissions.

This does make it a fairly competitive space and people do bounce around from site to site resetting their affiliate cookie as they browse. Some pay on a recurring basis and others are front-end loaded with a high initial commission.

All hosting companies will have an affiliate program. Not only are they often among the best affiliate programs people don’t often change hosting companies.

One idea is rather than continue to use the cheapest shared hosting plan for your affiliate sites, upgrade to a premium plan or even managed WordPress for your web hosting. You can check out our hosting for affiliate marketers recommendations.

After you upgrade or select a plan, create an epic post about your experience. Who you evaluated, how the migration went, etc. Sign up for affiliate programs for every hosting company mentioned in your post. It only takes 2-3 affiliate commissions to pay for an entire year of premium hosting. This is a place where you can be helpful to your audience by recommending a great host while earning a healthy commission.

Some of the better web hosting recurring commission affiliate programs …

 LiquidWeb  LiquidWeb targets the business market. With exceptional support and servers with very high uptime. They are not the cheapest host so focus on medium and large business where Liquid Web is strongest. The affiliate program pays up to $1500 commission per sale + 5% lifetime residual income.

 CloudWays CloudWays is best known for provided managed services for droplet and other high-performance hosting. Businesses looking for the fastest managed hosting at an affordable price gravitate towards CloudWays. A nice feature of the CloudWays affiliate program is that you can choose between two payment structures 1) get paid flat commission ( $50 – $125 per sale) or 2) $30 per sale + 7% residual commissions per month for the lifetime of the customer.

 Kinsta  Kinsta is the Cadillac of managed WordPress hosting. Best performance and support at a slightly higher price. Affiliates receive $50 – $500. recurring commissions are 10% commission of the renewal the customer makes every year for the lifetime of that customer.

Beyond Hosting Their recurring affiliate program has a 40% commission per customer referred.

Vendhost 20% lifetime affiliate commission. Vendhost is a good value with three main offers — Value, Select, and Ultimate, priced at $5.49/month, $8.06/month, and $12.56/month respectively.

RoseHosting recurring affiliate program. 50% commission the first month plus 10%  plus bonuses.

JixHost Good lower cost host 20%  commission.

Nestify Managed WordPress hosting $50 initial commission plus commission.

VirMach Low cost virtual private servers (VPS) 15% recurring affiliate program

Constant Hosting Optimized cloud hosting One time payments plus 10%

VirMactch Windows VPS hosting 15% recurring commission on popular plans, 20% on gaming plans.

Best VPN Recurring Affiliate Programs

Virtual Private Networks allow you to appear to be coming from a different region than you are physically located in. Some services can not be accessed while out of the country otherwise. A VPN can also hide your physical location if you are downloading from ThePirateBay etc. It provides a layer of privacy.

Hide My Ass Now HMA for better branding. Recurring affiliate program 30% – 35%

ZenMate Includes free browser extension 30% – 35%

 PureVPN A virtual private network with one-time payments and 35% recurring commissions.

TorguardAnonymous ip for safe downloading recurring affiliate program. 30%

Cloud Storage Recurring Affiliate Programs

Cloud storage is used by almost everyone at this point. Some use cloud storage for backing up their computers, others for file sharing. But it is everywhere.

 pCloudSecure encrypted cloud storage 20%

Tapnet 500gb cloud storage for low annual fee 65% plus

Box   Strong competitor to Dropbox with a generous free plan.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Graphic Design

Hosting Recurring Affiliate Programs

Money Making  Affiliate Programs for Designers and Content Marketers

The world is visual and people are gisting information. Visitors want to see a visually appealing website and designers need tools. A little secret is that almost anyone can create the types of images that a typical website need if they have some basic tools. Not only will these tools save you money vs. hiring a designer, you can earn commission by writing about your design methodology or reviewing graphic tools.

Snappa Easy graphic creations 30%  commissions.

Design Pickle Run by the Awin affiliate network. Design Pickle is a design service company 15% recurring commissions.

Pixpa a design and website builder 50% per lead.

PicMonkey Photo and image editing 50% plus 25%  renewal commissions.

Depositphotos Stock photos 40% plus 25% repeat commissions.

Designrr—powerful ebook creator 50% recurring commissions.

Stencil  online graphic creations 30% ongoing commissions.

Marketing & Landing Page Affiliate Programs with Recurring Affiliate Programs


Best Affiliate Programs for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps you execute your digital marketing strategy. think of it as a way to avoid hitting the send button for every email message, twitter announcement, Facebook post etc.

Also, your marketing automation tools should help you segment your audience. This means you can create focused content that is targeting a specific group.

The automation tools may perform additional actions based on triggers like downloading a white-paper or visiting a certain page.

ActiveCampaign Email and marketing automation. recurring affiliate program — 20-30 commission%

Ontraport CRM and marketing automation commission. — 25%

ActiveTrail Email marketing and automation recurring affiliate program 5% monthly

Wishpond  Landing pages, contests and automation 30%

Builderall SEO  Digital suite for your online business 30%

Hubstaff  Employee work tracker 30%

Snip LyLink shortener 20% recurring

Proof  Social proof automation 10% recurring

Sumo  Email automation 30% commission – lifetime recurring commissions.

Click Magick Number 1 affiliate link tracker 100% plus 35%

Ninja Outreach Influence marketer and outreach 20%

Landing Page Builders & Funnels — Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Landing pages and sales funnels are used by internet marketers to focus a set on a specific offer. Sometimes it is as simple as a product page other times it is a multi-stepped set of up-sells, down-sells etc. It will focus just on a single offer and typically have no header or footer like is found on the website.

Nothing should distract from the offer. Landing page builders allow you to direct the visitor to just the offer. They are essentially sales pages. And their affiliate programs pay well.

LeadPages 30%  — must be a member to join the affiliate program!

ClickFunnels  40% affiliate program, and an industry leader.

Instapage leading landing page builder50% on first payment, 30%

Landingi  Up and coming landing page developer 15% to 30%

LandingCube Amazon landing pages 30%

E-mail Marketing & ChatBots with Recurring Commissions

eMail Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

E-Mail Marketing Services with Recurring Commissions

The money is in the list.

Yes, a cliche. But still relevant.

What makes e-mail so effective is that you have an opportunity to have multiple non-intrusive conversations with the prospect.

After a series of emails with lots of valuable information provided, you have gained some trust from the prospect.

A warm prospect on more likely to convert than a cold one. Every Internet marketer has an e-mail service provider. They manage opt-in/opt-out, auto-responder sequencers and more. Some of the best affiliate programs are in the e-mail marketing niche. Check these out.

Aweber One of the first email and newsletter SaaS products recurring affiliate program. 30% monthly. Free 30-day trial,

Benchmark Email marketing and email automation recurring affiliate program — 25%

ConvertKit Internet marketing focused 30% monthly — 14-day free trial. Check-out our detailed ConvertKit affiliate program review.

GetResponse  Popular with the small business market 33% monthly — Free 30-day trial. We have a detailed GetResponse affiliate program post with more details.

MailerLite  Great free email option 30% monthly

Sendlane SMS marketing 30% monthly    14-day free trial

Sendloop  Email automation platform 10% monthly

Live Chat & Chatbots Recurring Affiliate Marketing Programs

Chatbots are all the rage. You may have considered using them in your affiliate activities. Think of them as your own  trainable Siri for your business. They are scripted to mimic a conversation with a customer about your product in a tone that reflects your companies identity. Live chat is another place where you can find some of the best recurring affiliate programs. They provide a valuable service and can also be a source of lead generation. They can also be a good keyword research tool as you see what kind of questions your audience and customers are asking.

ChitChatChim Smart chat software 50%plus 10% recurring  No coding chat bot. 30% plus $50 bounty  for every 10 referrals.

Tars  Live chat software paying 30%

Online Chat Center Live chat software with up to 50% first commission then 20% recurring

LiveChat Customer service platform20% recurring commission.

CollectChat Recurring 30% plus $50 bonus every 10 customers.

JivoChat all-in-one business messaging 30% recurring commission.

PureChat Chat solution for small and mid-sized teams.35% recurring commission

Provide Support Their tagline … Easy setup, easy integration, and easy to use. 30%

LiveChat Inc complete customer service platform 20%

LiveAgent  The first solution to offer live chat and help desk capabilities. $5 bonus, 20% recurring

Chatrify Realtime customer engagement via chat 20%

Online Chat Centers Free live chat tools 50% of initial order plus 20% recurring

Crisp Messaging app for chat 20%  lifetime

Social Media & SEO Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs


Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Social Media Automation

For many companies, social media is difficult to manage without productivity tools. Social media marketers can add an affiliate program that pays monthly to their content management strategy.

Keeping track of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more needs to be coordinated to keep the messaging clear.

Posts need to be scheduled and approved.

Crowdfire  Social media management recurring affiliate program, 35%   — up to $420 per customer.

AgoraPulse   Social platform management 20%

ContentStudio One-stop shop for all your social media 30%

Post Planner Social media management tool paying 30% commission

SocialPilot  Social media scheduling, marketing and analytics 30%

SocialOomph  For individuals to manage their social media 40%

Tailwind  Social scheduling15%

Tubebuddy YouTube audience management and analytics 50%

Backlink beast Backlink building software15%

 Viraltag Recycle evergreen content and manage social platforms 20%

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for SEO Tools

If you want to maximize your traffic from search, you need to pay attention to SEO. If you are an affiliate marketer you will likely use some of these tools or be very familiar with them This can help in your content marketing strategy, Case studies, roundups, in-depth reviews that resonate with your audience are ideal. They have a long track record of having paid recurring commissions.

SEMRush  A suite type SEO tool with 40% affiliate payouts. At 40% it just takes a few clicks to potentially do well.

SpyFu Competitive SEO analysis Affiliates earn 40%

SerpStat  Track your serp positions 30%

ProRankTracke SEO rank/serp tracker and reporting 20%commissions.

AccuRanker Accurate keyword tracking 20% recurring

LongTailPro An SEO tool focused on long tail keywords. Up to  30%

SEOPressor  WordPress SEO plugin Earn 50%

Mangools Comprehensive suite of 5 tools up to $400 for each converting  lead.

SEOClerks Seo and backlink services 10% lifetime.

Linkody  Safe SEO link building 30% recurring commissions.

SEOprofiler  Website promotion tool 50% lifetime recurring commissions.

Linkredible  White label SEO platform and services. 20% to 30% recurring commission.

LoveClients Rebrandable white-label SEO platform $50 to $75 a month per client.

RankPay  Digital marketing  services 10% – 20% recurring commission

Best Affiliate Programs for e-Commerce Tools & Services with Recurring Commissions

eCommerce Recurring Affiliate Programs

e-Commerce Recurring Commissions

If someone is building an e-commerce site they are investing in inventory and will have other expenses. They need to turn over their inventory.

Their e-commerce backends and financial process companies are mission-critical applications.

People will spend on them.

Shopify King of hosted e-commerce sites. 20% recurring commissions, up to $2000 per sale.

Samcart  E-commerce sites and integrated shopping carts. Up to 40% monthly commissions

SendOwl Digital products, membership and subscription sites.  20% recurring commission.

Ecwid Shopping carts similar to Samcart. 20% commission lifetime recurring commissions.

Beeketing Marketing and commerce automation. 20%

Payhip  Digital downloads and subscriptions.50%

Sellfy Subscriptions and digital product store builder 25%

Wholesale2b  Drop-shipping store builder 30%

Shopio Shopify competitor 25%

EasyStore Multi-platform store builder. 100% first month, 20%

Podia Build online course and training stores and site. 30%

X-Cart  Open source PHP e-commerce development platform15%

3DCartE-commerce platform 25% monthly recurring payments

UltraCart e-commerce site builder20% -2% depending on tier.

Payment Processing

Payment processors handle the credit card and other financial relationships between you and your customers. It is how customers pay you. And how you get your cash!

National Processing  Merchant services25% to 70% recurring

Authorize.Net Accept mc and visa online 30%

Eclipse Merchant Services  Payment process for retailers 20% ongoing revenue

Merchant Focus Merchant solutions including mail-order, telephone order 30%

Volusion Shopping cart and payment services. 20% lifetime recurring commissions

Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Income from WordPress Tools & Services

WordPress Themes Recurring Affiliate Commissions

WordPress Themes & Plugins with Recurring Commisions

There are many themes companies that are set up as a membership product. They typically have annual renewals but some are set up as monthly services.

You typically get access to a number of themes and perhaps some plugins.

Usually, you also get a support portal and sample content and templates.

Thrive Themes  Leading theme maker for Internet Marketers. recurring affiliate program 25%

Elegant Themes Home of DIVI the leading page builder.  50%

CSSIgniter Themes and Plugins  Theme and plugin shop 50% for every sale plus

Premium Coding Themes Theme developer with an emphasis on minimalist themes. 35% – 50%

Beaver Builder 25% is a flexible drag-and-drop page builder that works on the front end of your WordPress website.

MemberMouse Membership Plugin  Membership plugin for WordPress 20% – 25%

Pretty Links 25% The leading redirection plugin for affiliates and content marketers.

WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

These companies provide you with a tech help desk. You can be a company of 1 and have your own it support desk for WordPress and more.

Access WP  Your own personal WordPress development team 10% recurring lifetime commissions.

Zen WP 24×7 WordPress support team. 8% Lifetime commissions —  $3000 bonus for every 100th customer.

Customer Relationship with Recurring Commissions

Customer Service Recurring Affiliate Programs

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM tools include all of the sales prospecting and forecasting tools. They are a great way to earn money with your online business as most marketers including you should use them.

Gone are the days where the salesman kept all of the contacts for the company in his Rolodex. The current generation of marketing agencies and product companies have likely never seen a Rolodesk.

Most will have an affiliate marketing program.

These are tools to help management and sales departments to follow a customer through their entire history with the company. Some of the best affiliate programs are in this space and they are promote less than others.

capsule CRM  Simple yet powerful CRM with a nice recurring affiliate program. You earn 20%  for the life of the customer.

Pipedrive  An easy to use and #1 rated CRM product with a. generous 35% recurring commission

Salesmate CRM for your sales team 15 %

Answerbase –  Q&A CRM platform 50% commission initial order plus 15%

Cryptocurrency Programs with Residual Earnings


Cryptocurrency Recurring Affiliate Commission Programs

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency with Recurring Payments

Well, it’s trending … Many bitcoin and crypto companies offer recurring commissions some are among the best recurring affiliate programs.. The one thing you can count on with crypto is volatility. But crypto enthusiasts are active participants and like shiny objects. Crypto is hot and some of the best affiliate programs are in this niche, though it can be competitive.

Some of these programs are lifetime recurring and others have a sunset.

BitStarz recurring affiliate program. 25% – 40% depending on volume — 3 month sunset

CryptoTrader.Tax Affiliate Program 25% of transaction feesLifetime  

PrimeXBT 20% of the fees. This is a multi-tier program so affiliates you recruit earn extra commissions — Lifetime Recurring Commissions

bitbond 20% – 30%. Borrower 20%. Lender 30% — 2-year sunset

LocalBitcoins 20% of the fees collected. If the same person is the buyer and seller than 40% — 1-year sunset

Coin base 50% of the fees charged — 3 month sunset

Binance 20% of the trading fees. Large accounts go up to 40% on a sliding scale Lifetime Recurring Commissions

Coinmama 15% of company’s commission — Lifetime Recurring Commissions

Ledger 15% of the transaction cost. — Lifetime Recurring Commissions

covesting 20% – 40% depending on your referral volume. — Lifetime RecurringCommissions

paxful 2% of the transaction value — Lifetime Recurring Commissions

Additional Recurring Affiliate Programs

Additional Recurring Affiliate Programs

Other Recurring Commissions

There were many recurring commission programs that did not fit neatly into a category. You will find those here. Also look at online courses and other online creators, they often have affiliate programs that pay well.

Also, there are many dating-related, CBD and gambling programs with a recurring commission if that is your niche.  A Google search should return them easily. These are some of the best affiliate programs and people often keep these contracts for a long time..

The best way to find recurring commission programs is to consider what your audience purchases that have recurring monthly bills. Then research these products looking for recurring commissions.

 Talkroute recurring affiliate program. 30%

CallHippo recurring affiliate program. 25% revenue share

Design Pickle 30%

CallHippo 25% revenue share – for life.

Villiers 30% Luxury travel – High ticket

Miracle Canvas 30% – 1-year cookie!

FreeUp Freelancers $.5 per hour for each referred worker – forever.

Strategic Profits  $750 per sale plus $100

Teachable 30%

Clicky 20% monthly

Deadline Funnel 33%

Demio 30%

Earth Class Mail   25%

GetSiteControl   30% monthly

Hiveage  30%

Hubstaff  30% monthly

StoryChief .20%

SalesHandy 20% monthly recurring

How to Promote Recurring Income Affiliate Programs


Recurring affiliate programs are marketed the same way as any other affiliate program. You build great content add an affiliate link in a call to action and get your referral to the product landing page or in some case it may be best to deep link into a more specific page on the vendor’s site. The higher commission however open up more opportunities to promote affiliate programs. Given the higher payouts to you it may make sense to build your own landing pages and integrate an email or even retargeting advertising campaign.

Of course, you should be trying to drive sales via content marketing and your normal sales funnels. But these products have more commission value to you so it may be worth investing extra time and even some advertising budget.

In general, consider being more aggressive with these products from a traffic and content standpoint. Facebook ads, search ads, forum ads, guest posting, dedicated landing pages – these products pay more so you may want to spend a bit to try to capture the deals.
Here are some ideas for marketing these products.

  • Have a dedicated landing page for the better offers. This will be where you will direct leads. These types of products are best marketed differently than Amazon products. With Amazon you just get them to Amazon’s website. They are a conversion machine with great trust. With these programs you want to warm the audience. You are the one creating the trust.
  • Use them in your autoresponder sequence and direct the call to action (CTA). Your autoresponder sequence should start with just information and add value. later in the sequence you can add a link to your landing page for the offer.
  • These are the perfect products to use with Facebook retargeting ads. When someone comes to your site and reads about the product or a related one, target them when they are surfing Facebook.  Someone who is on your email list and checked out the product may be a good candidate to go straight to the vendor offer.
  • Use these products in your cornerstone/pillar pages. I like to write in clusters. Anchor a topic with a deep info page and then carpet bomb the topic with detailed posts. The topic page can have links to the product info page. These internal links also help with SEO.
  • Create e-book based training for the products and tools with affiliate links. A good email capture campaign often uses e-books as a lead magnet. Another strategy is to make a killer e-book and sell it. You can establish a value for it and then use it in bonus offers.
  • Bonus Offers. These programs pay well. This attracts many affiliate marketers including those larger and with more authority than you. Having a bonus offer of free templates, a free e-book, a few hours of training, free support, etc. can help your conversion.
  • Purchase very long tail cheap keyword Google ads. Find keywords that are very specific to the products but not the head keywords. Direct them to your sales page for this offer.

Hosting Strategies–

I am a firm believer in using premium hosting. It creates a better user experience is a key SEO ranking signal. Premium hosting also should mean better backups, a staging site, and great support. Sure you can probably get a much cheaper unmanaged service but are you a marketer or a hosting geek? There is only so much time in the day.

Rather than continue to use the cheapest shared hosting plan, upgrade to a premium plan or even managed WordPress. You can check out our hosting for affiliate marketers recommendations. After you upgrade or select a plan, create an epic post about your experience. Who you evaluated, how the migration went, etc. Sign up for affiliate programs for every hosting company mentioned in your post. It only takes 2-3 affiliate commissions to pay for an entire year of premium hosting. This is a place where you can be helpful to your audience by recommending a great host while earning a healthy commission.

Tools you Use

In addition to hosting you likely use a number of tools to run your affiliate business. Things like …

  • Email marketing service
  • SEO tools
  • Content creation tools like Grammarly
  • Themes
  • Plugins

Presumably you like and trust these tools. They help you make money. They are critical to running your business. This makes them ideal products for you to represent. You should at least have a tools page but alone these don’t convert that well. I would have a dedicated page for each of these. Make your tools page a topic cornerstone and link to your individual “tools-used” page.


How to Choose a Program

As an affiliate marketer, you are in the reputation and trust business. Never send someone to an offer that you wouldn’t buy for yourself just because it pays well. A few dollars of commission is not worth the reputational damage. You want to focus and typically you do not want several affiliate links in the same article. Give the user exactly what matches the search intent for best results.

Start with products you use or have used in the past. Your hosting company, your email service, any SEO or Internet Marketing products you use. Write up how you use these tools, list them on a “resources used” page on your site. Any product with monthly subscriptions is a good lead for you and will potentially have good affiliate payouts. Also if they sell digital products they are likely to have affiliate programs. Digital downloads have no cost to manufacture so they can afford to spend more on client acquisition.

Also always look for an affiliate program with a dedicated account manager. This is a good sign of a strong partner program. Also check out the affiliate dashboard to see what kind of resources are committed to affiliate partners. Look for at a recurring program with a cookie duration 90 day plus programs.

For other products do thorough research. Most of these programs have free or low cost trials. Those that don’t have refund periods. Most have commission that are paid monthly but always check the refund period as this will delay your commission.

Reach out to your community and ask them. Have a poll about their favorite tool for “xyz”. This will create a little buzz of its own.

Wrap up

Recurring commission affiliate programs should be in every affiliate marketer’s toolkit. Recurring affiliate programs can be a good way to even out the typically lumpy revenue that affiliate’s earn. The commission rate is typically high with these programs as they produce a high lifetime customer value for the vendors.

You still need to do your keyword research and make sure your content targets an affiliate program that is appropriate for your audience. They work exactly the same though. You write great content and add the affiliate link to the best affiliate programs for your visitors. Never simply add products that don’t relate they simply won’t convert and will alienate your audience. But recurring income affiliate programs can add a nice boost to your monthly income.

Well we went over a bit with 142 programs. But there is no best affiliate program, it depends on your audience and niche. This is an evergreen post that we will keep current. Also …

Remember …

The only thing better than a commission is a recurring commission.




What are recurring commission programs?

These are affiliate programs that pay you every month the customer is active with the companies product or service. Sometimes called lifetime commissions

Where can I find an affiliate programs with recurring commisions?

Whenever a prospect is paying for a product or service monthly, there is an opportunity for recurring commissions.

What are some examples of recurring commission programs?

You will find these products in Software as a Service (SaaS) products like email marketing, social media automation, landing page tools. Also in membership programs and even hosting -- even hosting.

How to market recurring affiliate programs?

Consider the total life-time value of the commissions. It may be worth having a small ad campaign to bring traffic to a dedicated landing page. Create an email series that provides high-value information or enhancements for the product.