GetResponse has an affiliate program to “GetExcited” about.

They pay the highest commission rates of any of the major email marketing companies – and they give you commission choices.

GetResponse Affiliates

You Choose!

$100 per Sale bounty program
$33% affiliate recurring program

GetResponse Affiliate Program

Types of products: Email marketing services

Where to join:

Commission structure: Up to $135 affiliate bounty program or 33% recurring

Cookie length:  120 days

Payment Methods: Paypal

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How to Join the GetResponse Affiliate Program

To join the GetResponse affiliate plan you must decide if you want the $100 bounty program or the 33% Getresponse affiliate recurring program. Then you enroll for the selected program. GetResponse, unlike many affiliate programs, is an easy program to be accepted for. Ideally, you would have an established website that is topically related. In the case of email marketing, many types of sites are relevant since almost everyone needs email marketing.

Bounty Program Application

Recurring Commission Program Application


​You can also join the GetResponse Affiliate Program at Commission Junction (CJ). The CJ program pays a $135 bounty per sale.

Should You Join At CJ or with GetResponse In-house

I like CJ and the payout for the bounty is $135 vs. $100 from the in-house program. So if using the bounty program then it is an easy decision — enroll at CJ  It is also handy to have your affiliate programs centrally managed at a marketplace like CJ. If you want the recurring 33% commission plan enroll directly at GetResponse.

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Sending Affiliate Marketing Emails from GetResponse

Are you looking for information about sending eMail campaigns from your GetResponse lists?

GetResponse is generally considered the most affiliate friendly of the email marketing companies. They do not have the “no affiliate recruitment” policy of MailChimp. In fact, they work closely with many affiliate companies including JV Zoo and others.

Like all email service providers they will not allow you to use email lists that are not opt-in. All email providers will suspend you for too many spam complaints or large unsubscribe numbers.

GetResponse Pricing

Understanding the pricing helps you measure your commission opportunity. GetResponse has a very competitive plan to offer to your visitors. There are four general volume GetResponse pricing plans:

Basic —  unlimited number of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers
Plus — $49 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers
Professional —  $99 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers
Enterprise– starting at $1,199 per month for lists exceeding 100,000

GetResponse Products

GetResponse is more than just email marketing. Like most of the email service providers they have expanded the product offering to stay competitive. GetResponse products include:

Email marketing – Design and deliver emails to your audience segments
Marketing automation – Autoresponder and other rules
Landing pages – Direct your inquiries to conversion focused pages
Webinars – Attract more leads and subscribers
Transactional emails – Sell your products and track directly from email
 Autofunnel – Integrate GetResponse Landing Pages, transactional email and email automation.
 CRM –  Manage all stages of customer and prospect interaction

The Autofunnel is particularly interesting. It lets you integrate their landing page, email automation tools, sales tool, and cart abandonment tools. A mini ClickFunnels with better email automation.

The GetResponse offering gives you a lot to write about as an affiliate marketer. That’s a good thing when combined with their deep linking.

GetResponse has had some criticism in the past over their UI and ease of use. They have recently updated this and are getting strong reviews again.

GetResponse Commission Rates and Rules

You have to give GetResponse credit for a creative affiliate program that attracts the best affiliate marketers. They pay the highest rates from a top tier provider or you can get use their affiliate bounty program and get a flat $100 – $135 bounty. The choice is yours – cool. So if you know your visitors are just getting started with a high likelihood of moving on – take the bounty. If you have a more established client-base you may want to take the 33% recurring – particularly if you are targeting enterprises.

GetResponse Commission Plan Options

Most affiliate programs don’t give you a choice of payment programs. The choice of the affiliate bounty program or recurring commissions is a nice feature of the Getresponse affiliate program.

If you suspect you will be selling mainly $4.95 packages I would take the $135 from CJ. It would take 21 months to be ahead with recurring commissions and you will lose many along the way. If you have a corporate audience and pitching the Enterprise edition definitely take the recurring commission. The monthly payout is $395.67 and there would be less volatility from this community.

I find most of my prospects are interested in the Basic package to start and test. If they don’t drop, many upgrade to the Plus package.

The table below gives you an idea of which program will work best for your audience. These are without any program drops which are likely > 25% for the lower-tiered products.

Bounty or Recurring

Basic — $15 x 33% = $4.95 monthly commission vs. $135 bounty = 28 months to be ahead with the 33% recurring

Plus — $50 x 33% = $16.50 monthly commission vs. $135 bounty = 9 months to be ahead with the 33% recurring

Professional — $99 x 33% = $32.67 monthly commission vs. $135 bounty = 5 months to be ahead with the 33% recurring

Enterprise — $1199 x 33% = $395.67 monthly commission vs. $135 bounty = 0 months to be ahead with the 33% recurring

Quick Start Bonus

GetResponse also provides a QuickStart challenge and bonus. Get 10 new accounts in the first 30 days of your new affiliate account and they will pay you an additional $200 over and above the 33% commission.


Payouts are received monthly, around the 20th of the following month. Affiliate Bounty payments are held for 60 days to verify that the customer is in compliance with GetResponse terms of service. The last thing GetResponse wants to reward are spammers signing up.

Affiliate Tools and Support

GetResponse has excellent affiliate marketing materials compared to other affiliate programs. They are even available in multiple languages so international affilaite marketers can participate as well. As soon as you sign-up you are presented with a tour of your affiliate dashboard with tips to become a successful affiliate.

Hi Mark!

Welcome to the GetResponse affiliate panel.

  • Dashboard widgets for quick access to important sections
  • Special deals to give you multiple promotion options
  • Free affiliate tools to help you get referrals
  • Live time referral tracking
  • Earnings and payout status
  • News and tips for growing your affiliate business

Promotional Material

GetResponse has a wide variety of constantly updated promotional material that you can use in your content marketing, landing pages, video channels and out-bond marketing. These include:

  • Banners, Logos and text ads — you can use these in sidebars or within the content of information articles and reviews.
  • Email message swipes & templates — usually best to make your own but good for ideas.
  • Infographics — people love visuals.
  • Videos — Videos can be easier to rank and provide depth to your site.

The tools are easily accessed directly from your affiliate dashboard at GetResponce.


There’s an affiliate marketing manager and support available as well as lots of self-service content and an in-depth FAQs page.

Deep linking is enabled for both the CJ and in-house programs. Deep Linking is a good thing for content marketing affiliates. Deep Linking allows you to add your link to any page at GetResponse, not just the homepage. So you want to send the lead directly to the Enterprise level pages — go for it and get credit. 

How to Promote GetResponse Online

One of the easiest ways to get prospects into the sales funnel is with the very generous GetResponce Trial period. With a 30-day free trial, it is easy to get sign-ups. The obvious place to start is with e-mail marketing. Particularly if you are a GetResponse customer.

You can create articles like “Choosing an Email Service Provider” or “Why I Chose GetResponse over AWeber”, “Why I Switched from (old email provider) to GetResponse” etc. and promote them to your Facebook groups and email lists. Look for low competition longtail keywords to get some early SEO wins.

Video is often overlooked and can be easier to rank than a post on your blog. You can do any of the content marketing topics as a video. Or even better do instructional videos related to email marketing or using GetResponse features.

Go to our affiliate tips page -- learn how to promote products.

Pros and Cons —
GetResponse Affiliate Program



Recurring Monthly Commissions

120-day Cookie

Large One-Time Bounty Option

Well-Known Trusted Company


Newer Email Marketing Companies have more features


How much does GetResponse pay affiliates?

GetResponse pays either a flat $135 or a recurring commission of 33% of the customer's monthly billings.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

GetResponse has a 120-day cookie. As long as the customer purchases within120 days of arriving with your affiliate link you will receive the commission.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

GetResponse has multiple levels of pricing for its e-mail service provider membership product. All levels are eligible for commissions -- even the $4.95 plan.

Does run its own affiliate program?

GetResponse has 2 affiliate program one is managed by Commission Junction (CJ). There is also an in-house program.

Should You Become a GetResponse Affiliate?

Short answer … yes. They clearly are invested in their affiliates. There is the feeling that they want you to succeed. Getting a $135 bounty program commission for the entry-level products is amazing. The opportunity to get a 33% recurring commission on the Enterprise and higher-end sales is enticing.

The product is strong and they are a leader in the marketing software industry with a solid reputation. 

They offer plenty of free marketing materials and an affiliate manager. They have a great affiliate program that has a recurring program.

Email Service providers are an evergreen niche that it pays to get some authority in. If you are not already partnered with a top-tier email marketing service provider, the GetResponse affiliate program is hard to beat.

Go for it!