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We started ContentFlips as a result of being frustrated buyers. In addition to creating affiliate software and sites, we would purchase websites to develop and resell or for their income streams. Many of the purchases were at Flippa – over $80,000 worth.

The problem with Flippa is you are searching for a diamond in the rough. It is very time consuming. Most content sites on Flippa are junk or scams. It just became tedious.

From our industry networking and customer interactions we realized we weren’t the only ones having trouble finding sites to ramp up.

With ContentFlips we are creating a trusted, vetted marketplace for content sites. We also want to represent the entry-level sites that have strong, ranking content but are not yet producing thousands per month in revenue. 

Our main driving principal is transparrence. We only want to represent the kind of sites we would buy – original content, clean sites and no traffic or revenue scams. 


Content sites are unique. You have value in your content, SEO, and traffic. You have no inventory or products.

You may build sites, age them and flip them. You may have too many projects and want to cash a few in. You may just have moved on past your affilaite site to some other on-line business. You may even have purchased or built a starter site and decided it was not for you as your life changed.

Whatever the reason, if you have a quality site, with ranking content we can help you sell it. Create a liquidity event and invest the cash somewhere else.

If you want to sell your site just start with our valuation tool and we will get back to you asap.

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