Bringing Quality Sites To You

We vet every site and only accept those that meet our criteria:

  • Out of the Sandbox
  • Original Content
  • Verifiable Traffic
  • Verifiable Revenue
  • Quality Content

Time to Market

Do you want to start earning now or in 6-12 months.


Not only will you have a huge head start over building a new site, many sites are selling for less than the development and writing costs.


Research Report

We not only vet each site we do a complete SEO and content management audit.

Vetted Sites

We confirm all of the sellers metrics. You can then do your own due diligence and evaluate the business opportunity.

Original Content

No wading past duplicate content sites and autoblogs.

Safe Transactions

All sales go through to protect the buyer and seller. This low cost fee is shared by the seller, buyer and ContentFlips.

Why a Content Site

Affiliate sites and sites monetized with ads have the lowest startup and operating costs as well as the lowest risks.

Startup costs are a basic website and content that is either written by you or oursourced. Some sites also use paid advertising to generate traffic.

Operating costs can be as little as just web hosting.

Risk is lower than FBA or e-commerce sites with no inventory to use capital or debt to aquire.

Why an Aged or Revenue Producing Site?

Affiliate marketing is a long game venture. You can not expect to start a new content site and have traffic or revenue for a few months.

Starting with an aged site will cut off at least 6 months from your business runway.

Starting with a revenue generating site and you likely save a year AND have a proven income generator that you can optimize and grow.

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