WarriorPlus is an affiliate network of primarily downloadable products for Internet Marketers. These are typical courseware, plugins, eBooks etc. Anything that can be immediately delivered to the buyer. It is very similar to ClickBank and JV-Zoo and has many Make Money Online (MMO) type products. Unfortunately it has even more junk products than the other two marketplaces who are also awash in them. But let’s take a closer look …

Warrior Plus Affiliate Marketplace

Types of products: Downloadable Internet Marketing Products

Where to join: Warrior Plus new affiliate registration

Commission structure: Merchant Specific but tend to be lower price high commission rates

Cookie length: Merchant Specific — typically 30 days

Payment Methods: Paypal, Warrior Plus Wallet

Payment Terms: Depends on Affiliate History. Immediate to 30 days.

Warrior Plus Background

Warrior Plus has a confusing history which still persists. There is a Warrior forum that has been in existence for many years. It is a place for Internet Marketers to share ideas and discuss products and their industry. It is the BlackHat World of Internet marketing. The Warrior Forum added a classified ad section to allow Warrior members to pitch products and services. This grew to be quite successful and basically outgrew the capabilities of a classified ads model in terms of getting payments, promoting offers to a wider audience, etc. It was in response to this growth that Mike Lantz saw an opportunity and created Warrior Plus.

Warrior Plus Products

The big problem with Warrior Plus is that it is full of awful scammy MMO and Internet Marketing products. These are the snake oils of our time and are often pitsched by essentially conmen. The products tend to be lower-price point with very high commission rates to the affiliate. 75%-90% are not uncommon. It is part of the marketing machine of the affiliate product owners and they use these sales to feed the top of their sales funnels for other products, upsells etc. After all, if someone was foolish enough to buy 1 junk product they are highly qualified for future or higher ticket scams.


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Joining Warrior Plus

Like being a vendor, joining warrior plus is straightforward and almost all are accepted. Just head over to the sign-up page and complete the simple registration form. You will then be able to both advertise and promote other products as an affiliate. Product owners do need to approve you to promote their products in most cases. Frankly, this seems to be more to be sure you understand the somewhat sleaziness of the product and aren’t going to whine when you get return requests etc. 

Warrior Plus Products

If you are interested in promoting Warrior Plus offers take a look at their products and try to find those that have both a low refund rate and are not so new as to have passed the refund period. There are some ok products there but they are diamonds in the rough. 

Be careful to not promote scammy products to your existing audience. You want to be sure to not alienate them. Nothing worse than both not getting a sale and losing a part of your community. 

Many marketers will be targeting prospects via email and funnels and using the products to build retargeting campaigns and email lists. Some are in the email marketing business and are trying to grow their list to sell to others. You can also buy email campaign spots from these Solo Ad sellers. This is another somewhat dodgy business but can be effective with the types of products you find at Warrior Plus. You can find many Solo Ad sellers at Udimyi or in many FaceBook groups dedicated to these. But again buyer beware these are shark-infested waters.

Or look for large product launches from some of the more successful Internet Marketers. They often will include Warrior Plus in a multichannel launch and you might want to get in early and do some launch jacking.

Check out our launch jacking article for more details on this.

Go to our affiliate programs page for more program reviews.

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Warrior Plus Metrics

Warrior Plus does a good job of providing metrics for you to evaluate products and your potential success with them. The dashboard includes the usual metrics:

  • Product Launch date
  • Commission Amount
  • Refund rate or Returns
  • Conversion rate — how many visitors to get a sale
  • Average Visitor value
  • Lifetime Product Sales

Wrapping Up

Warrior Plus is not for me but maybe a good fit for some. If you are into Internet Marketing and have an audience that is always looking for the next get rich scheme you certainly can make money here. We also have a full review on the other players in this niche: