MoreNiche is an affiliate marketing network that specializes in health & beauty as well as supplements  and fitness affiliate programs. They are very inclusive and have a very high acceptance rate. These are high paying evergreen niches that can be real money makers for affiliate marketers. Let’s take a look …

MoreNiche Health Affiliate Marketplace

Types of products: Health, Fitness, Supplements

Where to join: MoreNiche new affiliate registration

Commission structure: Merchant Specific

Cookie length: Merchant Specific generally 30 days

Payment Methods: Skrill, Direct deposit, Payoneer

Payment Terms: Net 30, $100 minimum, 15th and end of each month

MoreNiche Background

Headquartered in the UK, MoreNiche specializes in a few vertical markets these include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Health Programs
  • Skin Care
  • Bodybuilding
  • Supplements

The great advantage to these programs is that they pay very well. From 25% to as much as 75% — that beats Amazon by just a little bit!

These types of programs can be competitive but are ideal for multi-channel marketing. This is not the place to simply have a review or banner ad and send your visitor to the offer. Successful affiliates in these markets will use rich sales funnels. You start with SEO traffic or ads, get them to a landing page, use pixels to be able to retarget them and send follow-up ads, follow up with email marketing. These are also good programs for people using funnel software to promote their products. You get the picture I am sure. 

Now more about MoreNiche’s network.


MoreNiche Affiliate Program

Joining MoreNiche

Just head on over to their registration page, most affiliates are approved almost immediately. Certainly within 24 hours. It is free to join.

One of the things you will notice about MoreNiche is that they do not have thousands of offers like ClickBank or similar networks. They are very focused on a relatively few number of vertical aligned affiliate programs. Some examples of the kind of affiliate programs and payouts include:

Blackwolf Affiliate Program— These are workout supplements. They pay a 20% – 30% commission depending on your sales volume. Reorders pay 15%

Brutal Force Affiliate Program— For body builders a natural steroid alternative.  They pay 40% and have an average order value of over $100.

PhenGold Affiliate Offers— A fat burning supplement and phentermine alternative. They offer a 40% commission and have an average order value of just over $100.

ZetaWhite Affiliate Offers— A skin lightening cream used primarily by women. They offer a 40% commission and have an average order value of $110.

Trimtone for Affiliates— A natural weight loss supplement. They pay a whopping 70% commission! The average order value is near $100.

Go to our affiliate programs page for more program reviews.

MoreNiche Affiliate Support

With many affiliate networks you are just a number. The affiliate programs just look at you as one of thousands of traffic sources. Not MoreNiche. They will encourage new affiliates to schedule a call and be assigned a “MoreNiche mentor.” Your mentor will join you on a Zoom call and discuss your goals, systems, and marketing plans. The Mentor will help guide you through their programs and give you suggestions on how to succeed with their offers. Given that you are in a competitive niche that is scrutinized by Google and advertisers they can also help you navigate the marketplace … nice. 

There are two types of offers in the MoreNiche network. Blocked and unblocked. The unblocked allow you immediate approval and you can start promoting them right away. The blocked offers require you to have your plan, website etc. approved by your Mentor. These locked offers are often the best programs so don’t be afraid of the approval process. Just be sure you have great content and a marketing plan that you can review with your Mentor. Again, they will help guide you and if you don’t have the systems in place they will tell you what you need to do to get approved.

MoreNiche Affiliate Registration

Using MoreNiche Affiliate Network

The actual mechanics of using MoreNiche links is the same as every other affiliate program. You will find a  links tab with your custom links to be sure the sale is credited to you. 

There is also a  resources tab where you will find banners and ads you can use in your promotions. Again your custom affiliate link is embedded in these marketing materials.

In addition to the text links, banners and ads MoreNiche offers a number of tools to help you succeed. There are sales guides, training guides,copy-writing guides, tutorials and other educational and training materials for you to learn from.

For international affiliates most of the offers are localized with up to 12 languages supported. 

Payments from MoreNiche are bi-weekly. Isn’t that nice. So the commissions are sent on the 15th and last day of the month. There is a $100 minimum payout threshold with very flexible payment methods including:

  • Wire/Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer
MoreNiche Brands

Google YMYL & EAT

The programs that MoreNiche offers will almost all fall into the Your Money Your Life category by Google search. Google scrutinizes these vertical markets as they can have a direct effect on your health or wallet. The underlying principle is that sites in these markets that are looking for search traffic must have a “beneficial purpose”. So the website and article goals need to reflect the purpose of informing or helping the visitor — not just sell them something. 

Along with YMYL is EAT — Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Google looks at who the author is, who is associated with the site, what credentials do they have, etc.

When you combine YMYL and EAT you will see that Google is going to give the highest ranking to the most helpful information delivered by the best expert or authority on the topic. This will vary from product to product.

These issues shouldn’t scare you away from promoting MoreNiche products if you have an appropriate audience. You of course only want to promote products that YOUR visitors would be interested in. Otherwise you will both get few if any sales conversions and may even alienate your audience. It is best not to rely solely on search for traffic with these offers. Get creative, use email, consider advertising. The commissions are large enough to warrant the extra effort an

Wrapping up

If you are in the supplement, health & beauty, fitness, dieting or related niches, MoreNiche is a must have network in your portfolio. They have great support and a one on one mentoring program. The offers pay very high commissions and MoreNiche is a reliable network with a solid track record of paying on time.