JV-Zoo is a popular affiliate network for marketers to find high-paying digital products. They bring together affiliate marketers and product creators. The typically downloadable products include plugins, themes, software applications, training, membership programs, templates, fonts etc.

Anything that can be sold and delivered immediately to you over the Internet.

There is a large concentration of Internet Marketing and Make Money Online (MMO) products.

I have created products and sold them on JVZoo, been an affiliate marketer for other products, and purchased products from the JVZoo affiliate network.

One thing I prefer with JV Zoo vs. ClickBank is that the sales pages does not need to be branded with the JVZoo affiliate program like it does with ClickBank.

Let’s see how JVZoo can make you money as an affiliate marketer.

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Affiliate Marketing with JVZoo

JVZoo is a great network for affiliates who have an appropriate audience. The products generally pay very well. Just like ClickBank, you need to be sure you align your offers with the correct audience.

There are so many affiliates on ClickBank that JVZoo may give more exclusivity for your offers.

JVZoo is easy to join just head over to their signup page and create a JVZoo account. You will need to be approved individually for each product by the product creator. They can also decide whether you get paid immediately or with a return delay. Once approve you get an affiliate link and access to marketing materials and landing pages for the product.

The quality of offers is generally better than ClickBank. If your audience includes; other Internet Marketers, people looking for side gigs, SEO and other consultants, make money online (MMO) traffic, JVZoo has products for you. Some general characteristics of JVZoo include:

  • Wide range of products to promote.
  • A good future platform for your digital product
  • Affiliates with a track record can get paid immediately if put on instant commissions.
  • Refunds are not as aggressively pro-buyer since downloadable products have more rigid return mechanics.

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Quality and Performance of Products

It is critical that you align your JVZoo offer with your audience/traffic. You will have little success just posting JVZoo banners and widgets or sending a single cold email. Those activities may actually damage your audience numbers. 

To give you an idea of the types and volumes of the top programs …

Top Selling Products 2021on JVZoo


Product Description Price — Commission
Design Beast: AI powered graphic design tool $67 — 50% commission
Appimize Create Mobile apps without coding $67 — 50% commission
Keysearch Keyword research made easy $17 — 30% recurring commission
Primmeet G-Core powered web conferencing $37 — 50% commission
Coursium Video course creator $67 — 50% commission
Videotours360 Automatic Interactive video tour creator $47 — 50% commission
Agencyreel Create an agency automatically $49 — 50% commission
Traffic Goliath Organic traffic builder $29 — 100% commission
Levidio 2D&3D video creator $37 — 50% commission


This is not the minor leagues. There are big numbers in terms of sales, commissions and units. Launches can be particularly powerful at JVZoo.

JVZoo makes it very easy to navigate the products. It is best to focus on both evergreen products in your niche and new product launches.

Commission Rates and Payments

When Does JVZoo Pay?

One of the differences between JVZoo and ClickBank is that JVZoo product owners schedule and make the payments. So if you do not monitor your account closely you may find that you have unpaid commissions that are months old. Of course, being approved as an instant-play affiliate solves this. Generally, product owners want 50-100 prior sales to put you on instant payment.

JVZoo Payment Method For Affiliates

JVZoo product owners pay you via PayPal or to your Payoneer account. The product owner goes into their JVZoo dashboard and selects commissions for payment via PayPal or MassPay.

JVZoo Affiliate Program Plus & Minus

Of course all programs have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s try to net out those for JVZoo


  1. Many high paying info and digital products.
  2. JVZoo isn’t difficult to get a product approved to sell.
  3. Sellers are paid right away to their PayPal account.
  4. Affiliates can get paid immediately if they’re put on instant commissions.
  5. Vendors decide on refunds not the network. When a network issues refunds they tend to be very pro-consumer. .


  1. Typically 30 days after the selling month to be paid as an affiliate. You generally need 50 sales to get on instant commissions.
  2. A separate approval by each product owner.
  3. The sellers are subject to PayPal refund requests and resolutions (which are very pro-consumer)

How to Market JVZoo Products

JVZoo is not Amazon. Your approach to selling products for JVZoo is likely different. For Amazon products, you create great content … lots of it. You attract SEO traffic from Google. You want to onboard that traffic to Amazon right away. Let them do their conversion magic.

With JVZoo you want to warm the traffic. You attract visitors with SEO, email campaigns, advertising, social media, etc. You get them in a funnel for the target product. Even if a launch you want to have multiple touches on the prospect. You are playing a much bigger roll in the conversion.

There are many marketing methods for JVZoo products and it evolves rather quickly. Here are some strategies that are still working …

Content Marketing

Content is the backbone of my marketing work. Content marketing and SEO is an investment. The steps are approachable and repeatable …

  • Perform keyword research to find what your audience needs information about.
  • Create great content with appropriate on-page SEO,
  • Market your content in social media and beyond. Ads often are a transaction.
  • Attract Google Traffic.

In the JVZoo world you would likely …

  • Find great products for your visitors
  • Create reviews, landing pages  and other content
  • Create email campaigns around launches, sales, new bonus etc.
  • Retarget visitors for larger commission campaigns


In the IM spaces launches are where it is at these days. There are constantly great new products from successful past launches There are many places to find these launches:

There are skills to learn and you need a good-sized email list to market the launches to. I segment my email lists into those I launch to and those I have a lighter touch with.

There is another opportunity with launches … cash prizes and other bonus income. Sometimes it is not as many sales as you might think. It also gets you in the winning mode, mapping out a strategy.

But don’t look at launches as a sole source of revenue. It is very lumpy and at times just unpredictable. Look at these from a quarterly perspective.

Launch Jacking

Launch jacking is the strategy of riding the launch promotion coattails. You get in very early, even before links are available. You start ranking for the brand and product keywords. You write early reviews. You may even register the .net and misspelled domains if you think it is ok TOS-wise. Most of the blackhat techniques like registering exact match domains with the product name in it or keyword stuffing are no longer effective. Google is too smart for that. Now it is more about the Launch than the Jack.

We have an article with more launch jacking details.

Then at launch-time, when the vendor is expecting 7 figure weeks, you are in a prime position to pick up the crumbs. They will spend thousands on ads and you are ranking high in Google for product, brand, and related keywords for this serge of search.

If you have a high-ranking domain with authority in the same niche as the product this is a potential winning strategy

Top Sellers

Another place to look for products that will be well-received by your audience is the JVZoo Top Sellers.JVZOO keeps a rolling list of the top 10 products. Keep an eye on these and try to find trending and hot products that your audience will be interested in. Write some great reviews, find a good bonus, create a template or free training for the product. If it is on the Top 10 there is some search for it. SEO tools are going to be slow to pick these up so you will need to develop some instincts.

email marketing

For info and other digital products email marketing is a dominant sales method. This is coupled with funnels and content marketing in a sales loop. The tricky part is finding the right times to email. If you send too many then you will get spam complaints and unsubscribes. This puts your email service provider account in jeopardy. However, this type of marketing requires multiple touches to be most effective. I tend to be conservative with twice a week emails. If I am doing a launch or GoodFriday/Cyber Monday campaign I step it up 3x-4x mailing daily essentially. I always send an initial email announcing the launch and advising that there will be a few extra emails coming.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads are essentially the renting of an email list. You have the opportunity to send your offers to a marketers list and for each click to your offer. It is a simple concept but has risks. There are many sol ad sellers that just trade email lists so you may buy from 4 people but get the same audience. There are lots of scams and hustlers in the industry. If you want to try it out you can use a broker like Udimy that has some vetting and outing of scams.

Bonus Offers  

Bonus offers can help with conversions. I find the best bonus offers are related software. Wether software, services, templates, etc. you must be sure that the bonus is very closely related to the offer. You don’t want to have the prospect make a second buying decision, you want to reinforce the primary product.


This is not Amazon. YOU need to earn the buyer’s trust. It is very easy to spot an offer from someone who has never even tried a product. These convert quite a bit poorer. With digital products, you can generally get your hands on the product. Most have trials. Almost all have refund periods.

Key Takeaways:

  • Launches make the most money BUT they aren’t a long term sustainable business model so be sure to mix them in with evergreen promotions and sales funnels with your own digital products.
  • You must email multiple times to get the maximum amount of sales as your audience needs to be exposed to the product more than once or twice.
  • Look for products that solve your audience’s problems first then make you money second.
  • Create email templates and fill in the blanks on every promotion – it works and will speed up your time spent on writing promo emails.
  • The first and last days are the absolute best days to make sales and will be where the bulk of your sales come from.
  • Learn copywriting and practice it often – you will become a better writer and sell more affiliate products.
  • Bonuses are good but they are not essential. Use them where possible and make them unique and compliment the main product or make up for any shortfalls it has.
  • Be honest about the products pros and cons and give it a fair appraisal. People appreciate honesty.

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JVZoo Alternatives

The biggest competition for JVZoo is ClickBank. They are a bit tougher to qualify for as a seller and yet have a lot of bad products.  But ClickBank has more products, launches and offers.



  1. Weekly payments vs. 30+ days for JVZoo if not on instant payment
  2. Easier to find and promote products as there is no extra approval step per product.
  3. Much better dashboard than JVZOO


  1. Refund policy is 100% pro-consumer.
  2. Sellers are stuck with a 60-day refund policy

Other Digital Product Affiliate Networks

There are two other networks for digital affiliate products that we have reviewed and you should look at … 

Warrior+Plus should definitely be looked at if your audience is in the Make Money Online (MMO) space.

Wrapping Up

JVZoo and similar affiliate networks are great places to get affiliate commissions. It is different from straight SEO driven affiliate marketing like Amazon. I look at it as a separate revenue channel with unique customers and needs.

Having your own products is the end goal of many affiliate marketers. JVZoo is also the perfect place to launch your first info or digital product

Is JV-Zoo a legit marketplace?

JV-Zoo is legit but not all products are high-quality. You must be selective.

Is it easy to be approved by JV-Zoo?

Yes but each product vendor needs to approve you to represent their offering.

What niches are best for JV-Zoo?

JV-Zoo has products for many niches with a concentration on Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, health and finance.