Clever name … Try My Ui! They are a company that provides usability testing services for website and app owners and developers. They hire testers like you to perform the actual testing.

You will need to complete a demographic questionnaire that helps match you to companies running tests. 

TrymyUI Details

Get Paid To: Testing Websites

Where to Join: Tester Signup

Payment Methods:  Paid via Paypal

Payment Threshold: $10 per test. Paid weekly

The only requirements are that you are over 18, speak English (for most tests), and that you have a computer with a microphone.

Like all Get Paid To (GTP) sites it is a side-hustle — at best. You won’t replace a job but you can earn some extra money. If you put together a few of these sites , you should be able to get a few hundred per month.

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What Is TrymyUI?

Within the testing service community you have a few types of companies that offer different services. These include …

  • Usability testing — User Experience (UX) etc.
  • Bug Tracing — Searching apps and websites for errors and bugs
  • QA testing — Testing software in many conditions to ensure performance
  • Market Research — Determining ideal features and functionality in a crowdsourced way.
  • On-Site Testing — Going to a customer site to test in collaboration with team-members
TrymyUI is the first type … Usability testing.

Today’s websites and applications require lots of testing. Small changes in design or functionality can greatly effect visitor experience, click-through and transactions. 

Websites and apps aren’t in the testing phase often so few have a staff for testing.

Testing it is an ideal task to outsource.

So testing makes sense. But is TrymyUI legit?

Is Try My UI Legit?

TrymyUI is a platform where people come to run tests of their websites and apps. They need testers like you to give them feedback on their websites and apps.  With all GPT sites there are a few things to check to see if they are a scam or legit …

  • Do they charge you to join
  • Do they need private info like SS#
  • Do they pay on-time
  • Is there a large payment threshold
TrymyUI passes all of these tests.

TrymyUI is definitely legit.

TrymyUI is a completely legit website. You get paid directly into your PayPal account on a weekly basis

Let’s see how TrymyUI works.

How Does TrymyUI work?

TrymyUI charges their customers on a personal plan $35 -$70 per tester feedback. You get $10 of this. I know that sounds like they are profiteering but it will take many tests per day to pay for Trymyui’s staff, technology platforms, facilities etc. The customer creates testing parameters and can select their testers by both demographic and tester rating score values.

When there is a test available to do, you will usually be informed by email. You will then need to answer some screener questions to establish whether you qualify to do the test.

You will need to download the screen recorder when you do your first test, it is completely and safe to use. Each test will be a different experience, you will be navigated to a website to test it. You could be given a task like shopping for a new dress or some insurance, you won’t be spending your own money of course.

Here is a typical TrymyUI usability test example  from Domino’s Pizza testing cycle …

In a real test that you accepted an invitation to you would …

  • Review the testing instructions
  • start your downloaded screen recorder
  • perform each step while giving real-time feedback
  • fill out a short questionnaire after completing the tasks.
  • Submit your screen capture an questionnaire
  • Get Paid!

That’s it.

What Equipment and Setup do I need ?

The requirements to be a TrymyUI tester are pretty straightforward …

  • Relatively fast internet connection
  • Laptop or a computer (PC, Netbook or Mac) that has a recent browser installed
  • Mobile device is desirable
  • Microphone (preferably an external mic)
  • A Paypal account to get paid

You will need to download their screen recorder. They are available for most desktop environments …

TrymyUI Screen recorders

Platform File size
Mac OS 253 MB
Windows x86 (32 bit) 270 MB
Windows x64 (64 bit) 271 MB
Linux/Unix 254 MB

There are also apps for both IOS Apple and Android. Having both mobile and desktop devices gives you better chance to get more tests.

Sounds good right. So how do you register and become a tester?

How to Join TrymyUI

It is really easy to join TrymyUI as a new tester. You will notice that their website has two sections. One to recruit companies to have sites and apps tested, the other for testers like you. Here is the direct link for tester signup.  But do checkout the entire site to get an idea of their services.

There are four steps to start using TrymyUI:

  • Sign-up and make an account
  • Download the screen recorder
  • Take a practice test to become familiar
  • Start taking real tests and earning money
Once you get to the signup page, you will simply need to enter some basic information about yourself including the PayPal email address where you want your payment to send. They will also ask what devices you have to do tests on. These are the demographic questions they will ask …

It may be fun but you still would like to earn a bit of money. How much can you earn at TrymyUI?

How Much Money Can I Make with TrymyUI

Well you won’t be retiring on your website testing job income from TrymyUI. You get paid $10 for each test. The good news is that the tests should take less than 30 minutes.

Unfortunately there are far from a limitless supply of tests that you will be invited to. The amount of tests you get depends on a bunch of things including …

  • Your demographics
  • Your response rate
  • How long it has been since you last got a test invitation
  • Your score ranking from customers reviews of previous tests

TrymyUI pays out weekly, every Friday. You need a Paypal account, this is their only payment method.

TrymyUI Community

There is an active TrymyUI Facebook group with a few thousand members. They try to assist testers and provide updates about recorders and apps.

Also, once you are signed up at TrymyUI you will get an email whenever you receive an invitation for a test.

Pros and Cons — Try My UI


Easy to qualify

Good apps and recorders

More interesting than surveys

Paid via cash/PayPal.


Few tests particularly in the beginning

Available tests depends on your demographics.

Payouts are just $10 per test

Bottom Line on TrymyUI

This is is a side-hustle at best and not a job. Many people do enjoy taking part in the testing and find it rewarding to offer feedback.

All you need is a computer and/or mobile device to do the tests on and an internet connection. An external mic will make your reviews more professional. At $10 per test you won’t get rich but you will be able to have a nice night out occasional and monetize your idle time. Signup for a few of the other testing companies and you can bring in a few hundred dollars per month. 


Is TrymyUI a scam?

No. They are a well known testing site with a record of paying.

Is this a job?

No it is a side-hustle. You can make a small amount of money with your spare time.

How long are the tests?

Typically 20 minutes to complete the testing. Plus 4 questions

How much does TrymyUI pay?

Most tests pay $10.