Video these days is required content for successful marketers and affiliates. It is no longer a marginal channel and revenue source. But it can be time-consuming and difficult to create quality videos.

Traditionally you had two choices, learn difficult and costly tools or outsource at great expense.

Most of my video work is for producing short marketing pieces and software training. What I needed a tool to capture screen flows that is complete with editing and supplies audio and video clips.  Enter vidello’s Create …

Who is vidello?

Vidello is best known for its video marketing and hosting platform. There are lots of reasons that you would want to host your videos on services other than YouTube and Vimeo … but that’s another article. The main point is that vidello knows about videos and best practices to create them for marketing, affiliate sales, and training. The folks at Vidello were kind enough to provide an advance copy of Create for us to review. It really hits the sweet spot for me. I particularly like the access to professional audio and video clips for me to use as background material. I have wasted many hours searching for these and now they are at my fingertips. Create is available for Mac users and Windows (32 and 64 bit). I tested both the Mac and Windows version. Both performed very well.

Do You Need Video for Your Marketing?

There are many reasons that video should have a major role in your sales and marketing efforts. The biggest being they work. Videos boost both sales and conversions. Videos also help build trust with your visitors and are highly shareable on both desktop and mobile. If you are not using video you are leaving money on the table.

video marketing

I have used high-end products like Camtasia which are great but overwhelming for my needs. Basic products often are missing key features for marketers and trainers.

The best tool is the one that makes you most productive.

Who is Create for?

This is not Adobe Premiere. If you are looking to create films check them out as well as Final Cut. Create is for applications that require screen captures of product functionality or presentations on a timeline with text, audio, video, and other elements. Think a simpler (and much less expensive) Camtasia without the learning curve and production time … plus libraries of stock video and audio. It is targeted at Internet marketers creating: promotional pieces, courseware, YouTube marketing and other video channels. All with a focus on SEO and marketing revenues. The target applications include:

  • Affiliate Reviews
  • Promotional Videos
  • YouTube Cards
  • Training Videos
  • Product Teasers
  • Social Ads

The Create Three-Step Process

Record – Edit – Publish

For marketers and others who are not video experts Create is a productivity monster. You just record your screen or another input device. Add text, images, audio and other elements with the editing tools. And then publish in a variety of sizes at the push of a button.


You can record from your screen and audio or video sources attached to your computer. With the screenflow recording, you can choose your entire screen or a selected portion of it. Record a browser window using a cloud application, a powerpoint presentation or anything else happening on your computer. Great for doing any training or product marketing pieces.


You assemble your video with the editing tools. This is the heart of Create. You can quickly add text, images, audio, and video.  You can create transitions between any of the elements. A great productivity booster is a text to speech capability.

create editor text


The text module is a breeze. You just drag the style you like onto the screen. You can also add both animated and static emojis. Everything is drag and drop. To resize or position just grab it and go.

create editor audio

Images and Backgrounds

Images can be added anywhere on the timeline but the really nice thing is the library of audio and background video provided to use. No more searching the internet to find what I need. This is a huge time saver and it is also what makes a professional looking final product. NICE.

create editor text to speech

Text to Speach

I don’t always want to use my voice for the audio. Also with any voice-over, there are going to be multiple takes and recordings to work with. With text to audio, the computer speaker always gets it right on the first take. There are many voices male and female to choose from. Another big time saver for me.


When you are happy with your completed video you can publish it with the click of a button. Lots of sizes available to support all of your requirements.

create editor publish

Wrapping up

As someone who is trying to up my video game, Create is a welcome product. I plan to use it for:

  • Video Reviews of Affiliate Products
  • Screen flows and product demonstrations
  • Marketing awareness pieces
  • Multi-part training videos

If video is not a part of your content marketing strategy you are missing out on opportunities.

As a special bonus we are providing a free copy of Prosociate Amazon and Prosociate eBay for purchasers of create. Just use this link below and start making videos.

The Create pricing model is following a pattern that is becoming more and more common in the software world. Software developers are now often launching as a stand-alone product, developing a large customer base and then going to a subscription model. This rewards early adopters and provides an ongoing revenue stream for the developers to keep improving and supporting the product.

Pricing starts at $47 there is a  commercial version at $67 if you produce client videos. .There are great launch discounts and bonuses available from both Vidello and Prosociate. Vidello ha a thirty-day refund policy and they are a reliable vendor. It is a no-risk opportunity to up your video game.

Create is offered with a 30-day risk-free refund policy. 

The Create launch is 26 March at 11:00am est. There are generous early-brid discounts for the first 5 hours, so check out the landing and bonus page today.


Create & Prosociate Discounts and Bonus

Prosociate Bonus – Free Unlimited Personal Prosociate Amazon & Prosociate eBay a $59 value

  • Coupon code: create12 ($12 OFF Until 3pm EST)
  • Till midnight on Wednesdаy – create10 ($10 off)
  • Till midnight on Thursdаy – create 8 ($8 off)
  • Till 30th March (Close) – create7 ($7 off)
  • 30-day risk-free warranty

Go to Create by Vidello

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