Our Image and Vector Sources Checklist

Below is our checklist of free libraries for you to use. Just check off an item that you have already visited for your project. Your selections will be remembered when you return.

Copyrights — Proper Usage and Attribution of Images

Original artwork of all kinds is subject to complex copyright laws. The best course is to either create your own graphics, use one of the free graphics libraries above or properly license them. Some images are free to use, some request attribution and some sites have both free and premium files. Just check, it is easy to confirm the license type from these sites. All the vector graphics and image sites in this post offer free vectors, fonts or stock photos. But the license may vary. There are a few types of licenses you will encounter…

  • Creative Commons Zero (CC0) — These can be used for any purpose with no attribution required. Even these though may have some restrictions – not being able to sell as a collection, for instance,
  • CC2.0 —┬áthese may be used for any purpose but require attribution.

It is also ultimately up to you to be sure that there are no model or product rights infringements. The best practice is to check the license type before getting started. If CC2.0 provide attribution. You can also always ask the photographer. These are opportunities to reach out and perhaps get a backlink.