Both WooZone  and Prosociate are plugins that convert Amazon items to WooCommerce products for affiliate marketing. They are the most powerful of the Amazon affiliate plugins and are used by thousands of affiliates to manage large affiliate stores and authority sites. The key advantage of the strategy that both use is the ability to leverage WooCommerce and their add-ons. WooCommerce is the dominant player in the e-commerce world. They power 100’s of thousands of online stores. Because of this, there is a huge ecosystem of add-ons to help manage and present the WooCommerce products to your visitors. And this capability is not limited to storefront type sites. Large authority blogs can take advantage of WooCommerce product management to provide, sliders, grid layouts, wishlists etc. of products. Categories of products can be displayed as well as individual products. Both called via simple shortcodes. Let’s take a look at the two products and see who comes out on top.


They both work in a similar fashion and have quite a bit of functional overlap. Key features that they share are:

  • Searching for products via the Amazon API
  • Posting products as WooCommerce products
  • Feeds of products based on search criteria
  • Importing of Images, reviews, and product descriptions from Amazon
  • Updating Amazon product pricing and stock status
  • Importing from CSV files
  • Local cart transfers for 90- day cookies

So why choose WooZone vs. Prosociate? What are the differentiators?

WooZone vs Prosociate Features

User Interface

WooZone has a more modern user interface. It has many small functional areas.

WooZone User Interface

woozone ui


Prosociate, on the other hand, is a more typical WordPress plugin. If you are very new to WordPress,WooZone may be easier for you to use, though both are very straightforward products.

Prosociate User Interface

prosociate ui

Advantage: WooZone

Searching and Adding Products

Both products allow you to search for Amazon products via metadata. Search by price, by brand, by keywords etc. Prosociate adds a dedicated book searching capability. Larger sites that use these WooCOmmerce based products often want to become authorities on their niche. A nice area for such an authority site would be a library of information. If your niche is acoustic guitars, having a library of instructive literature about building guitars, repairing guitars, purchasing guitars, vintage guitars etc. adds to your authority.

Advantage: Prosociate


Both products keep pricing and stock status updated. This is more than a feature, it is a requirement to show prices. The Amazon terms of service for affiliates requires that if you show prices you must show the last pricing update date. Both do this via either Cpanel crons or wp-crons. So if you have a host that does not allow for Cpanel crons you can use the wp-cron which updates as pages are visited.


Both products have the ability to create a product feed. This functionality should be used cautiously as products are automatically added to your website. But again for that authority site, the ability to have something like a sales corner is appealing. Consider the acoustic guitar niche again. You can have a feed that pulls all acoustic guitars from Amazon that are > than 40% off and a page that is your special sales alert area.

Advantage: Tie

Non- Amazon Products

Larger sites that have lots of content need lots of offers. There is nothing worse for conversions than looking like an affiliate site. We have all seen these in our product research. It is a huge turnoff and you immediately have a question of trust about the information you find. One of the things that makes a site feel like an affiliate site is lots of Amazon links. If every product is a link to Amazon a visitor will question the validity of reviews and articles. having a higher ratio of content to links helps with this, but so does links to products on other sites. But as marketers, we want to monetize these outbound links. Both products will allow you to build external or affiliate links. So you can link to a product at Eastern Mountain Sports or Walmart and manually add your affiliate link – great. But Prosociate takes this a step further. They provide an eBay module that lets you convert eBay products to WooCommerce products in the same way as both plugins work with Amazon. So that discount corner can include eBay products. And the departments or categories can be silos of affiliate products from both Amazon and eBay – nice.

Advantage – Prosociate


Both Prosociate and WooZone represent good values. They are large complex products that are available for a small price. Prosociate is sold directly from the developer. WooZone is sold at CodeCanyon. Some people have had good luck with marketplace products, others have been burned and won’t return. The primary difference is the return policy and the support policy. Both products provide lifetime updates. Prosociate also provides lifetime support. WooZone comes with a six-month support contract with ongoing support purchased on an annual basis. Also, it is important to note that WooZone being sourced from Code Canyon has a much tougher return policy. Sometimes you want to try plugins and see if they fit your need, With CodeCanyon the return policy can be rigid. Prosociate has a no questions asked 30-day return policy. This is CodeCanyon’s return requirements for authors:

When a refund does not need to be given

If your item is materially similar to the description and preview and works the way it should, there is generally no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:

  • they don’t want it after they’ve downloaded it;
  • the item did not meet the their expectations;
  • they simply change their mind;
  • they bought an item by mistake;
  • they do not have sufficient expertise to use the item;
  • they ask for goodwill;
  • they can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise buyers to download items as soon as they buy them to avoid this situation).

Not exactly consumer friendly!

Prosociate Pricing:

$39 single site

$59 Unlimited Sites

WooZone Pricing

$57 Single Site )with 12-month support)

So Prosociate is $39 vs $57 for WooZone – close enough to be equivalent for a single site. But if you want many affiliate sites (and many affiliates shave multiple sites) you will need a WooZone license for each site. That can get costly. Also, Prosociate pricing includes the eBay product.

Advantage: Prosociate


Both products are great. It would be hard to go wrong with either. WooZone will be more expensive and lacks the eBay capability. If you have or are planning multiple sites Prosociate has a distinct pricing advantage and no ongoing costs. In both cases, you can harness the power of WooCommerce to build your affiliate sites.