If you are an affiliate of any kind, your products and profits are your links. You are earning when someone travels to your vendors site via a link with your id in it. Since these links mean everything to you it is critical that you track them, make them easy for users to follow and are easy to manage when you change products or affiliates. This is where PrettyLinks comes in as a bare minimum in your affiliate site.

Pretty Link lets you shorten links. Your new links are easier to read, use your own domain name, can be tracked and reported. Every hit to one of the links that uou create is tracked. Everlink can be redirected with your embedded affiliate id in it. It will let you track clicks from email and social media posts so you can see what is converting well. You can also use it to redirect links using 301,302, and 307 redirects.

Some of the features include:

  • Records Clicks per link
  • Records Unique Clicks per link
  • Report that can be filtered (specific link clicked, date range, and/or unique clicks).
  • Link Groups
  • nofollow/noindex
  • Client click details recorded: ip address, remote host, browser (including browser version), operating system, and referring site
  • Download CSV of details
  • Exclude IP Addresses list
  • Cookies track visitor activity across clicks

There is a Pro Version of Pretty Links. It adds quite a bit over the free version. You certainly can start with the free license at WordPress.org and upgrade later as your needs grow. The Pro version adds additional features to the general link management. It also adds an automation and social sharing module. With link automation you can automatically add link disclosures, have geographically targeted redirects, have time based redirects and more. The sharing module lets you integrate links with your social media platforms. Starting at $47 it is definitely worth a look. Having organized links of your affiliate targets is a must whether you use the free or pro version.