Target Affiliate Program

Types of products: Broad range of physical products.

Where to join:

Commission structure: Categories with volume gates

Cookie length: 7 days

Payment Methods: Paypal

The Target affiliate program lets you represent one of the largest US retailers (# 2 after Walmart) to your online audience. One of the key benefits of the Target affiliate program is the trust that people have with Target. Everyone knows them and has shopped there.

Well, that being said, I am here to review this affiliate program from A to Z so that you can have an idea about one of the best affiliate programs available in 2019.

Let’s take a look …

So, let’s start with some basic overview of Target affiliate program. I will be comparing it with the largest affiliate program Amazon Associates so that you might be able to understand it clearly.

Target Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission by referring the products to your customers just like Amazon Associates do. You can use your website, funnel software or email marketing to refer your customers to get their desired product via Target.

There are a large number of products available on Target. Even though, they don’t have all of the products available on Amazon, you can still promote products from baby apparels, kitchen appliances, and electronics, etc.

The commission rates, on the other hand, goes higher when the number of referrals starts increasing per month. This is  better than Amazon Associates as Amazon doesn’t provide this volume based commission feature anymore.

Proper Affiliate tools and support is provided to each affiliate member so that they can start promoting the products without the worry of getting their account blocked from the Target.

How to Join the Target Affiliate Program

Joining Target’s affiliate program is not difficult at all. It all works just like Amazon Associates where you have to send in all the credentials. While applying to the affiliate network, make sure that you list all those websites on which you already areplanning to promote their products so that the network can approve you without any hassle.

You should first go to in order to sign in on that platform. Right after you are done there you will get approved and, you can thenpromote the affiliate Target network easily

Target Products

There is a wide variety of products available for you to promote and earn commission on them. From babies to kitchen appliances to electronics to Women’s and Men’s apparel, there are different products waiting for you.

You can promote a specific category or even a specific product without any worries. The hot categories right now are related to Kitchen appliances, baby apparel, and electronics. 

Target Affiliate Commission Rates and Rules

Target Affiliate Program commission rate is much better than Amazon’s. . First they reward succesful affiliates with a commission schedule that increases as your sales do. The more you sell the higher the commission rate This type of volume bonus was discontinued by Amazon. Also the cookie length is 7 dyas vs. Amazons 24 hour cookie. And finally you earn commission on any product purchased during the days period. If a customer gcomes to target via your link you get paid on the initial purchase AND if they return within the 7 days cookie window, even if not again via your link, you will get paid. Nice.

Currently 4 categories that allow you to promote products are:

  1. Accessories and Apparels,
  2. Home and Kitchen Appliances,
  3. Health and Beauty.
  4. Baby Gear and Furniture.

You can earn a commission of 1% to 8% depending upon the kind of product you are promoting and how many times have you generated sales in a specific month.

If you break the commission rate down into different categories, Apparels and accessories plus Home and Outdoor Living are the categories with the highest commission rates of 5% to 8% once your sales exceed  $10,001. in sales.

Baby gear and Furniture rates can go as high as 5%. Last but not least, the beauty and health category will land you a commission rate of only 1%.

Affiliate Tools and Support

Proper support is provided when you become a member of Target Affiliate network. You will be able to keep in contact with the support team as well. In case of an inquiry, you can email them at [email protected] The customer support is extremely reliable and they will answer your mail within 3 to 4 working days.

Different affiliate tools are also available which are in fact not made available in the Amazon Associates program. You can benefit from these tools to promote your products in an ideal manner..

How to Promote Target Products Online

There are different ways to promote Target Products online. Paid ways involve ads on Facebook and Instagram influencing techniques. The free methods involve making a niche store, creating sarticles that get SEO traffic and putting the affiliate links from Target Network in it. You can also promote the products without any investment via YouTube if your channel has a good number of subscribers.

It all comes down to how much investment you’ve got. That is, you can get early success in generating leads if you are running paid ads on different social media websites.

Pros and Cons —
Targer Affiliate Program

All in all a good program

There are many good things

  • Provides average commission rates.
  • Full-fledged affiliate support team.
  • Different products to promote.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Commissions on multiple purchases.

There are a few bad things

  • Health and Beauty categories have a low commission rate.
  • Conversion rate is lower because people still trust Amazon more than any other online store.
  • US audience must be Targeted.

Should You Become a Target Affiliate?

Target has great brand recognition. They have a lot of trust in the marketplace as the number 2 US retailer. They are a good alternative or suppliment to Amazon if your niche falls into one of the four product categories supported by Target. The 7-day cookie duration and commissions that increase with your sales volume makes it a financially strong choice as well. 

A properly formatted and placed Amazon Affiliate Disclosure is required…