Since WordPress is a stable and good platform on the internet, it would have a huge number of hackers when the users do not maintained their sites properly or when poorly developed or outdated plugins are used. So, it gets important to secure your free blogging tool so that it can help you expand your business and show world why you are here.

Being a WordPress website owner, you always need to face hackers as they used to attack on websites which are reputed and working efficiently on the internet. If they hack your website, it not only cost in the form of lose of money but even damage your on-net reputation. So, in order to keep your site protected, consider following tips and your WordPress will become safe from hackers.


Always update your WP website

Always remember to update your website with the latest version of WordPress. Hackers love less secured and old version as it is easy for them to attack on. Old version easily gets affected by malware attacks whereas, new versions are always powerful and you can easily discover bugs and fixed them by developers and community. It is better to use the latest version of WP.

Keep Backup

Maintaining backups of your documents is a good technique. Keep your regular backups and maintain its database so that you can restore them whenever needed. If you require data in the future, then you can easily retrieve them. You would think that there are some technical skills which you need to master but, let me tell you this fact that it is just a matter of few clicks and it can be done within a few minutes. WordPress database backup plugin has proved to be an efficient way in this regard. So, it is recommended to always make backup of your website with this plugin so that if your website gets hacked, you can retrieve important files in the future.

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Use Solid Passwords

Always enter solid passwords that cannot be addressed by hackers easily. Do not use any word or date that is associated with your personality as it is easy to predict them.

Don’t use admin account

Admin refers to a default account after installing the WP. It is easy for the hackers to attack on the admin account as they already know the username. Therefore, it is advisable to make a new account having administrative privileges and all the options that admin has.