Mailchimp Affiliate Program

Types of products: eMail marketing services

Where to join:

Commission structure: $30 credit to your account

Cookie length:  n/a

Payment Methods: Monkey Rewards

Your email marketing service bill can be a big line item in your online business’ budget. Mailchimp wants you to eliminate that cost by promoting their service.

Certainly a good idea for Mailchimp to have their branding in your emails. But, is it worth it for affiliate marketers? 

We look at the Mailchimp affiliate program and see if they are up to any monkey business.

How to Join the Mailchimp Affiliate Program

It’s very simple to apply to Mailchimp affiliate program through a dedicated Mailchimp MonkeyRewards page which is a program created for the distribution of Mailchimp credits.

MonkeyRewards is a Mailchimp system which is made to distribute the credits earned from referring users to Mailchimp.

All you have to do is set the default MonkeyRewards badge available to any Mailchimp user. In order to activate the badge, click your name in the right top corner and then head to Account.

Under Extras, you will find Rewards, which is where you will find a box to tick saying “Show badge in campaigns“. You can also customize and edit the badge, but be aware that the choice is quite limited.

Note: Keep in mind that if you are using a Mailchimp free account – you must show the MonkeyRewards badge in your email campaigns.

Once you set up your MonkeyRewards, you automatically become Mailchimp associates. At this point, you can utilize the badge and add it to your email campaigns to start bringing in referrals.

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Sending Affiliate Marketing eMails from MailChimp

Are you looking for information about sending eMail campaigns from your Mailchimp lists?

Mailchimp allows you to send email offers with affiliate links to your email list. So if you want to include a link with your affiliate ID that is fine. However, you can not solicit new affiliates in a Mailchimp email campaign. I did this once without knowing and their “Carnivore” email monitoring system caught it before the emails were sent. I was simply sending out a launch announcement with a link to a JV page and … boom. The emails were all cancelled.

If you need to send emails to your affiliate or prospect for affiliates you should look at GetResponse. We have a full review of the GetResponse affiliate program as well.

Mailchimp Products

Mailchimp products are offered throughout 4 different plans which are:

  • Free
  • Essentials
  • Standard
  • Premium

Free plan offers 7 marketing channels, 1-click automation, 5 email templates, and marketing CRM. It allows users to send out 2,000 emails on a monthly basis.

Essentials plan includes everything from the Free plan, and yet it adds a number of useful features such as A/B testing, custom branding, 24/7 support, and access to all templates.

Standard plan introduces automation series, retargeting ads, advanced audience insights and it even gives you the ability to code your own custom templates.

Premium plan adds advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, phone support, unlimited seats, and role-based access.

Mailchimp Pricing

Since Mailchimp products are purchased through the pre-packaged plans, pricing is fairly listed and is the following:

Free plan – $0 a month
Essentials plan – $9.99 a month
Standard plan – $14.99 a month
Premium plan – $299 a month

These plans are strategically formed to provide the right products to the companies of various sizes and a number of employees.

Mailchimp Commission Rates and Rules

One of the most important things you should know about Mailchimp commission is that it pays its affiliates through Monkey Rewards only.

So there is no cash payout – but if you’re someone who uses Mailchimp services a lot, you could be paying for your monthly subscription with the help of Monkey Rewards.

Commission rate is $30 per sale, which is a nice payout considering the great reputation of Mailchimp which makes it easy to promote. However, you still have to keep in mind that you can only use this payout through Monkey Rewards only.

But it’s a nice way to pay for your own subscription on a monthly basis, especially if you are using one of the upper tier Mailchimp programs. You could be saving $100’s per month with referrals. 

Affiliate Tools and Support

If you’ve decided to promote MailChimp – MonkeyRewards Badge is one of the most useful affiliate tools they created to help people promote their services.

To create your MonkeyRewards Badge, you should go to Account which is listed in a drop-down menu that is accessed by clicking your name.

Then, click “Extras” and “Rewards”. In Rewards, you will find “Show Badge in Campaigns” box. In order to take full advantage of MonkeyRewards Badge, you should tick the box.

What this does is it lets you use Mailchimp logo in all your email campaigns and even signup forms in your account.

You even get to choose a different badge design you’d like to have featured and you can even edit the badge on your signup forms.

How to Promote Mailchimp Online

Two of the best ways to promote Mailchimp online are definitely your email campaigns and your website.

Since Mailchimp offers MonkeyRewards Badge you can efficiently integrate into your email campaigns, it’s one of the best ways to promote and convert potential leads.

Posting your Mailchimp affiliate link to your site is another great way to promote your chosen email campaign brand.

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Pros and Cons —

MailChimp Affiliate Program


Earn account credits

Product has a great reputation and brand


Payout is only available in MonkeyReward credits within the platform


How much does Mailchimp pay affiliates?

Mailchimp pays $30 per new member you refer to them.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

There is no limit. It is more of a referral program than an affiliate program.

What Mailchimp products are eligible for affiliate sales?

Any of the premium Mailchimp email service membership accounts are eligible.

Does Mailchimp run its own affiliate program?

Yes, Mailchimp has an in-house affiliate program. They provide a dedicated affiliate support team and many banners and other marketing materials.

Should You Become a Mailchimp Affiliate?

If you’re someone who is already a Mailchimp member and uses it to work on own email campaigns – you should become a Mailchimp affiliate. Why? 

Since you’re already paying for their service, Mailchimp affiliate program can help you cover your subscription and even make it pay for itself by simply including Mailchimp badge with your affiliate link in your email campaigns.

However, if you’re an affiliate marketer who is looking for affiliate programs for a sole purpose of creating another income stream – unfortunately, Mailchimp affiliate program isn’t an ideal program you should be joining.

This affiliate program only pays in credits which can only be spent on Mailchimp without the possibility of cashing your earnings out.

Therefore, Mailchimp affiliate program is very ideal for bloggers who are going to utilize Mailchimp tools anyway – but it’s not ideal for affiliate marketers and promoters who are looking to cash-out their earnings.

If you use Mailchimp already earning Monkey Rewards can be great. But if you are looking to earn cash this is not the program for you. Instead, promoting AWeber or GetResponse will give you the opportunity to earn 30% recurring commission for each referral you make.