Flipkart Affiliate Program

Types of products: Leading On-line Retailer in India

Where to join: CueLinks

Commission structure:  7.84% – 9.40%

Cookie length: 1 Day

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer

Flipkart is a dominant online retailer in India. Think Amazon but in India. Should you try to monetize your traffic from India with Flipkart?

They are huge. Take a look at some stats …

  • 100 million registered users
  • 8 Billion in 2018 revenue
  • 44% of Indian e-commerce market
  • 50 million downloads of their ordering app

Most recently Walmart became the largest shareholder and controlling interest in the company.

Flipkart has a direct affiliate program very similar in terms and structure to Amazon’s — right down to the 24-hour cookie, unfortunately.  

Let’s see what’s going on at Flipkart with affiliates.

How to Join Flipkarts Affiliate Program


Flipkart has stopped accepting new applicants to their direct affiliate program. There has been no explanation or follow up for over a year now. They still pay commissions to existing affiliates but they have placed earning caps on those accounts. It almost seems they want to drive them away.

Becoming a Flipkart Affiliate via Cuelinks

You can be an affiliate for Flipkart via the India affiliate marketplace, Cuelinks. The commission rates are quite a bit lower than those paid by the direct program or even Amazon.in.

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About Flipkarts

There are no shortage of products at Flipkart. Regardless of your niche you will find products of interest to the Indian marketplace. The categories include …

  • Mobiles & Tablets
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • TV And Appliance
  • Beauty
  • Toys
  • Home & Furniture

Flipkart Commission Rates

The Flipkart affiliate program was very competitive with Amazon’s. Paying up to 20% in some cases. The Cuelinks payouts are quite a bit lower though.

CueLinks Affiliates

The commission rates are between 7.84% – 9.40% depending on the product category.

Direct Affiliates

Existing affiliates in the direct Flipkart affiliate program can still earn commissions when referring affiliates to Flipkart.

They have however introduced a capping limits with upper limits on the amount of money you can earn from Flipkart affiliate program.

The commission are paid on a tiered department system per the table below.


How much does Flipkart pay affiliates?

Flipkart affiliates receive 7% - 10% commission on eligible purchases.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

All products on Flipkart's website are eligible for commissions based on its category.

Does Flipkart run its own affiliate program?

Yes, Flipkart has an in-house affiliate program. They provide a dedicated affiliate support team and many banners and other marketing materials.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Flipkart has a 1-day cookie. As long as the customer purchases within 24 hours of arriving with your affiliate link you will receive the commission.

Should You Become a Flipkart Affiliate

Not at the moment if the India market is not your dominant focus.

The rates from Cuelinks are low and things like earning caps on affiliates show a disconnect between the folks at Flipkart and successful affiliate marketers. For now, if you have enough traffic from India consider the Amazon.in program.

Flipkart is the leading online retailer in one of the biggest markets in the world. There is the opportunity for a category dominating affiliate program like Amazon Associates.

Let’s hope the Walmart influence will get more focus on leveraging the affiliate channel.

Walmart in fact has a good affiliate program so they understand the market.