Do you run an online business that relies on email marketing? The you likely know about ConvertKit. This expertise can be valuable to your audience.

Unlike old model email service providers (ESP), Convert kits SaaS product provides a powerful and easy to use platform, with a not-too-steep learning curve.

It’s one of the trusted and fastest-growing email marketing software products out there. They have a strong focus on Internet marketers needs and understand their needs.

if you earn a living online you should consider ConvertKit

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

Types of products: E-mail integrated Internet Marketing Tools

Where to join: ConverKit Affiliate Page

Commission structure: 30% Recurring

Cookie length:  90 Days

Payment Methods: Paypal, ACH

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ConvertKit gets 1/3 of their revenue from the affiliate channel. They have a strong program.

Who wouldn’t want to promote that kind of software? Besides, they have really great affiliate commission rates of up to 30%.

Can you make a living promoting ConvertKit?

How do you join their affiliate program?

Read this review to get all the details on the ConvertKit Affiliate Program.

About ConvertKit

Nathan Barry built ConvertKit in 2013 to help creatives keep track of their lists, send out bulk email campaigns, and also a free landing page tool to collect more people onto their lists. They have since added additional tools like a WordPress Plugin and opt-in forms.

The company has its headquarters in Idaho in the United States and offers services to online course creators, podcasters, coaches, and bloggers worldwide. The company has grown to a whopping 20,000 user base today.

SinceConvertKit is used by people making a living online it was only natural that they would have an email marketing affiliate program as well. And ConvertKit pays well.

Some of ConvertKit’s main competitors include GetResponse, AWeber, and MailChimp. These are some of the equally top-tier email services providers.

The product is a blend of email marketing service and email marketing software. The software is a WordPress plugin and aimed at the online creator and content marketers.

ConvertKit comes with a few primary functions:

Subscribers’ section

The section displays a list of your subscribers. The landing page and forms section allows you to create beautiful, compelling landing pages and forms using responsive templates quickly. You can even create simple and squeeze pages to collect emails.

Broadcasts function

This is another great feature that comes with ConvertKit. It allows you to send a single email to your entire list easily. It works great for newsletters.  Sequences, on the other hand, will enable you to set up an autoresponder easily.

The automation section

This part is awesome! It allows you to customize emails that your list gets based on actions that they take and ensures you can automatically handle situations as they come. You can segment your list and send personalized emails to a separate list.

The end result is you have a fully-automated marketing system.

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit pricing starts at Free — hard to argue with that.

The Free plan

The first ConvertKit plan is free. Yes, it’s absolutely free until you get to your first 500 subscribers. That ensures users can create unlimited landing pages, unlimited traffic, and a completely customizable domain.

It is a great plan for those who are just starting out but not much for affiliates.

The Creator plan

The plan has a monthly fee of $29, which can be paid annually, allowing creators to get a two-month free offer for the bulk purchase. Affiliates earn 30% of this amount whenever anyone subscribes to this plan each month.

The Creator Pro plan 

It starts at $59 a month. This plan also allows a two-month discount if one chooses the annual payment. Like the creator plan, affiliates also earn a 30% commission on all subscriptions each month.

Here is the complete pricing matrix with functionality limitations …

convertkit pricing

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Applying to be a ConvertKit affiliate

The ConvertKit affiliate program is simple and works like all other affiliate programs. Anyone can join.

They have kept their entire system simple and to the point. The affiliate program keeps to this theme and allows even non-ConvertKit users to promote the product.

Here are the steps to create a ConvertKit account:

1. Sign up

You can find all of the details of the affiliate program on the ConvertKit Affiliate page.

To sign up, you need an account at LinkMink. The site manages the ConvertKit affiliate program. Once you click the ‘become an affiliate’ button below, it will take you to LinkMink to create an account. They will manage all your commissions, links and process payments on your behalf.

Ensure you input your correct PayPal email in the sign-up process because that’s where your affiliate commission will go.

2. Get your unique affiliate link

On your LinkMink account, you should find a custom link to promote ConvertKit. You can also use banners on your blog, site, and email.

3. Promote and earn

Applying for the affiliate program and getting approved is not the end. You need to keep promoting the company because that’s the only way to get sales.

One of the best places to promote the software is on your resource page on your blog. People want to know the tools you are using to grow your business. They won’t mind checking out your email marketing tool.

ConverKit has a 90 day cookie period – it used to be 30 days when the program was running on Ambassador – which is great, right? Not many companies offer up to a 90-days cookie period.

The downside, however, is that LinkMink introduced last-click attribution. That means that if a person reads your review, abandons it, and decides to read another one, and purchases using that person’s affiliate link, you will not get paid for your effort.

Commission Rates

ConvertKit gives everyone a 30% commission per person that signs up using your link. It will be a recurrent amount for as long as the customer continues to use ConvertKit. That is a great perk to joining the program.

The program uses a 90-day cookie which is great.

On payouts, sometimes there might be delays in commission payouts as a result of customer refunds. That means that you will receive commissions on the 2nd of each month for all prior months if there were no refunds.

However, one thing that a lot of affiliates enjoy with the ConvertKit program is that there is no threshold to reach to get your commissions.

As long as you have earned a certain amount, you can withdraw your money to your PayPal account or have it direct deposited into your bank account.

The best part of the ConvertKit affiliate program is that it is a 30% recurring commission.. Each new customer you signup adds to your monthly payouts from ConvertKit.

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Tools and Creatives for ConvertKit affiliates

You don’t need to have any special skills or be a ConvertKit customer to make money from this affiliate program. You just need an audience with a need that email marketing can solve, and you are ready to get started.

Here are tools to help you along the way.


The ConvertKit team doesn’t want you to start blindly. You get a free video tutorial from non other than Pat Flynn! The video is setup as a training guide to be on how to grow your income as a Convertkit affiliate.

After watching the video, you should get going pretty quickly.

Evergreen Webinar

Placing a banner on your website is not enough to be successful as an affiliate. People are blind to these. Successful affiliates understand the power of sales funnels. A funnel lets you educate and market a product. A common building block in a funnel is a webinar. This acts as a magnet for leads. ConvertKit provides you with an evergreen webinar that you can use in your sales funnels.

Deep linking

You have the option of linking to a specific page on ConvertKit. Unlike Ambassador, which didn’t give affiliates the freedom to create their links, LinkMink allows you to create links to particular pages instead of the ConvertKit homepage.

Banners and screenshots

These come in handy since your clients want something to compel them to take action. They come in different sizes and themes to suit the kind of campaign and audience.

How to Promote ConvertKit Online

In the case of ConvertKit the main product keyword is not that difficult. If you had a pillar page for ConvertKit, with lots of supporting articles properly interlinked, you can get to page one of the Google search results.. Not all of that traffic will have buying search intent,  but there is quite a bit of volume.


Looking at the longtail keywords below, the better keyword buying intent opportunities are …

  • ConverKit vs. Mailchimp
  • ConverKit vs. ActiveCampaign
  • ConverKit Review
  • ConverKit landing pages

Consider using deep linking to send users to specific pages rather than the basic product page. If your article talks about creating a convert account, send them to taht page.


Should You Become a ConvertKit Affiliate?

Let’s sum up this ConvertKit review.

Is the ConvertKit affiliate program worthwhile? The answer is yes. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Stream is certainly a successful affiliate and one of ConvertKit affiliates making a living from this program. He is one of the top online affiliate marketing multimillionaires currently.

ConvertKit is a simple email marketing tool with a broad audience of online creators. They provide marketing automation, a landing page tool, opt-in forms and email marketing software as a WordPress plugin.

They have a very long referral period which is nice as this is typically not an impulse purchase. 

The trick is getting started. Do you want to hit six figures promoting the ConvertKit affiliate program? Take action and be consistent. With consistency come forth great results. Join ConvertKit today

Pros and Cons — ConvertKit Affiliate Program


It is simple and easy to get started

Anyone can join this program

The 30% monthly recurring affiliate revenue is great

You get free tools to help you get started when you join this program

Has a 90-day cookie duration


You might have to wait for up to 60 days to get commissions

Must have an active PayPal account to receive payments. That limits countries where PayPal is not functional


What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a set of tools for Internet Marketers that integrates email services and email marketing software.

What is the affiliate payment structure?

ConvertKit pays a lifetime recurring commission.

Who is ConvertKit's affiliate program best for?

Niches that cater to bloggers, Internet Markers, Make Money Online will do well with ConvertKit.