Wix Affiliate Program

Types of products: Free and premium website builder

Where to join: wix.com/about/affiliates

Commission structure:  $100 per every sale

Cookie length:  30 days

Payment Methods:  Wire transfer

Wix is near a household name. They have a massive ad budget and reputation that affiliates can coattail on.

Conversions should be good, so how is the affiliate program?

Can you make money?

Let’s take a closer look at the Wix Affiliate Program.

How to Join the Wix Affiliate Program

Wix’s lucrative earnings definitely attract attention and to join their affiliate program, you just have to click “Start Earning Now” button on their affiliate program page. You will then be given the following three options …

Signing process might not be one of the easiest things as Wix requires plenty of information – but take your time as the affiliate program is totally worth it.

Once you get approved, you will be notified by an email where you’ll also get a link to your Affiliate Dashboard.

Note: It may take up to 30 business days to get your application reviewed by Wix due to the number of applicants.

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Can You Use the Free Wix For Affiliate Marketing Websites?

Sure you are allowed to do this, it is your site. But the free Wix is NOT a good choice for hosting an affiliate site for a number of reasons.

  • An affiliate website is a business and you need more flexibility in design and added functionality than Wix provides. WordPress is a much better choice from a functionality standpoint.
  • The Wix banner announcing that this is a free site is a conversion killer. Affiliate marketing is about qualified traffic and conversions.
  • Much of an affiliate sites traffic comes from search and SEO. SEO is weaker with Wix sites.
  • Wix locks you into their site. You will be rebuilding your site if you change platforms.

The free platform is best for a musician, sole practitioner, plumber, etc. With the free Wix these online brochure type applications can be done by anyone. No need to hire people to simply have a presence on the Internet.

So Wix Stinks Why be an Affiliate?

The Free Wix is a great product – just not for affiliate marketers. But Wix has a set of products fro larger website and even small business sites. These premium products are what you will be recommending as a Wix affiliate.

Wix Products

Sure Wix has free sites and of course there are “upsells”. You will not make money on the free sites so you want to get people who upgrade or purchase the premium products right away. It is really an easy sell as the premium products remove most of the SEO and other issues associated with the free service.

They offer premium products for people creating websites including:

  • Connect Domain – most basic package
  • Combo – for personal use
  • Unlimited – for entrepreneurs & freelancers
  • VIP – with first priority support

Then there is a set of products for small shops and other online businesses:

  • Business Basic – accepts online payments
  • Business Unlimited – ideal for a growing online business
  • Business VIP – full suite for business owners

They also have a full range of services.

Wix Pricing

The pricing for the website products ranges from $4.50/mo – $24.50/mo

The pricing for the business packages ranges from $17/mo – $35/mo

Wix Commission Rates and Rules

Commission Rates

Wix affiliate program pays $100 per premium user you refer them and a great thing is you don’t have a limit on how many referrals you can make. Also, it doesn’t matter which premium plan you make a sale on.

However, the only trick is that a premium referral shouldn’t cancel their upgrade before the end of the 14-day trial period. In case he does, you won’t get a commission for it.

Note: One thing you should know is that the minimum money you need to make each month in order to get a payout is $300. In case you don’t make $300, the amount will sit in your account until the next month and will get paid out to you once you reach the threshold.

Wix Affiliate Program Rules

In order to steer clear of being removed as a Wix affiliate – here are some of the most important rules from the Wix ToS. You have to agree to those terms of service before you become a Wix affiliate, so we highly recommend you read them thoroughly.

In the meanwhile, here are some of the most important rules to know:

  • Affiliates aren’t authorized to modify or change the tracking codes
  • Affiliates have a limited license to use Wix Marks
  • All marketing is the affiliate’s responsibility
  • All marketing activities should be proper and lawful under applicable rules or laws
  • Affiliates need to include a disclosure conveying their participation in Wix affiliate program

Affiliate Tools and Support

Upon signing up for Wix affiliate program, once you are approved, you will get access to the intuitive dashboard that allows you to track your progress.

Also, Wix has plenty of FAQ and help for their affiliates such as creative resources. Creative resources offer plenty of banners, graphics, and different styles & ways to utilize your affiliate offers to your audience.

However, if you ever get stuck, Wix has a dedicated Wix affiliate support team which helps resolve issues and answer questions. However, keep in mind that their affiliate support is only available in the English language.


How to Promote Wix Online

Wix is geared towards new businesses, people just starting out. They are excited about their new venture and have a budget to get started. But they also are small businesses so hiring developers or designers is out of the question.

This demographics converts very well and Wix is a safe household name thanks to their mega-advertising budget.

I would be active in Facebook groups for new businesses. I would also create a content marketing strategy around Wix and this group of new business people. If you can gain authority and rank the Benjamins will roll in.

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Pros and Cons —

Wix Affiliate Program


 $100 per Premium referral

Creative Resources

30-day cookie

Premium membership models fit variety of customers


Payout threshold is $300

One-time payout. Not-recurring


How much does pay affiliates?

Wix pays a generous $100 per new customer.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Wix has a 30-day cookie. As long as the customer purchases within 30 days of arriving with your affiliate link you will receive the commission.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

Any of the Wix premium hosting services are eligible for commissions. The free program does not pay any commission.

Does Wix run its own affiliate program?

Yes, Wix has an in-house affiliate program. They provide a dedicated affiliate support team and many banners and other marketing materials.

Should You Become a Wix Affiliate?

Wix is a household name with a big advertising budget. As a consumer vendor, they have a very strong brand. They did hit a rough patch with some affiliates a few years ago.

In 2014, there were a number of complaints where affiliate links were broken and Wix affiliates didn’t know about it. This was after Wix changed affiliate programs. Wix had sent out announcements but many likely ended up in spam. It is always better if a publisher serves a 404 for old links as an affiliate will catch this. Affiliates hate driving traffic to dead links and not knowing about it — for good reason! But this was all five years ago, many Internet lifetimes.

A good practice is to manage your links with something like PrettyLinks. This wouldn’t tell you that your affiliate link was invalid but it would allow you to replace all links with automatically rather than replacing each link manually.

The current Wix program rocks for me. You are targeting a growing group of consumers with a great product. A $100 referral fee is awesome. That is a lot of typical Amazon affiliate sales.