Teachable Affiliate Program

Types of products: Courseware creation, distribution and monetization.

Where to join: Teachable In-House Affiliate Program

Commission structure: 30% – recurring

Cookie length:  90 day

Payment Methods: PayPal

Online training and courseware is hot and big business. Teachable is the leader in courseware creation and distribution. They give anyone the ability to put together a marketable course. They provide an outlet for anyones subject matter knowledge.

In addition to being an environment for creating your course, they then help you monetize your course with their full-service course commerce platform.

How to Join the Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable has a very straight forward application process. There is a single affiliate application form. Other than the basic background information, Teachable will ask about your website address, methods of promotion, and details about your email list.

Most websites are eligible to join the program. teachable suggests that their most effective affiliates have a very engaged audience. People who have experience with Teachable make the best affiliates. 

Like most affiliate programs Teachable does not want coupon sites or sites associated with fringe or offensive materials.

Creating an Affiliate Program as a Teachable Course Creator

Not only does Teachable take care of enrollment and payments for your course, but they also let you set up an affiliate program to promote it. This means you can create a course and recruit affiliates to sell it for you. You can control a number of details when you set up your affiliate program. You can define:

  • Commission Rate – as the school owner, you can decide the percentage the affiliate will get
  • Affiliate Code – You can define the code your affiliates add to school URLs to receive credit for a referral.
  • Cookie Period -You can define a cookie length

A full dashboard is available to each of your affiliates to track their sales and commissions.

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Teachable Products

Teachable is a great platform for creating courseware as well as a platform to sell it. You can create courseware with almost any media; images, video, audio, text, audio, even PDF files. teachable integrates with many cloud storage platforms and can work with your existing site or you can create content directly on Teachable’s site.

You can create courses from short intros to multi-section courses. You can create a course marketplace bringing  trainers and instructors together and pay them a revenue share on their courses

You can easily interact with your audience and create everything from quizzes to certificates of completion.

As a course commerce backend Teachable excels. They take care of everything from coupons to advanced pricing models with subscriptions, payment plans and bundled courses. They even provide tools for you to setup an affiliate program for your courseware.


Teachable Pricing

Teachable monthly prices range from $39 -$499. So your 30% commission can really add up.

teachable pricing

Teachable Affiliate Commission Rates and Rules

Teachable pays a 30% recurring commission. With prices ranging from $39 – $499 your monthly commissions will range from $12/mo to $150 per month. They pay monthly so upgrades will add to your payouts.

The rules of the program are fairly standard. The affiliate terms of service agreement sets out a number of marketing rules. Among others you can not:

  • To be paid the purchase must not cancel within 31 days.
  • The payment threshold is $50
  • Purchase from your own referral link.
  • Use bots, proxies or similar
  • No spamming emails

Affiliate Tools and Support

Teachable provides A/B tested sales funnels for specific target audiences. The come with visuals, email swipes and historic performance information. This is something I have not seen before – nice! Each of the funnels comes with a bonus to help get the new course up and running.

Teachable also provides deep linking to any page. As well as the usual banners and ads.

How to Promote Teachable Online

Teachable appeals to so many people. Certainly, engineers and other technology experts all have a course or two in them. They have over 10,000 artists, writers, entrepreneurs and business teams on board.

Create a content marketing plan around how to launch your own courseware or online school. Teachable has deep linking for all pages. So you can link to a blog post or a technical article that fits in with your content or campaign.

Use the Teachable funnels and email swipes to build campaigns form subscribers to your email list. You can use white-papers and detailed reports as giveaways in addition to the Teachable bonus offers that are part of the funnels they provide.

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Pros and Cons — Teachable Affiliate Program



30% recurring commissions

Great marketing tools

Deep Linking


Can be tricky to target an audience


How much does Teachable pay affiliates?

Teachable pays 30% of each sale that an affiliate refers to them. This is recurring for the lifetime of the customer subscription with Teachable.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Teachable has a 90-day cookie. Any purchases made in that time period will be credited to you.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

Teachable has three membership levels form $39-$499 per month. All are eligible for 30% recurring commissions.

Does Teachable run its own affiliate program?

Yes, Teachable has an in-house affiliate program. They provide a dedicated affiliate support team and many banners and other marketing materials.

Should You Become a Teachable Affiliate?

If you have the right audience Teachable can be a great fit. Once you get a referral on-board you get recurring commissions. People don’t tend to switch courseware platforms so you will build a solid stream of passive income as you add more schools.

Teachable tends to work best when promoted by enthusiastic Teachable knowledgeable marketers.