Surfer Affiliate Program

Types of products: Leading SEO tool for on-page competitive analysis

Where to join: Surfer SEO Affiliate Program

Commission structure: 30%

Cookie length: 60-Days

Payment Methods: PayPal

I am a big fan of on-page competitive analysis in general and Surfer in particular.

I have found that one of the quickest and most productive traffic wins you can get is not by creating new content — but by improving existing content.

Moving from position 5 to position 2 in the search results, for even a moderately searched keyword, will bring much more traffic than a new page “being born” at position 15.

Surfer SEO Affiliate Program

There is no affiliate program listed on the Surfer SEO website. But, there are many indications that they have such a program. These are clearly titles written by affiliate marketers…

After some research, I was able to find its affiliate program and enroll. Surfer is getting a lot of momentum and I am hoping for a big splash for Black Friday.

The Surfer affiliate program uses Firstpromoter to enable affiliate links, cookies, etc. It is an interesting SaaS product that companies can use to build an affiliate program – without paying large fees to an affiliate network.

About Surfer SEO


Google does not tell us the secret recipe to rank higher … (write great content doesn’t count!). In fare-ness it is likely not a simple recipe. And it also likely varies for each query, content set being evaluated, user’s history, etc. Factors that make each query and result set have a unique calculus. The best you can do is write great content and then see what the better ranking posts are doing differently both topically and from a structure and keyword basis. Surfer does this and does it well. One of the best features of Surfer SEO is the ability to compare the structure and keyword density of your competitors. They in-fact analyze many other factors like word-count and make recommendations for your page.


Surfer SEO is getting a lot of buzz. As is the on-page technical tool category. Getting a jump start with a new trending product like Surfer can give you a great advantage ranking content and getting refferals.

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