Sephora Affiliate Program

Types of products: Broad range of beauty products.

Where to join:

Commission structure: Categories up to 7.2%

Cookie length: 1 day

Payment Methods: Paypal

The dilemma with big affiliate giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Nordstrom is that they don’t pay much heed to beauty and fashion product. That is, you will only get a commission rate of 1% to 2% on all products available on these affiliate networks.

Well, there is an alternative which is providing a pretty good rate on different makeup, beauty, and fashion products. Sephora affiliate program might be a perfect fit for you.

So, let’s take a look …

Sephora Affiliate Program Review

Sephora is a large beauty and fashion outlet based in the United States. That is, one of the best retail outlets has got many stores nationwide working with a trustworthy relationship with the customers and the affiliate members. Nevertheless, the affiliate program offered by this company is absolutely amazing. With pretty handsome commission rates, you will be able to get the best out of this network.

BTW, the beauty industry is huge …


How Big is the Beauty Industry

Talking about the products, Sephora has got the support of well-renowned makeup, beauty, and fashion brands. The website has got everything related to fashion and beauty. In terms of products, you will easily find them much more than that of Nordstrom or any other affiliate program.

One more thing which is considerable in this affiliate network is that it will track all your sales, impressions and clicks via Rakuten. So, if you already have a Rakuten account, then you are pretty good to join Sephora affiliate program. However, keep on mind that Sephora’s application can’t get accepted immediately. That is, you must wait for at least 3 weeks to get the response from the brand.

In short, with valuable customer support and the ability to use different affiliate tools, Sephora is the real game-changer in the fashion and beauty industry. You won’t be able to find a better network than this when it comes to providing the affiliate rates.

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How to Join the Sephora Affiliate Program

Sephora’s affiliate program is managed by Rakuten Marketing. Rakuten is the company is able to track all your sales, impressions, and clicks on different affiliate networks.

If you already are a part of Rakuten, just select Sephora as a program you want to join. Sephora staff will then review your application for appropriateness. Fashion and other beauty bloggers with a web site should have no issues being accepted. 

Sephora Products

Sephora is all about beauty and fashion.The primary categories that Sephora provides are related to Beauty, fashion, skincare, Fragrances, Bath and Body, Gifts and much more. You will be able to find a wide range of beauty and fashion products listed under different subcategories. They have  200 major brands and more than 13,000 top-quality products.

Sephora Affiliate Commission Rates and Rules

Commission rates are pretty awesome. Sephora gives you a 5% commission rate on beauty and fashion products. That being said, this rate is pretty good as compared to Nordstrom which is only 2% and Walmart which is only 4%. The commission rates on different products are the same. There are new customer bonus payments for you as well.

Affiliate Tools and Support

One of the reasons that merchants choose Rakuten is that customer support is available 24/7.  There is a separate chatting section available at the official website where you can chat directly with the employees and they will consult you in the best possible way.

You will be provided free and unique banner ads and affiliate links related to the products you want to promote on your website to generate instant sales.

How to Promote Sephora Online

Well, the best way to promote Sephora’s products is that if you are a fashion or beauty blogger. You can make reviews on the use of each product. For instance, you can make a makeup tutorial and can use all products from Sephora so that the audience seeing you will be able to buy such products.

Fashion and beauty bloggers also have good success with YouTube. You can create how to videos for different make up styles. Also Pinterest is a good choice for fashion bloggers.

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Sephora Affiliate Program

Pros and Cons —


Good commission rate on beauty products

Ideal for fashion and beauty bloggers

5% commission percentage

Many well-renowned brands


Applications take time to approve

Only available to bloggers in markets Sephora ships to


How much does Sephora pay its affiliates?

Sephora pays affiliate commissions on a department-based sliding scale. The rates go up to 7.2%

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Sephora has a 1-day last touch cookie. As long as the customer purchases within 24-hours of arriving via your affiliate link you will receive the commission.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

All products purchased at are eligible for commissions.

Does Sephora run its own affiliate program?

Yes, Sephora has an in-house affiliate program. They provide a dedicated affiliate support team and many banners and other marketing materials.

Should You Become a Sephora Affiliate?

If you are a fashion blogger Sephora is a “no brainer”. But really anyone in a niche that focuses on women or gifts for women would be able to do well with Sephora. The commissions are good and Rakuten always does a good job with support and tools.

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