Offervault is NOT an affiliate network in the traditional sense. They are essentially a search engine for affiliate offers.

Offervault is an aggregator of offers and NOT an affiliate network

You do not run offers via Offervault.


Offervault CPA Search

Types of products: CPA affiliate program search engine

Where to join: Free Registration

Commission structure: CPA offers: Sales, forms completed, surveys, etc.

Cookie length:  Varies by Program

Payment Methods: Varies by Program

What is Offervault

As a search engine, Offervault is helping find appropriate affiliate programs for your audience. Since they are not the merchant or the merchants representative like a traditional affiliate network, you don’t apply to the program at Offervault. They do not manage affiliate programs. They help you discover programs, provide all the detail about the program and you then work directly with the merchant who has the offer.

When you find a program on Offervault that you like,  click on the offer to see the program details. If you like the details you then click on “Join Network” to sign up for the affiliate program/network.

What kind of Offers Does Offervault List

Offervault has a number of offer types available in their database. Including …

  • CPA — These action-based offers come in a few varieties. Some pay when a sale is made, others pay when a trial is started or some other form is completed.
  • Pay Per Call — With these you are sending an offer to recommend your lead call the merchants number and listen to their offer. When a customer calls, the affiliate gets a commission for directing call leads directly to them.
  • Mobile  — Sometimes called mobile subscriptions, mobile offers, premium SMS or pin submits. These offers are typically for mobile products — apps, wallpapers, games etc.
  • Pay Per Lead — PPL offers usually pay just a few dollars but convert easily. A typical PPL would be someone taking a free trial.

Go to our affiliate programs page for more program reviews.

How Does Offervault Work

It couldn’t be easier. They provide a power search engine to find offers. You simply enter your search term, like CBD. You can filter by …

  • Category
  • Affiliate Network
  • Country
offervault cpa search
You will immediately be give a set of search results. From their you can filter and sort the results by …
  • Network
  • Offer Type
  • Traffic Sources
  • Category
  • Payout
  • Update date

It is a really clean and simple user interface.

offervault search result
At this point you can select an offer that you are interested in. You will be sent to that offer’s detail page. Where you can find the terms of the terms of the offer and more details.
offervault program details
Finally if you decide to proceed and run this offer and join the network, you will be redirected to the merchants site to apply or login if you are already a member.
redirected application

Marketing Money with Offervault

The Offervault programs are often treated a bit differently by affiliates. Offers like PPL and CPA offers with forms to complete are often promoted with higher volume traffic from email and similar traffic sources. It is a numbers game. Marketers may also use Solo Ads for these offers.

There is a concentration of niches that generally overlaps with the ClickBank niches. These include …

  • Make Money Online
  • CBD
  • Health & Wellness
  • Dating
  • Adult
  • Gambling

Just like ClickBank there are many bad offers and a few good ones. You need to know your audience or traffic source to decide which offer is best.

One nice thing though is that you do not need a website for many of these so it can be a quick way to get started with affiliate marketing.

Offervault Training

Offervault has a deep set of training materials. It is very newbie friendly. There is an entire video library at YouTube to get you started. There are 47 videos that cover many topics

Pros and Cons —


Free Service

Lots of offers

Great training videos

Newbie Friendly

No Website Needed

Many poor offers

May not overlap your niche

Similar CPA Search Engines

There are two companies who have a similar focus to Offervault …


Affpaying is very similar to Offervault. The biggest difference is that Affpaying adds a focus on affiliate program reviews. So actual affiliates leave review and even provide payment proofs. This is a nice feature in the sometimes wild, wild, west environment of these offers.


Odigger is another CPA affiliate program directory with a search engine. They typically only have a few hundred offers but they have a good dashboard and some decent programs.

Should you use Offervault?

Remember Offervault is a search engine or directory of offers. They are they to help you discover CPA and other affiliate offers. Your experience with them will only be as good as the programs you select.

They have a nice user interface and make it very easy to sort through the offers. If you have the right kind of traffic and audience you should definitely give them a try.


Is Offervault legit?

Yes. Offervault is a directory or search engine for affiliate offers. They maintain a robust database of all types of CPA offers. They also provide a good deal of training about CPA offers.

Do you need a Website to use the affiliate programs?

No. Many of the offers can be marketed via email or social. You need to check the program details.

Is it easy to join Offervault?

It is free and immediate to join. Remember Offervault is a directory or search engine. They do not manage any of the programs you find there.