Home Depot Affiliate Program

Types of products: Home improvement products

Where to join: https://www.homedepot.com/c/SF_MS_The_Home_Depot_Affiliate_Program

Commission structure: 2%-8% (Most Are 3%)

Cookie length: 1 day

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer

Home Depot is a household name in the US. Both contractors and homeowners shop frequently at Home Depot. Their products range from appliance to windows & doors. 

So, let’s take a look at their program …

Home Depot comes with different commission rates for different products. On the other hand, you’ll get a large variety of products related to home decor respectively. Once you start promoting the products, you will be able to get a good percentage by generating leads.

Along with the promotion of products, Home Depot will also provide you complete support as it has a dedicated team meant for affiliate members only.

How to Join the Home Depot Affiliate Program

The Home Depot affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. They require a website and genrally are easy to get qualified for.

Home Depot Products

Most people know Home Depot products – tools, home inprovement products, windows, doors, cabinets etc. Most online buyers will not be ordering limber and nails. 

If you move forward with Home depot be sure to focus on high-ticket and promotional items.

Home Depot Commission Rates and Rules

Home Depot pays affilaites on a category based sliding scale.

  • 2% on appliance
  • 8% on many home decor products
  • 3% on other eligible products (this is the most typical payout)
  • 0% on gift cards and services.

The cookie length is only 24 hours. This is ok (not great) for Amazon products but the Home Depot purchases that might be worth creating content for are larger ticket items like cabinets, appliances and door&windows. For these 24 hours is too short.

Affiliate Tools and Support

Impact does a great job with support and tools. They have daily product data feed and many f banner ads and text links.Also the support of homedepot.com affiliate account managers and support provided by the Impact platform.

How to Promote Home Depot Products Online

There are a number of ways to promote Home Depot. Given the low commission rate I would focus on high ticket items. Home Depot provides a feed of promos and specials. If you have an email list of contractors or others in the home improvement space, an email campaign of specials would be an effective way to promote their products. Best to focus on large projects like remodels and new contstruction where the items are higher ticket.

Pros and Cons —
Home Depot Affiliate Program

There are many good things

  • Great brand awernes
  • Trust among consumers
  • Impact Radius has great tools and support


There are a few bad things

  • Low commission rate
  • Short cookie period

Should You Become a Home Depot Affiliate?

Generally I would not invest money or time in content marketing for programs that pay less than 4%. So for me, to use the Home Depot affilaite program you would need to be dedicated to the home improvement market.

Types of products: Luxury goods & fashion Where to join:…