Grammarly Affiliate Program

Types of products: Spelling & Grammar Checking

Where to join: Grammarly at CJ or Grammarly at ShareASale

Commission structure: $20 per sale — small CPA on trials

Cookie length: 90 days

Payment Methods: Check or Bank transfers — no Paypal

Grammarly has an awesome product and an equally great affiliate program. Affiliates are clearly not an afterthought like at many large companies. Nor is the affiliate program simply a backlink tool like many small companies use affiliates.

The best feature of the program is the product.

Grammarly has made many of us better writers.

It lets me write faster knowing my fat finger mistakes will be flagged for me.

The affiliate program has both CPA signup-form bonuses and sales commissions.

Oh and they have a $25 bonus for writing a Grammarly themes post and displaying your affiliate banner — nice.

So, let’s take a look …

Grammarly Affiliate Program Review

The Grammarly program hits all the right buttons.

  • Great product and brand
  • Long cookie length,
  • CPA bonus for free trial signups
  • Commissions for sales
  • High conversion rate
  • Affiliate signup bonus

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How to Join the Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly seems to get affiliates. It starts with the signup process which is very flexible. They give you the choice of enrolling at CJ or ShareASale. Many affiliates have preferred networks and one of these two will b in the mix. It is so much easier to manage multiple affiliate programs, links, specials etc. when you have many under one network.

Grammarly Products

Grammarly has both a free version and a premium product.

Everyone should use the free version. And this is one of the sales appeals. It is niche independent. Anyone creating content needs Grammarly free edition.  The free version does primarily spelling and grammar checking. The premium product adds readability checks, vocabulary suggestions and even writing style checks.

Pricing starts at $29/mo and is as low as $11.66/mo when prepaid for one year at $139.95

Free vs. Premium Accounts
Grammar and spelling checks
Conciseness Checking
Readability Levels
Vocabulary suggestions
Writing style checks
Plagiarism check

Grammarly Commission Rates and Rules

Grammarly gives you 3 ways to earn as an affiliate.

  • Free trials — You will get $.20 for every free trial signup. Ok, it will take 5 to get $1 but you now have the prospect locked up and some people have huge lists. Free trials convert well.
  • Premium Sales — You will receive $20 per sale. So when your user purchases or converts the trial you get $20. I do wish this where recurring but you are getting almost all of the first months $29.00 billing.
  • Signup Bonus — Grammarly will pay you $25 when you enroll in the affiliate program if you also write an article about Grammarly and place your affiliate banner ad. You should be doing this anyway so it is free money!

For affiliates that focus on Grammarly and have higher sales volumes, Grammarly has extra incentives including cash bonuses, extra payouts and exclusive discounts and deals for your audience.

Grammarly gets affiliates.

Affiliate Tools and Support

Both CJ and ShareASale will provide banners, ads and other affiliate links for you to use in your content.

Both programs also offer deep linking. This means you can choose any page on Grammarly’s site and create a link with your affiliate code embedded. Want a link to the free trial signup form — no problem. This will convert better than banners and widget ads which users have  become blind to.

How to Promote Grammarly Online

Certainly content marketing and SEO is going to be a lead source for Grammarly. Plus to get that $25 signup bonus you are going to need to create a post. You can write about …

  • Brand impact of grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Cost of errors in sales and marketing efforts
  • SEO issues and content quality

I would push the free trials and get them in teh Grammarly sales funnel.

You could also find spelling and Grammar mistakes in national publications and point them out in Pinterest or other social media channels with links to the free trial “Don’t be Like CNN” pins.

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Grammarly Affiliate Program

Pros and Cons —


Good commission rate at $20 sale

$25 enrollment bonus for affiliates

Small CPA for free trials

Great product and brand


Not recurring

Lower price point requires higher sales volumes


How much does Grammarly pay affiliates?

Grammarly pays a flat $20 commission for referred customers. They also pay a small CPA for trials.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Grammarly has a 90-day cookie. As long as the customer purchases within 90 days of arriving with your affiliate link you will receive the commission.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

The premium Grammarly grammar and spell checking tool is the exclusive product. Trials pay a small CPA and upgrades then earn $20.

Does Grammarly run its own affiliate program?

Grammarly's affiliate program is available from both Commission Junction (CJ) and ShareASale.

Should You Become a Grammarly Affiliate?


This one is easy. First, it is useful for many niches. These days so many people are creating content. They pay $20 for a $29 sale. And they show commitment to their affiliates with a choice of ShareASale or CJ networks and that great $25 signup bonus.