You can easily make lots of money promoting G-suite products. Many success stories on the internet of people promoted G-suite and got a bang on their bucks. Check out this page.

Gather tons of information about the program before setting the ball rolling, though. Read this guide to understand how you can join the program, the tools available, and what you can expect to make as their affiliate.  


Google Affiliate Program

Types of products: G-Suite Tools

Where to join: G-Suite at CJ Affiliate

Commission structure: $30

Cookie length: 30-days

Payment Methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer

About G-Suite

Developed and launched by Google Inc. in Dec 2006, The Google Suite consists of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Vault, Jam Board, Sites, Docs, Hangouts, Sheets, and Slides.  In fact, it’s a whole bunch of 20 plus productivity and collaboration tools. Before it was renamed G-suite, most people knew it as Google Apps for work.

These apps are usually free on your computer or phone once you sign up for a Google account. So, how would anyone make money promoting free products? Well, Google added enterprise features such as a plan for unlimited storage with email hosting for your business, phone and email support, security, and other advanced features. You have to pay to access these features; that’s where affiliates come in.


How to Join the Google Affiliate Program

*** NOTE: Google has been updating affiliate programs and seems to have suspended the G-Suite one. There is however a new program at CJ for Google Workspace.

You can make money off the G-suite affiliate program by simply referring other people to purchase G-suite products. To join, go to their sign up page and key in the details required. They will need you to select the country of residence, personal information and agree to their terms of service.

There are selected countries that G-suite accepts into their affiliate program. If you click the drop-down menu on the sign-up page, you will see if your country is listed. If it’s not listed, you can always mention your country and see if it’s eligible.  

Once you are accepted into their affiliate program, which often takes some time, they will send you an email with your promo link and codes.


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G-Suite Affiliate Commission Rates and Rules

How do you make money?

Well, G-suite has two premium plans; basic and business. You will earn money whenever your referral purchases any of these plans. To attract customers, Google offers a 14-day free trial. If the customer realizes that the tools are adding value to his business, they can opt to enter his billing information.

In that case, you will earn a commission only if;

  • The customer purchases before the 14 days are over
  • He should also pay for at least 120 days.  
  • He should also be a new user; that means you don’t refer existing customers.

Another limitation is that Google feels that G-suite should only be shared for local interest. So, you will only refer someone from your country. If you are in Australia, you can only refer someone from Australia and nowhere else.

Commission Rates

How much you make in the G-suite affiliate commission is based on your location. These are some countries you can expect to make the highest commission rates:

  • The US $30
  • Canada $30
  • The United Kingdom 20 Pound Sterling
  • The United Arab Emirates $30
  • Australia $30

You can also make a significant commission in the following countries:

  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Belgium
  • Japan
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • New Zealand
  • Italy

Basically, North America’s affiliates receive the highest commission rates while those in Asia and countries in Southern Europe receive the lowest.  

You will get a $15 affiliate commission if your affiliate purchases the basic plan while $30 is credited into your account if he buys the business plan.  

Once you have referred a customer who successfully purchases one of the G-suite plans, you will earn a commission. Google pay via direct deposit. So, they will ask for your bank account details.

Products that Earn Commissions

Many G-suite apps can earn you a good commission if you promote it. Here are some of them:

  • Drive: This application acts as storage for your files. The Free version of the app usually has a 15 GB storage space. That’s pretty low, considering that some companies require up to 300GB for their business. To extend the storage space, you need to purchase one of the G-suite plans.   
  • Docs: This application allows you to create different kinds of documents. It can be a spreadsheet, slide, or form and store them automatically on Google Drive. You can then share the link with anybody in your business. Such that several people can collaborate on one document.  
  • Gmail: You can send and receive emails effectively and efficiently with Gmail
  • A calendar helps to schedule events and organize your day.  
  • Chat: enhances effective communication between teams
  • Sites: allows you to create beautiful and clean web pages

There are some more apps. They are all useful for businesses. We all sometimes use them, either on our phones or laptops. Have you used any of these? Well, you can refer someone and earn a commission if he purchases any of the G-suite plans.

G-Suite Affiliate vs. Referral

What’s the difference between the G-suite affiliate vs. Referral program? Well, there wasn’t any significant difference between the two after reading their landing pages.

One slight difference is that the referral program works best with people having an existing customer base. The affiliate program can work with anyone wanting to make more affiliate commissions.

Terms and Conditions

Google has the typical limits on advertising and using their trademarks. Best to review the Google G-Suite Affiliate Program Policies.

Note: G-Suite was recently removed from CJ though the link is still active on Google’s G-Suite Affiliate page.

G-Suite Affiliate Tools and Support

You can promote G-suite using several tools.  Google has a clean and straightforward dashboard that shows you real-time data regarding the clicks and sales you make.

They will assign you a unique referral link. You can place that link in your blog posts and ask your readers to click on it if they want to buy G-suite plans. It should be a really valuable article if you’re going to have lots of conversion rates. Create banners and place them on the website sidebar.  

You can also promote it to your email list. Craft a compelling winning email that describes the benefits of G-suite.  


Pros and Cons of G-Suite Affiliate Program

Here are the advantages and the downsides of promoting G-suite affiliate program:



  • Effective tracking:  they track all the sales made by your leads to you.
  • It’s easy to join: It doesn’t take long to be approved into the G-suite affiliate program.
  • Once your traffic sources – blog or YouTube channel – meet their qualifications, they don’t take long before responding.  
  • They have a great support system: Apart from the Google support team, there is also a community of affiliates. You can ask a question here and get fast answers.


  • Doesn’t accept global affiliates: The G-suite affiliate program doesn’t currently accept affiliates from some countries. That’s a limitation
  • Takes too long before the payment is credited to you: It takes some time before G-suite accredits the conversion as yours.


The G-suite affiliate program will only work if you have a defined audience already. So, before you think about signing up for the program, ask yourself if you can attract a defined audience. Once you have an audience that you think will require G-suite apps, getting sales will be a walk in the park.

So, create a defined audience, ensure that they have the need in hand, and sign up for the G-suite program. Who knows, perhaps you may one day smile all the way to the bank.