If you have ever worked online, you must have heard of Fiverr.

You see, before Fiverr, freelancers had to work their way through cold emailing, cold calling, and many labor-intensive methods to find the right clients. On the other hand, many businesses had to wade through several poor fits to get that skilled personnel.

Fiverr came in to solve all those challenges. It’s now a multi-million dollar platform and continues to rake in sustainable earnings for freelancers and gives entrepreneurs a menu of talent to choose from.

It’s a well known online platform for freelance services with strong brand recognition and trust. Whether hiring a mobile app developer, graphic designer, social media manager, or virtual assistant quickly Fiverr gigs may be a perfect fit for you.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Types of products: Independent Services Marketplace

Where to join: Fiverr Affiliate Page Awin Fiverr Page

Commission structure: Varies. CPA plus Lifetime Commissions

Cookie length:  30 Days

Payment Methods: Paypal, ACH

What many bloggers who use Fiverr services may not know is that they have a solid affiliate program.

The Fiverr has a number of opportunities to earn a commission or Fiverr credit when promoting Fiverr.

In this Fiverr Affiliate program review we will look at the opportunities to make money online with your blog and the Fiverr referral program.

Let’s dive in and see if using the Fiverr affiliate program to promote freelance services makes sense for your affiliate site or blog.

About Fiverr   

Talent is inborn for the most part. That means you might get people willing to work on a project, but only a few are great at the work they do.

Fiverr gives these creatives a platform to create gigs, offer their price points, and deliver to a wide range of clients.

Founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2010, the site offers a double market model, allowing people to buy and sell gigs. Within two years after it was launched, the site had amassed about 1.3 million gigs. It’s also one of the top 100 most visited sites in the US.   

To create a gig as a creative, you will need to sign up for an account. You will then be prompted to create your gig, pricing plans, and a good description of what each gig entails.

The site offers a platform where the two parties can communicate. Freelancers can bid on several tasks at the buyer requests area. The entire platform focuses on providing the best services for buyers and the most client traffic for sellers.

Whether it is SEO copywriting, web design, graphic design, or right about any freelance service that can be offered remotely, Fiverr has your back. Perhaps that is precisely why their affiliate program is such a lucrative one.

Here is a short Video on Fiverr benefits …

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How to become a Fiverr affiliate

So what do you need to become a Fiverr affiliate? Here are the steps:

Sign up

Fiver has a detailed affiliate page with all of the program specifics of how to setup a Fiverr account and join the Fiverr affiliate system.

Just click the ‘join now’ button on their affiliate’s page, it takes you to a sign-up page within their site. Fiverr manages its affiliate program registration but the actual running of the site is done at Awin. You can see the program details on Awin’s Fiverr merchant profile page.

They will ask you about your basic info and how you will promote Fiverr’s affiliate program. If you aim to promote it as a company, choose that option. They will ask you for your URL in that case. For individuals, just key in the details and press ‘Register now.’

Get approved

The approval process is straight forward and most are approved. Most are approved instantly. But sometimes, it can take up to 3 business days to get a reply.

Like most affiliate programs, Fiverr will give you an affiliate link and banners to ease your marketing process.

They have a cookie period of 1 year. Hence, if someone clicks and purchases through your affiliate link anytime in the next year, you will get a commission.

Get paid   

Once you have hit the $100 mark in affiliate commissions, you will be able to request for payment, which will be paid through Payoneer or PayPal. But if it’s above $1,000, they will deposit the money directly to your bank account.

They will need an invoice for personal and company accounts, while it’s not the case for private accounts.

Fiverr Commission Rates

Fiverr has different commission structures that affiliates can earn from when they promote Fiverr services:

1. Fiverr CPA

The first form of the commission is the CPA model. With this plan, your new lead needs to make at least one gig purchase. Depending on the gig, you will receive a commission. The CPA bonus only applies to first time buyers at Fiverr. The latest CPA bonus schedule can be found at Awin.

Here are the different gig categories and how much you can earn from each:

$150 = Fiverr Pro Services

$50 = book and eBook writing, game development, whiteboard, and animated explainers,

$40 = mobile app development, web and mobile design, e-commerce development, WordPress, website builders, and CMS

$30 = logo maker, proofreading and editing, SEM, 3D model and product design, business plans

$25 = articles and blog posts, voice-over, translation, illustration, virtual assistant, product description, and ecommerce marketing

$15 = all other categories

2.  The hybrid model

Just from the name, it’s a combination of two plans whereby you make 10% CPA for first-time purchase and 10% revenue share for 12 months (That’s if your referral makes another purchase)

You may not earn as much as you would from each, but you will earn a portion from both sides.

3. The sub-affiliate plan

This is where you earn from referring affiliates to join the program. You make 10% of their referral’s lifetime commissions.

That means if you refer an affiliate, who sends someone to purchase a course worth $150 in Fiverr academy, the affiliate will make $45 while you will make $4.5.

You can also promote Fiverr courses and earn up to 30% commission. These are courses meant to teach different skills to online entrepreneurs. Besides, you can also promote AND CO and get a 30% commission from every sale.

4. Fiverr’s Referral Program

Promote Fiverr via your referral link. This link invites people to open a Fiverr account. You can share this link in your social media accounts or even in your email campaigns. Send your Fiverr referral link to your friends or family. Since the Fiverr referral program is open to non-affilaites who have a Fiverr account they receive Fiverr credits not cash.

Fiverr’s Referral program benefits both parties:

A First time buyer who open a new account from your Fiverr referral link gets a 10% discount on their first purchase.

You get 10% of their first order. as a commission in the form of Fiverr credits.



Affiliate Tools and Support

Like most affiliate programs, Fiverr has several tools to help affiliates make more sales.

A simple, easy-to-use dashboard

You can keep track of your earnings and referrals within your affiliate account dashboard. The functionality of the dashboard is always essential to your success as an affiliate.

This simple to use affiliates dashboard offers adequate link tracking and reporting capabilities in real-time. It keeps track of your leads and conversions, as well.


This is a great tool for most affiliates. You must have heard of Facebook pixels, have you? Well, these are pieces of code, which are critical in remarketing your offers to your audience.

Once you add them to your tracking link, you will be able to garner data and insights about your audience.

Textual affiliate links    

You can use these in your blog, web, and email content. They are unique and allow you to be credited for your efforts.

Fiverr allows for the creation of deep links. rather than just send the visitor to the Fiverr homepage you can direct them to more specific pages that relate to your specific content. On your affiliate dashboard, choose deep links and use them in your content.

Other various guides

You will also get many guides to help you get started, improve your campaigns, and ultimately earn more money. These will include FAQs and blog articles. A good starting point is the How to Start Guide page. This list all of the guides and tips to promote Fiverr.

How to Promote Fiverr Online

You always want to create content and find keywords that are relevant to your target audience. The same is true when promoting Fiverr to make money with affiliate marketing. Some niches will just be more topically relevant and easier to rank.

Really natural and obvious niches for Fiverr affiliates that overlap with Fiverr offers would include:

  • WordPress Services
  • Free lancing Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Services
  • Website development

Keyword Research

The head keyword “Fiverr” is not going to be what you want to target your SEO content around. It is very competitive and likely not targeting the search intent you want.

hostgator keywords

Looking at the keywords, better keyword opportunities are …

  • Fiverr Review
  • Fiverr Professional logo
  • Fiverr vs. Upwork
  • Fiverr Jobs
  • Freelancing Services
  • Translation video services
  • Explainer videos
  • Fiverr Marketplace

Aslo consider first time buyers of Fiverr offers and new bloggers and marketers to promote affiliate links to. Fiverr offers a lot of value to this audience. Mew bloggers will be more likely to make a quick decision and likely have few resources for the services they need. They are a natural quick sale in the Fiverr Marketplace.

fiverr longtail keywords

Should You Become a Fiverr Affiliate?

Fiverr’s affilaiet program has some solid benefits. They are a well known brand so there is buyer confidence. There are some quality freelancers  with some of the best deals around. The commission structure is fair and signup process is easy. In fact, it offers a great way to earn through your blog or defined email list.

If you have a ton of organic traffic, this might be a scalable opportunity. It may not be appropriate if you plan on using paid ads since the commissions can be relatively low, especially when you are just getting started.

It is best leveraged by those who are on-boarding new Internet marketers and small businesses due to the need for prospects new to Fiverr.

Pros and Cons — Fiverr Affiliate Program


Free to start and fast verification

Several tools for affiliates

Several commission structures to pick from

Lifetime commission earnings on referrals

Several niches to choose from

Broad market since the gigs are from over ten categories


Low commissions compared to digital products

The unappealing first-time buyer clause

High payout threshold of $100

Affiliates must request their payments. No software does this automatically.


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the leading marketplace for finding a contractor for small gigs. Design a logo, fix a website problem, etc.

How long is the Fiverr cookie for affiliates?

Fiverr uses a 1-year last touch cookie system for commission attribution.

How can benefit the most from the Fiverr affiliate program?

Websites that cater to small businesses and new Internet marketers.