The Grand Canyon, Angkor Wat, the Great Pyramids … Bezos & Amazon. Sometimes you see something and it just takes your breath away – words can’t do it justice. Amazon stats:

  • 300+ million users
  • 54 million Amazon Prime members
  • Sells more than 2 billion products per year
  • Over 50% of web shoppers start at Amazon
  • Sales of 5% of all US retail and 50% of online e-commerce retail sales
  • 45,000 robots
  • Over 1 million FBA and other small/medium sellers
  • Over 480 million products
  • Over 3 million affiliates

With such numbers, Amazon has enabled an entire ecosystem of products to help affiliates.

In a previous post, we looked at WordPress plugins and themes for Amazon affiliates. Let’s now take a look at the Chrome browser extensions (though Firefox users have some affiliate addon options as well) and mobile apps that are available to help increase your Amazon affiliate sales.

Chrome Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can be real productivity help. Your browser is your window into your website and research. Extensions add functionality to your environment.

In addition to Amazon tools, you need keyword research and writing tools. Extensions can be like plugins though and conflict or be resource hogs. I tend to have Keywords everywhere and Grammarly always on. The others are installed and turned off until I need them.  Let’s take a look at the best of these browser extensions.

Go to our Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guide for additional Amazon Associate information..

Amazon Marketplace Chrome Extensions

These extensions provide functions for working with the Amazon marketplace or sites with Amazon products. They are often centered around Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) which are unique part numbers for every product at Amazon.

From asin-grabbers, while surfing Amazon, to tools that can scrape your competitors’ site for Amazon products, there are lots of extensions to choose from. Here are our favorites.


Finding great products for your niche is critical. It is one of your key values as a publisher – finding great products for your niche. With Prosociate you can either search with our very powerful search engine or you can browse on Amazon, and grab products as you browse. Copy them to your clipboard, paste them into Prosociate and they are published. Check out this short video for details on using PickAsin and Prosociate together.


Asingrabber Lite

Very similar to pick ASIN though there is no clipboard to copy and paste into tools like Prosociate.It will scrape an entire page at Amazon and record all of the ASINs.

Amazon Affiliate Link

Browse Amazon, find a product and automatically create a link with your affiliate code embedded. Ready to add to your blog or other promotion.

Asin RIP

This is a different extension. It lets you go to any website, perhaps your competitors and scrape the site for ASINs. You tell it how many pages to scrape it will make a downloadable .csv file for you.

Amazon Publisher Studio Extension Beta

This is from Amazon. It works like Stripe, the tool used when logged into your Amazon Associate account. You can create links from Amazon products and even share products with your link embedded on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels.

Chrome Extensions for Keyword Research

keyword extension tools

We all know that keyword research is key to an affiliates success. You need organic search traffic so you must have a content marketing strategy. We have an in-depth post to help navigate the landscape of free and premium keyword tools. You also should consider trending and popular products to review. Keyword research extensions are helpful in performing these tasks.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is the bomb. It shows you on a search by search basis what the volume of monthly searches is for a keyword. It also provides related keywords and their search volume. It is a real time-saver. In the past, I would find seed keywords using different tools. Then run them through ahrefs or other paid tools. Now it is much more free-flowing. You can look at what’s trending in your industry. Do some searches with Keywordseverywhere enabled and explore the topic.

You can even download a list as a csv file or star items for later review. Clearly not as accurate as ahrefs but a great tool to create a shortlist of ideas quickly.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is an Amazon keyword research tool. Though primarily for FBA and other sellers it is still useful to affiliates. After all, know what is selling and searched for at Amazon is good intelligence to know as you create a content marketing strategy.

Extensions for Writing

grammar browser extensions

You discover some underrepresented keywords that you can rank for. You review all the available content related to the keyword and see that you can make a better article. Well, it won’t be better if it is riddled with punctuation and spelling errors. Writing tools can help with this.

Grammarly for Chrome

I couldn’t get through any writing task without Grammarly. It is your spell checker, punctuation and word usage tool all wrapped up in one. A great product and free. If you have the budget, for $29/month you can purchase the premium desktop version. This has many more features, can set tone goals, intent, and objectives. It is a nice writing companion if you can afford the price.

Grammar and Spelling Checker by Ginger

Another grammar and spelling checker. It provides contextual grammar, spell-checker, synonyms, translation, and dictionary in a solid Chrome extension.


Mobile Apps for Amazon Affiliates

Of course, there’s an app for that. I don’t do much productive work on mobile so I can’t directly speak to the productivity of these apps. I take a laptop with me if I plan to work outside the office. If I have time on mobile I am testing sites for responsiveness. But usually on social media while mobile.

Affiliate Link Generator for AMZ

An Android affiliate link creator. You browse at Amazon, find a product you want to promote. The app will make a link for you with your affiliate id encoded for items that you select. You can now embed them in your social channels or Youtube videos.

Affiliator: Amazon Linker 

Similar goals as Affiliate Link Generator. For Apple IOS devices.

Amazon, Flipkart, eBay Affiliate Link Generator 

I am a big believer in having a mix of affiliate relationships. Even with 100’s of millions of products at Amazon, it pays to use other marketplaces. This app lets you add your affiliate id to links for Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart,

 Keyword Research App Tool

A really nice Android app for doing keyword research while on mobile. Lots of data to work with. Great for brainstorming with your team or alone.

Writer Plus

This is essentially a writers notepad. A very handy app to have for organizing your thoughts and ideas. You can use a transcription mode to dictate items. Word counts are maintained. It’s a great product and free.


There are lots of browser extensions for Chrome that can be helpful to Amazon affiliates. If you are also an Amazon FBA there is another entire category of extensions. Plus there are other SEO tools beyond keyword research. So get over to the Chrome Web Store and get productive.

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