DGI Affiliate Program

Types of products: Drones and related products

Where to join: DJI In-house ProgramDJI at ShareASale

Commission structure: 3% -5% of Sale

Cookie length:  30 – 60 Days

Payment Methods: PayPal ACH at ShareAsale, DJI credit in-house program

For those with no drone interest, or living on another planet, DJI is f the dominant drone makers. They have well over 70% of the US market.

As their affiliate, you are working with the industry leader.

They are particularly popular with people doing aerial photography for applications from real estate advertising & weddings to travel bloggers.

How to Join the DJI Affiliate Program

DJI In-House Affiliate Program

DJI has an in-house affiliate program. It pays 5% vs the 3% at ShareASale but has a 30 day cookie and pays in DJI credit not cash. 


The DJI application process at ShareASale is straightforward. Best to have a website with some traffic and some topically relevant content.

The application acceptance rate is high.


DJI has the usual restrictions on advertising with their trademarks. They also have some specific rules on email campaigns including …

  • Email advertising copy must be signed off or supplied by DJI.
  • No altering or deletion of pictures or text in supplied Email advertising graphics.

DJI does monitor activity and they will de-authorize affiliates for a number of reasons including …

  • Promoting  any illegal activity containing content copy of DJI’ website.
  • Inaccurate or falsified data
  • Ppor quality traffic.
  • Offering fees or payments to customers who are referred to DJI.
  • Using Pay Per Click or promotions through cashback or other customer incentives, discounts, coupons, or deal sites.

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DJI Technologies Products

Drones are all the rage of course. The quality of video you are able to create with these new devices is amazing.

DJI has awesome products. They have made it easy for anyone to pilot them. Modern drones have object avoidance and come-home capabilities. They are very stable platforms for photographers working in real estate, travel, weddings, music events, forestry and more. DJI represents 70% of the drone market and a higher percent of the new drone users and commercial photographers. They are an easy conversion for traffic that has any buying interest.

With over 20 different drone models consumers have a lot to select from. This also makes a content rich environment for SEO.


DJI Drones range from near $2,000 to over $5,000+. So these are large ticket items. People are going to comparison shop these items so it make make sense to offer your readers a DJI link and an Amazon link.

DJI Technologies Commission Rates and Rules

ShareASale –– For ShareASale aligned affiliates there is a 60 day cookie with the following commission rates …

  • Sale Commission 3%
  • Lead Commission: $0
  • Deal Commissions (available via select Deal Creatives): 7%

In-house Program — For the in-house affiliates the rate is 5% though only a 30 day cookie and you are paid in DJI credit not cash.

If you are a drone enthusiast or want to give a drone as a gift by all means consider the in-house program. Most affiliates will likely go with the 3% from ShareASale and take the cash.

Affiliate Tools and Support

ShareASale and DJI provide lots of banners and ads to work with. However, I usually find that text links within an article convert better than sidebar ads or banners. ShareASale also provides a DJI data feed and seasonal offers and deals with additional affiliate compensation.

DJI also provides a quick start guide for their in-house affiliates

How to Promote DJI Online

Drones are hot. There are also lots of sites competing for related search traffic. These are larger complex technology purchases that warrant an investment in detailed specific technical content. Focus on low competition keywords to begin with.
If you are not a drone authority site already you will not be able to compete for keywords like “best drone”. It is a high volume search with over 40,000 monthly searches (which gives an idea of how big the drone market is). The problem is there is a lot of content already targeting this keyword, with 157,000 articles with that keyword in the title. A better choice would be “best drone for landscape photography”. Or “best drone for aerial photography”. 
You should also be sure that your site is performing well on mobile. DJI buyers are tech savvy and many are arriving via mobile devices …
  • Desktop Percentage: 64.29%
  • Mobile Percentage: 35.71%

The commissions on these high-ticket items can be $100+ so it may make sense to do some advertising. I would certainly retarget visitors to your DJI content on Facebook. It is often best to do this around a content marketing campaign and have a landing page for the ads rather then send the user directly to the product purchase page at DJI.

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Pros and Cons —
DJI Affiliate Program



Worldwide brand

High ticket product

Industry leader


Low commission rate

Should You Become a DJI Affiliate?

Drones are hot and continue to uptrend. With payments of 3%-5% on products in the thousands you can earn some good money.

If you are promoting drones it makes a lot of sense to promote DJI. You may find better commission rates from other drone brands but DJI owns a large percent of the market.


How much does DJI pay affiliates?

DJI pays 3%-5% of the purchase price. The amount varies based on the affiliate program you are affiliated with.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

DJI has a 30-60 day cookie window. The amount varies based on the affiliate program you are affiliated with.

What DJI products are eligible for affiliate sales?

DJI is the leading vendor of drones for aerial videography. All products purchased from dji.com are commission eligible.

Does DJI run its own affiliate program?

DJI has both an in-house program with its own support team and they have a relationship with Impact radius.