People of faith often prefer to do business with companies that share their religious beliefs. They prefer to support these companies and keep the revenue in the family.

Why Christian and Faith Based Affiliate Programs

The amount of total revenue that is generated in the US from faith based organizations is massive. Well over 1 trillion dollars. That’s more than the GDP of all but the largest 15 countries in the world (GDP by country). 

It is a huge market that is often overlooked by marketers. Certainly the largest market in the US is going to be Christian-based. 

There are 140 million weekly churchgoers who make up the largest, most faithful, highest spending market segment in the United States. (HuffPost)

But the Jewish and Muslim community is significant as well and may be less competitive. 

Best Christian Affiliate Programs


The Christian market is huge in the US. With 65% percent of Americans self-identifying as Christian and 45% percent of the US being part of a Cristian congregation, it is one of the largest niche markets with deep commitments to their church.


Let’s look at the top Christian affiliate programs …

Hope Fuel

hope-fuel-affilaite-programCommission Rate: up to 15%

Cookie Length: 3 days

Affiliate Info: Hopefuel Affiliate Program

Hopefuel is all about trying to make Bible study a habit. They make day planners and their marquis product the Hope Planner. They pay affiliates a generous 15% but the product price point is not particularly high but it is near $50.  They have some specific requirements for their affiliates …

  • A proponent of using planners … particularly the Hope Planner
  • Active website, blog, or social channel
  • Positive non-controversial content.


christianbook-affiliate-programCommission Rate: 8%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Christianbook Affiliate Page

Though Christian Books specializes in books they have a much wider assortment of products to earn commissions from including church supplies, homeschooling supplies, music, Christian gifts and more.

Christian Books has some specific requirements for their affiliates …

  • An existing website
  • HTML-based content
  • Annual sales commitment of $313

Worship Guitar Class

worship-guitar-affiliate-programCommission Rate: 20% (plus 10% 2-tier)

Cookie Length: 2 Years

Affiliate Info: Worship Guitar Class Affiliate Page

Worship Guitar Class creates video guitar classes specifically for worship. Every church has a youth minister and it seems they all can, or want, to play the guitar.

A nice touch to the affiliate program is that it has 2-tiers. This means that if a new affiliate signs up from your link, you will get an override of 10% on their sales.


faithbox-affiliate-programCommission Rate: Flat $10/sale

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Faithbox at ShareASale

I love subscription boxes. These are those monthly gift clubs that you purchase once and you then each month you get a new box. Think fruit-of-the-month clubs. Faithbox is a bit different, in a good way. Each month you will get a box of products from companies that are making a positive impact in the world. Your gift-box also provides 3 meals to hungry kids via Faithbox’s non-profit partner.


dayspring-affiliate-programCommission Rate: 13%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: DaySpring Affiliate Page

DaySpring makes Christian greeting cards.They are a well-established company with a great track record. They also sell home decor, gifts, jewelry, bibles and more. These cards and other products are easy conversions for bloggers in the weddings, events, graduation, maternity, etc. markets.

You can join DaySpring via either CJ or ShareASale.


catholic-company-affiliate-programCommission Rate: 8%

Cookie Length: 45 days

Affiliate Info: Catholic Company Affiliate Page

The Catholic Company specializes in Catholic bibles, rosaries, new roman missals, statues and more. The are one of the largest suppliers of Catholic related materials. They use CJ for there affiliate management. Some of the benefits of being a Catholic Company affiliate are …

  • 8% commission
  • 45-day cookie
  • Affiliate manager
  • Special promotions and coupons

Best Jewish Faith Affiliate Programs


The second largest religious group in the US are those of the Jewish faith. They maintain a special bind within the community and are receptive to supporting Jewish causes and businesses.

Here are the top affiliate programs for the Jewish community …

HebrewPod 101

hebrewpod101-affiliate-programCommission Rate: 25%

Cookie Length: Lifetime

Affiliate Info: HebrewPod Affiliate Program

  • Lifetime cookie
  • High 25% commissions
  • High conversion rates
  • creative banners and ads


israeli-t-affilaite-programCommission Rate: up to 10%

Cookie Length: 3 days

Affiliate Info: Israeli Affiliate Page

Israeli-T is the largest marketplace for Israeli products. Everything from art and design to jewelry and Dead Sea products.

Their target markets include …

  • Jewish communities
  • Spas and beauty salons
  • Consumers of high quality cosmetics and beauty products
  • Israelis abroad
  • Christians interested in Holy Land products


ajudaica-affiliate-programCommission Rate: 10%

Cookie Length: Lifetime

Affiliate Info: Ajudaica Affiliate Page

Ajudaica is a direct competitor of Israeli-T. They have a larger assortment of Jewish products and many Israeli products. They have 5 major departments on a few websites …

  • Religious articles and Judaica products —
  • Religious items within Israel —
  • Manufactures Mezuzot, Tefillin, and Sefer Torah.
  • Promoting of Dead Sea Cosmetics.
  • T-shirts and kippahs silkscreening

Israel Blessing

israel-blessing-affiliate-programCommission Rate: up to 15%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Israel Affiliate Page

Israel Blessing specializes in Israeli made jewelry. From there location in Israel they design and create Hebrew name necklaces, Hebrew rings, Hamsa jewelry, Star of David Jewelry and more.

Best Islamic Affiliate Programs


Though certainly not as large a group in the US as Christians and Jews, the community is strong, loyal and growing.


Though a large market of over 4 million Muslims in the US, there is less competition than the other faith-based markets ….

East Essence

east-essence-affiliate-programCommission Rate: 7%

Cookie Length: 1 day

Affiliate Info: East Essence Affiliate Page

EastEssence is an online retailer of their own unique designs of Islamic clothing. They have a huge selection of traditional and modern clothing …

eastessence affiliate products

Dar-is-Salam Publications

dar-us-salam-affiliate-programCommission Rate: 5% (also 2-tier of 2%)

Cookie Length: 3 days

Affiliate Info: Dar-is-Salam Affiliate Page

Dar-us-Salam Publications has a large retail store in Houston TX. They are a major source of Islamic books and products from Darussalam Publishers and Distributors (Riyadh Saudi Arabia).

Halal Booking

halal-booking-affiliate-programCommission Rate: up to 90%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Halal Booking Affiliate Page

HalalBooking® is a booking website for halal-friendly travel. They have a few different ways that you can be affiliated with them. You can link to content on their website (including deep linking), a travel agency relationship to book directly, XML data feeds and an iframe embedded search tool.


noorart-affiliate-programCommission Rate: up to 90%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Noorart Affiliate Page

Noorart Inc. is a  publisher of Arabic and Islamic educational materials. These include courseware, books, learning toys, videos and more. They ship worldwide from Texas.

Shukr Islamic Clothing

shukr-affiliate-programCommission Rate: up to 90%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Shukr Affiliate Page

Like Eastessence, SHUKR’s is an Islamic clothing store. They proudly focus on ethically produced clothing with no “sweatshop” involvement.


How to Market Christian and other Faith Programs

There are a few options for marketing these affiliate programs. Email marketing paid ads and SEO and content marketing You could also consider a combination using low-cost long-tail ad keywords to test the appeal of certain offers. When you find an offer that converts well you can build a content marketing plan around it.

Generally, these are going to work best on faith-based blogs but if you are creative you can use some of these on in many different ways …

  • music blogs
  • clothing and fashion blogs
  • book niches
  • home-school families
  • promote within your congregation and donate a portion
  • use them as fundraisers for youth groups, foreign missions, etc.
Also, many of the sites like Christian Books have products for churches which would have higher volume and repeat purchase opportunities.

Content Marketing

These are very broad categories. You will want to target specific topics. Preferably those with buying intent. Some queries are going to bring search traffic that converts better because the visitor has buying or commercial intent. If someone is searching for “best xyz”, “cheapest xyz”, etc. they are further along in the buying process. If someone is searching for “how to use xyz” they are make informational searches are are less likely to be preparing to purchase.

Go to our affiliate tips page -- learn how to promote products.

Wrapping Up

Faith-based niches are tricky and many have trouble monetizing their sites. Affiliate marketing can provide an extra revenue source for these bloggers.

The numbers are definitely there if you can create your own secret sauce.