“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Who could argue with that. But are there money making music affiliate marketing program? 


Who said only artists and producers can earn from the music industry?

Affiliate marketing has found its way into almost all niches, and there is money to be made from the music industry if you are armed with the right programs and audience.

So many people perform, listen, download, or stream music. This is a very big evergreen market, and with the music industry also seeing positive trends in revenue since 2014. There is also opportunity from ongoing disruption in the industry as artists and consumers move to digital delivery.

The total revenue of the recorded music industry was worth around $21.5 billion in 2019, compared to 2014 which was worth around $14.2 billion. According to estimates, the music industry will also see a compound growth rate of 3.11%  in 2023.

That aside, music lovers will also pay good money for musical instruments and music lessons or courses, some of which have affiliate programs with good commission rates.

The opportunities for you here as an affiliate are there if you have an overlapping niche. You may choose to promote musical instruments, accessories, music lessons and you don’t have to be a music freak to do this. Just find a niche within the industry, and focus on it. You can’t afford to be a jack-of-all-trades in this industry.

Best Music Affiliate Programs

There are a lot of music affiliate programs available, but not all will be worth your time and effort. In this article, we look at 15 of the best music affiliate programs that you can get started with.

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Music Instrument and Accessories Affiliate Programs

instrument affiliate programs

Musicians need instruments; pianos, guitars, amp, and mixers, you name them. There is no music without these. Also there are always new players and intermediates looking to up their game. who spend big for their hoppy. As someone who owns two Martins and a Gibson guitar, I can attest to the spending of beginners and amateurs. Let’s dive right into the affiliate programs you can start promoting in this category.

Musician’s Friend

Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Length: 14 days

Affiliate Info: Musicians Friend Affiliate Program

This is one of the biggest instrumental stores in the world. They sell everything from keyboards, amps, guitars, DJ gear, lighting, and drums to mention a few. 

Musician’s friend offers free shipping, 45 day price-matching guarantee and 45 day returns policy. They also offer guidance and support to customers, to enable them to make the right buying decision.

As an affiliate here, you get to earn 4% commission on each sale, and they have a cookie duration of just 14 days.

Since they offer new products and incredible prices, you are certain of having new ways to earn commission every month. You also become eligible for affiliate-exclusive offers, deals, and contests.

Woodwind and Brasswind

Commission Rate: 6%

Cookie Length: 14 days

Affiliate Info: Woodwind and Brasswind Affiliate Program

Woodwind and Brasswind offer a large selection of bands and orchestral instruments and accessories. They have more than 1 million items in their inventory from manufacturers all over the world.

They offer free shipping on most orders, and a low price guarantee.

As an affiliate here, you earn 6% commission on each sale. They also have a 14 day cookie duration.

Thalia Capos

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Thalia Capos Affiliate Program at ShareASale

Thalia is known for their production of high-quality hand-made guitar accessories. They are best known for their capos which is that clamp looking abject acoustic guitar players use. Every guitar owner has one, usually a few. They offer a variety of guitar parts, capos, straps and guitar-themed phone cases that are all exquisite and also make great gifts for the guitar player in your circle.

Since they use wood for production, they have a commitment to taking $5 from the sale of each capo or phone case, and directing it towards planting and maintaining the trees they use.

As an affiliate, you earn a whopping 15% commission for each sale you make. There is also a 90-day cookie duration.

Guitar Center

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Length: 90 days

Affiliate Info: Guitar Center Affiliate Program

Guitar Centre does not sell only guitars. They also sell other musical instruments and accessories for music lovers, musicians and DJs.

Aside from guitars, they also sell keyboards, drums and percussions, live sound, lighting, and studio gear. They also offer music lessons, repairs and rental services.

You can buy online, and pick up your purchase from any of their stores close to you. They have 260 stores scattered over the country.  They also ship products to more than 100 countries.

As an affiliate promoting Guitar Centre products, you earn a 6% commission for any sale you make. There is also a 14 days cookie duration which is quite low.

Sam Ash

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Sam Ash Affiliate Program

Sam Ash is the largest family-owned musical instrument retailer in the U.S. They offer a large variety of products on their website to cater for the needs of DJs, musicians, music lovers or learners.

They also sell used sound gear. So if you are in need of cash, you can sell them your gear. They offer product recommendations and have a live chat support to answer any question you may have and give expert advice.

As an affiliate promoting Sam Ash, you earn up to 10% commission per sale, which is quite generous as they are retailers. There is also a cookie duration of 30days.

Note however that they do not accept affiliates from Arkansas and Rhodes Island due to tax law.


Commission Rate: 6%

Cookie Length: 45 days

Affiliate Info: ZZound’s Web Affiliate Program

Zzound is a leading online retailer for musical equipment, instruments and other accessories. They sell keyboards, drums, guitars, live sounds, Dj gear, recording gear and many more.

They offer low prices for their products, and low shipping cost which is displayed on their site.

As an affiliate, you get 6% commission for each sale you make. There are also bonuses (exclusive and non-exclusive to Zzound) depending on your monthly net sale ranging from 25% to 80%.

Another nice feature is that their cookie duration is 45 days.


music lesson affiliate program

Music lessons have moved online. It used to be that you could find the neighborhood guitar, piano, voice, etc. teacher — and you still can. But lessons are personal. Your style. Your objectives. Personalities. Now you can find the perfect instructor beyond your geography.

Having so many online lesson programs available lets you find the perfect fit. And many have great affiliate programs. Here are some examples.

Piano For All

Commission Rate: 60%

Cookie Length: 90 days

Affiliate Info: Piano For All Affiliate Program

This is one of the most popular online piano courses, which has helped over 300,000 students learn how to play.

The lesson includes 200 videos and 10 interactive books and 500 audio lessons. You can view the books on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone, and learn at your own pace.

They have been around since 2006, and have a lot of verified testimonials to back up their claims. You can request for the email addresses of past students just to confirm before purchase at no cost.

People would love to learn how to play the piano without the stress of attending a physical piano lesson, and expending too much time and effort. As an affiliate for Piano For All, this is where you come in.

You get 60% commission per sale, and your cookie is active for 90 days. You earn $21 on the download version and $27 on the DVD version all after click bank fees.


Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Masterclass Affiliate Program

This is an online learning platform with the very best of the best instructors. They have 85+ courses in 9 categories, from food, to music, to entertainment and others.

For their music category, they have courses taught by Usher, Timbaland, St. Vincent, Deadau5, Rebecca McEntire and many others.

Courses include video, pdf workbooks, interactive assignments, and access to the masterclass community.
The annual membership fee is $180 annually, which grants unlimited access to all Masterclass courses and content.

As an affiliate, you earn 25% commission for every sale, and have a cookie duration of 30days. They also give out bonuses if you reach certain sales milestones per month.


Commission Rate: 40% – 70%

Cookie Length: 60 days

Affiliate Info: Singorama Music Affiliate Program

This is an online platform that offers vocal lesions, and teaches you how to become a songwriter. It’s a go-to for aspiring singers and songwriters.

They have 3 products. Singorama 2.0 includes 28 audio lessons to aid you sing professionally, the superior songwriting lesson and the platinum inner circle which you subscribe to every month. All their packages also come with plenty of bonuses, with a 60-day money back guarantee.

There are also testimonials from previous students that backup their claims. This will make your marketing easy. As an affiliate, you earn 70% commission on instant download products, and 40% commission on shipped courses.

All courses are sold through Clickbank, so you are sure of getting paid.


Commission Rate: $40

Cookie Length: 120 days

Affiliate Info: Jamplay Affiliate Program

This is one of the best online learning platforms for guitar and bass lessons. They teach guitar and bass lessons for all skill levels, from beginner to professional. They have a 9.5 over 10 rating from TrustPilot, and an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

Jamplay has over 6000 lessons from professional guitar teachers. New courses are also introduced every week to keep you up your game. 

As an affiliate with Jamplay, you get paid $40 per sale, even though the sale is less than $40. Amazing right? Cookie duration is 120 days, which is great. There is also a first send policy, where Jamplay rewards the affiliate who first introduced the customer to the program.

Rocket Piano

Commission Rate: 25% – 75%

Cookie Length: 90 days

Affiliate Info: Rocket Piano Affiliate Program

Rocket Piano offers step-by-step instructions, tutorials, jam tracks and famous songs to aid your piano mastery.

They have been around since 2005, and have taught 90,000 students to play the piano. They have plenty of testimonials from past students.

They have a high-rate affiliate payout of 75% commission for every download edition you sell, and 25% for every hard copy edition. All courses are sold through Clickbank, so you are sure of getting paid. Clickbank also offers you a cookie duration of 90 days.

Additional Music Affiliate Programs

sheet music affiliate programs

There is a diverse world of music related online products beyond instruments and lessons. People buy sheet music online, loops and other audio products, music education supplies, and many other music items. Here are some ideas of where to look for affiliate programs that would interest your audience..

Virtual Sheetmusic 

Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Length: 30 years

Affiliate Info: Virtual Sheetmusic Affiliate Program

This is the most popular site for downloading sheet music, with an estimate of over 20,000 visitors per day. They have established themselves as an authority in this niche, and ran for most keyword query related to this term.

Virtual sheet has also been featured and reviewed in popular classical music magazines like Classical Music, International Musician and Music Teacher.

They provide high quality sheet music, available for any instrument and ensemble in Pdf, MIDI and Mp3 files.

As an affiliate, you earn 30% commission on each sale, with a cookie duration of 30 years. 30 incredible years. 

Their most requested sheet is the Sheet Music Membership for $35.75 which gives members access to unlimited sheet download. You get to earn $11. 33 for any referred member and earn subsequently on renewals for life.

Also note that you get 1-year free membership on Virtual Sheet Music. Big treat if you are a music lover or musician.

Loopmasters Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 15% – 20%

Cookie Length: not disclosed

Affiliate Info: Loopmasters Affiliate Program

LoopMasters are one of the leading producers of royalty-free samples and sound packs. They are the go-to for producers and aspiring-producers.

These sample packs are from established producers, industry heavyweights and upcoming beat makers. They have sample packs for House, Techno, Live Music, Drum and Bass, and instrument sample libraries to help you create your unique sound.

The sample packs can be downloaded from their website or the loopcloud. They also have a plugin boutique where they sell music production plugins.

As an affiliate, you earn 20% from loopmaster products, and 15% from Plugin Boutique on each sale. You also get a ε10 bonus for signing up.

Teaching Children

Commission Rate: 20% – 50%

Cookie Length: not disclosed

Affiliate Info: Teaching Children Music Affiliate Program

Teaching Children Music is a platform where children can learn music. They have been around since 2010, and have membership for homeschoolers/parents, private teachers and classroom teachers. 

Their resources include instruction e-books, printables and step-by-step video lessons to help children learn faster while having fun. They have over 150 videos, with hundreds of printouts that you can choose from.

As an affiliate, you earn up to 20% commission for each sale, and can earn up to 50% commission. Minimum payout is $10 every month.

Sheet Music Plus

Commission Rate: 8% – 12%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Affiliate Info: Sheet Music Plus Affiliate Program Link

Sheet Music Plus is an online platform for sheet music. They offer music books, music sheets, music scores, choral sheet music, songbooks and many more. They have over 1 million plus sheet titles from beginner to professional.

They have a 4.4/5 rating fromTrustPilot, which is pretty good.

They also have a one year return, 30-day price match, and 100% safe shopping policy.

As an affiliate, you receive a commission rate of 8% per sale, and can increase to 12% depending on you meeting the monthly sale criteria. Minimum payout is $20.

How to Promote Music Affiliate Programs

Music affiliate programs range from instruments to lessons and electronic gear. In the case of the physical items like guitars and loop pedals review, comparison, roundup etc. articles will work well. Always do your keyword research and find the best balance of search volume, commissions and competitiveness for your site. It will be much easier to get search traffic from keywords that you can compete for. There is little SEO value in being on page 5 in the search results.

Focus on longer tail keywords. As you can see below, “best acoustic guitar” will be hard to rank for but there are many other opportunities. Also keep an eye out for info article keywords like acoustic guitar songs that may be easier to rank for and can bring ad revenue traffic.

acoustic guitar keyword

For lessons, training and similar you will want to consider more of a sales funnel approach. Warm up your audience with valuable information about the programs and create landing pages to direct your traffic to. Email autoresponder sequences will work well with these. Create a lead magnet to capture email addresses. Then a series of info based emails ending in the link to the landing page with the actual offer.

Wrapping Up

Music is a passion for many and a huge industry. It is made up of professionals, amateurs and students who all spend quite a bit. There is also the online and streaming markets for people to consume music. If you have the right audience there are definitely a number of good affiliate programs to consider.