Lot’s of people are looking for ahrefs affiliate program.

We did some digging to find out what the history and current status of Ikea’s affilaite program.

ahrefs Affiliate Program

Types of products: Leading SEO Suite of Tools

Where to join: By Invitation?

Commission structure: NA

Cookie length: NA

Payment Methods: NA

¬†ahref’s Affiliate Program

The Ahrefs affiliate program began in 2011. with a lifetime commission of 20%. Not the highest paying program but as the leader in the industry there were likely some good conversion numbers. Plus the $7 trial is a great way to get prospects into the sales funnel.

Well, the public Ahrefs affiliate program has been closed. For a while after the closing of the program there was a coming soon page and tehy collected emails for future announcements.

Now even that is gone.

Invitation Only?

I do see a number of large SEO sites with links to ahrefs that are being tracked. It appears there may be a private affiliate program for individual sites. If you have a lot of traffic in teh SEO space you may want to contact them and see. ahrefs neither confirmed nor denied the existance of a private program.

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About ahrefs

ahrefs has the most data and is arguably the best SEO tool for affiliates to own if they can only afford one tool. They have the best crawling, backlink and great keyword research tools. I use them for most backlink and keyword tasks though I do prefer Screaming Frog for site audits. Also there is no on-page comparative TF;IDF tools or any similar way to analyze your content vs. that ranking better than you.


ahrefs is a great company with solid products. It would be great to see them reatrt their affiliate program.

Until then there are many SEO tools that do have affilaite programs that you may want to consider.

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