Adidas Affiliate Program

Types of products: Sportswear and athletic shoes and sneakers

Where to join: Adidas Affiliate Application at Impact

Commission structure: Up to 7%

Cookie length:  30 Days

Payment Methods:  PAYPAL, ACH

Adidas is a athletic shoe and sportswear giant headquartered in Germany. It is the largest sportswear company in Europe, just behind Nike in Worldwide sales.

Reebok is a division of Adidas giving them even more market reach.

At 21 billion euros of sales they are a powerhouse.

They are certainly a great company to be associated with.

How to Join the Adidas Affiliate Program

The Adidas program is managed by Impact. The Adidas approval standards have some suggested characteristics for your website …

  • Be passionate about Adidas and lifestyle.
  • Have high quality, compelling editorial content and be a thought leader within your niche.
  • Love all things sport & fashion.
  • Have an young adult audience aged 18-24.
  • Be engaged with your audience.

Be sure to fill out the Adidas Affiliate Program application completely and emphasize the points above. 

Enthusiasm will go a long way.

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Adidas Products

Adidas is of course known best for its sneakers and athletic shoes. This includes both recreational and casual wear as well as slides/sandals and dedicated sporting gear like …

  • Running Shoes
  • Football cleats
  • Baseball cleats
  • Golf Shoes
  • Track shoes
  • and more …
To get an idea just how big Adidas is, they make: 409 million pairs of footwear, 457 million pieces of apparel, and 113 million pieces of athletic hardware in a typical year.

Additional Sources of Adidas Products

The Adidas program is for products sold on teh Adidas website. Of course Adidas distributes its products via many additional channels. If you are building a sports or athletic wear niche you will want to use additional product sources. …

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • BestBuy
  • Walmart
Generally Amazon will convert the best. Many visitors to Adidas will be information seekers not buyers, but the Adidas website may have new releases and other variables and promotions that will drive visitors to purchase.

Adidas Commission Rates and Rules

Adidas pays 7% on most items purchased at There are occasionally promotions and other exclusive items.

A nice feature of the Adidas program is that it is a recurring program. The recurring program pays you for the next 3 purchases your customer makes at The same 7% without needing to set a new cookie — nice.

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Affiliate Tools and Support

Impact always does a good job with banners, links, tips and other materials to help you be a successful affiliate. In the case of Adidas, Impact provides

  • Deep Linking to any page
  • Banners and swipes
  • Data Feed available with over 3,500 products
  • Newsletters about promotions, campaign opportunities and more

How to Promote Adidas Online

At 7% I wouldn’t be spending a lot of money on advertising. It is unlikely the commissions will exceed the ad-spend. That leaves Social Media and content marketing.

Content Marketing SEO

For most affiliate marketers content and SEO traffic are the dominant tools to attract visitors. It makes sense for a few reasons …

  • Write your own articles and it is sweat equity not capital investment.
  • It is like money in the bank it keeps producing income.
  • It can easily be combined with Social and email marketing

The key is to target the best keywords for your niche and site. You want to target the keywords with the most relevant queries at Google with the most volume that you can compete for. The last point is critical — you must be able to compete for the keyword. Targeting Adidas sneakers would not be ideal as many larger sites with more authority and longevity will outrank you. Being on page 6 of the Google search results is not going to bring any traffic. The other issue with a keyword like Adidas sneakers is search intent. There are many reasons someone might search for Adidas sneakers and not all involve buying  a pair (which is your target searcher).

You generally want a mix of information posts and “money” posts. The information posts will be easier to rank — less competitive. The money posts are your reviews and other posts that rank for queries with buying or transactional intent.



In the case of Adidas, the model names will be relatively easy to rank …

  • Yeezy Boost sneaker
  • Continental 80 Sneaker
  • Sobakov Trainers
  • Kamanda sneaker
  • Deerupt running shoes
Consider doing articles that compare two similar sets of sneakers or athletic shoes from Adidas and Nike or two Adidas shoes. Or something like the list above could be the foundation of a “Top Five Adidas Athletic Shoes” article.


Adidas products are very visual. Pinterest would be a great place to showcase products, product colors, athletes using Adidas products etc.

Facebook always works well to promote your new posts and content.


As marketers say, “the money is in the list”.  The biggest benefit of email is that you have a way to create an ongoing dialog about your niche and its products to your list. New products, sales & promotions, new posts on the website … these are all good email topics.

Pros and Cons — Adidas Affiliate Program



Great brand

7% commission

Recurring for next 3 purchases

30-day cookie

DISADVANTAGES may not convert as well as other sites


How much does Adidas pay affiliates?

Adidas pays its affiliates up to 7% of the purchase amount.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Adidas has a 30-day cookie. As long as the customer purchases within 30 days of arriving with your affiliate link you will receive the commission.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

All products purchased by your referred customer at are eligible for commissions.

Does Adidas run its own affiliate program?

Adidas's affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. Impact provides affiliate support and marketing materials.

Should You Become an Adidas Affiliate?

If you are a sports or sportswear site the Adidas program makes a lot of sense. The keywords are not too competitive and the 7% commission is competitive with other sources and products.

You will likely want to supplement the Adidas program with Amazon and other programs that carry the Adidas brand.