Built-For-You & Pre-Made Amazon Affiliate Sites 

We have years of experience in the affiliate marketplace. As software developers we create Prosociate, JZ-Zoo and Clickbank plugins as well as e-Bay and Amazon affiliate ready themes. We have built many affiliate sites for our own portfolio and customers. We live and breath affiliate marketing. With both pre-made and built-for-you sites we have the perfect options to start your affiliate marketing business.

What do we do for you?

Nich Selection

Finding the perfect niche is key. We have researched and pre-selected a number of niches and have a full keyword package to get you started. We find your Goldilocks niche not too big, not too small. If you have your own niche, great!

Available Niches


Content is King. Yes a cliche but truth. We will write great keyword-rich content for you that will attract visitors. We will create a mix of information and review posts and provide an editorial calendar for future articles.

Develop Site

While your content is being written we will build a custom site using our proven methods. Perfect on-page SEO to get you the best rankings. We provide premium themes and plugins that would cost you hundreds of dollars. We provide high-speed SSD VPS hosting.


When we are completed we don’t just hand over the site. We provide ongoing training and support. The key is to keep building your site, bit by bit. Create an audience. Create and find great things for them.

Done for you affiliate site packages.

With our done for you affiliate packages, we will build an affiliate site from our pre-researched niches or you can have us research a niche that interests you.

Perfect for beginners

Amazon affiliate done-for-you site is the perfect first step into earning on-line. There is no inventory to purchase. You are leveraging the largest retailer in the world – Amazon. There is no advertising expense. You are leveraging the largest search engine  – Google.  And now there is no setup and learning curve to stop you. Portfolio owners can launch sites faster or roll multiple niche sites up into an authority site.

What you’ll get with your affiliate site.

  • VPS SSD Hosting with SSL and CDN integration. A high performance host is an important Google ranking factor.
  • Professional logo, Unique design, unique content
  • Premium plugins are expensive. We are developers and also have developer licenses to many themes and plugins. Everything an affiliate needs.
  • As developers we have support in place to help with any issues.
  • Free domain name. We can help you choose your domain name that will work best for affiliates. For instance, .com is best, long exact match domains are bad, etc.

Why a done-for-you site?


Research can easily lead to analysis paralysis. There is so much that you can research full time and never build your site.

Research keywords. Research Amazon site styles. Research WordPress. Research Plugins. Research Amazon Associate terms of service. Research SEO ….

Better to focus on researching your niche, developing great content for your community, and getting quality backlinks.


Yes there is an upfront cost. Equal to the amount of about one good training course. But what would it cost to do on your own?

Research ……….. $200
Hosting ……..1yr $150
Divi ……………….. $90
EasyAzon ……….. $50
Plugins ………… $250
Designer ………. $500
10k words ………$750
total ……………$2040

That’s with no mistakes or false starts!


You will hit the ground running with a pre-built affiliate site. We are active and experienced in the Amazon Associate and greater affiliate marketplace.

We know what works and what doesn’t. We are experienced SEO partitioners and can help you get your site ranking with Google delivering you traffic.

We also know how many affiliates burn out during the early days. This is your best chance for success!

Keyword Packages

Still want to build your own affiliate site? We get it, some people are just techies who want to get their hands dirty. Why not start with one of our Keyword Research packages. Less than 1/2 the cost of a single month of ahref or SEMrush!
We have done the research for you. Keyword packages are vetted and researched niche data. You will get a complete set of metrics for your niche, long-tail keywords as well as article suggestions and competitive information. Here is an abbreviated sample keyword package.

We have many fully researched keyword packages. Select the link to view available packages. *ENTER YOUR DESIRED NICHE ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE

Available Niches

Affiliate SEO Audits

Have an existing site that is not performing. An SEO audit can help improve your search placement. We will review all your posts/pages fro on-page SEO performance. Review links and anchor text and more.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Prosociate

Prosociate is a leading WordPress plugin for Amazon and eBay affiliates.  With years of affiliate and development experience, we are uniquely qualified to build your affiliate site.

How Much Can I Earn

It takes a few months to get traction with your new site. If you continue to write more content you can easily be making $500/month. As your site grows and you attract more backlinks and traffic the earnings will also grow.

Do You Just Build Amazon Sites

We love Amazon, particularly for beginners. But we also work with ClickBank, JVZoo, Share-a-Sale and independent affiliate partners.

How Long to Build

Time is money. We know. That’s why you are buying a ready-made site. Our build times are 2-3 weeks depending on the amount of content we are developing.

Do I Need a Domain Name First

No. If you have one that’s fine we can easily transfer it. If you don’t have one we will help you choose a name that works for SEO. Free private registration is included in your built-for-you site.

Are There Ongoing Costs

There are no additional costs. There are monthly content needs for your site. You can optionally purchase a content plan and we will add new posts each month.

Are These Unique Sites

OF COURSE! But you are right to check. There are many people selling PLR and other reused content sites. These are worthless – beware. All our content is double checked in Copyscape. for duplicate content.

Do You Have Custom Packages

Yes! Perhaps you want more content. Or a press release, infographic or e-mail automation setup. You can see all of our services here:

Niche Affiliate Services

Do You Sell the Same Niche Site Twice

No we do not. There are so many niches that there is no reason to have our customers competing with each other.

Can I Sell My Site

Sure it is yours! Affiliate sites sell well, up to 2x your last years earnings.

When Will I Start Making Money

It takes a few months to get any traction with Google. This is the time to develop your audience. You need visitors to send to Amazon before you can get commissions.

Will You Support Me

We provide a number of premium plugins and themes via our developer licenses.  This is a huge cost savings to you. Many new affiliates spend hundreds finding the best shiny object. We are software developers with support experience. We know how to fix issues quickly, and are ready to make you successful. You are an important customer to us. Sometimes that is not the case with a $49 theme purchase.

Will You Teach Me

We have an extensive training and resource center with all the information you need to be successful.

Do You Have Pre-Made Sites

Yes we do. These sites are of course a bit more expensive but they are aged and already indexed by Google with some backlinks and traffic.

Quantity Discount

Of course. Standard discounts start on the third site.

Do You Offer Refunds

Once we have started we can not offer any refunds. We must pay our development and writing staff. We always want to make you successful and can help anytime.

Pre-built or Done-For-You

Get the right plan for your new Affiliate site.

Pre-made live affiliate sites

These are already built sites with a minimum of 5000 words of content. The perfect jump start for your affiliate business. Everything set up for you and ready to start adding more content. Hit the ground running with a pre-made site.

Niche$$KW /mo
Dive ComputersAmazon
12,300Dive Computers are used by all scuba divers to measure bottom time, depth of dive, and decompression requirements
Weed TorchesAmazon
16,000Comes with an exact match domain,
Women's work wearAmazon
12,100Work Uniforms and safety gear for women. High CPC good ad network opportunities
Wind GaugesAmazon
3,000Comes with exact match domain

Sous Vide CookingAmazon
5,400Sous Vide cooking is all the rage with healthy eaters and gourmets alike.
WordPress Themes and PluginsDirect
6,600Comes with premium domain name

Done for you affiliate site packages.

With our done for you affiliate packages, we will build an affiliate site from our pre-researched niches or you can have us research a niche that interests you.