On-page SEO Checklist for Affiliate Marketers – Top 25 tasks for Every Page


This is a companion tool to our On-page SEO for Affiliate Marketers post. These items will take very little time and are sure to increase your SERP location. You can simply check-off an item when it is completed.

We will remember your checklist on your next return so you can always know what still needs to be done.


Keywords should be placed in your content in strategic places. Semantic keywords can be used throughout as long as the page reads well. To avoid keyword stuffing penalties and still maximize their draw to your page, place your main keyword (likely a long-tail keyword) in the following areas.




Your bounce rate is a measure of user engagement. If the user leaves at first glance, Google will note this. Bouncing to Amazon, of course, is good. Best to track your links and see when they leave.




Metadata is the extra information provided to help create an understanding of your content. Or to make your content more accessible. For affiliates, it is also important from a keyword position.




Linking is critical to Google understanding the topic of your post. The combination of external and internal linking determines your relevance. Internal linking also strengthens the post being linked to. Affiliate links should all be nofollow.




Content is your currency. It is what brings people to your site and encourages them to visit your partners’ sites. Length, originality, and quality are key.




Your site architecture is the foundation upon which you serve your content. It should be structured for easy navigation, fast and mobile-friendly.



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