Chewy Affiliate Program

Types of products: Broad range of pet supplies.

Where to join: Chewy at Partnerize

Commission structure: Sign up bonus

Cookie length: 15 days

Payment Methods: Wire transfer or check

Chewy is the leading online vendor of pet supplies. They are a division of Petsmart. They are a publicly held company and trade on the NYSE as CHWY. With a market-cap of $12b – they are here to stay. There affiliate program focuses on new customer signups. You receive a bounty when you bring them a new customer (one that has not purchased since 2012).

The big advantage of the pet niche is that it is evergreen and many people are repeat buyers – meaning you earn repeat commissions.

How to Join the Chewy Affiliate Program

Chewy manages their affiliate program with Partnerize. They take care of all tracking, reporting, and payment. The application process is very straight forward and most sites are approved. You should have some relevant content and some traffic before applying.

Apply for Chewy affiliate program.

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Chewy Products

Chewy products cover a very broad are of the pet supply and food market. This includes:

  • Food and Treats
  • Beds and Toys
  • Healthcare and Medicines
  • Clothing, Leashes and Collars
  • Training, books and technology

If it is a product for your pet they likely have it.

Chewy Affiliate Commission Rates and Rules

Chewy’s affiliate program is a bit different. They want affiliates to bring them new customers and do not pay commissions or bonuses for your converting traffic if the customer has purchased from Chewy before. Anytime before 2012. This may be a show stopper for some affiliates. For many their new content may be more productive elsewhere. Currently you get a $15 bounty for new customers.

Affiliate Tools and Support

Chewy’s affiliate program is manage by Partnerize. Partnerize gets you up and running with easy directions.  They an affiliate dashboard to  see your orders, analyze performance, get tracking links, and improve your conversions. Other tools in the Chewy affiliate program include:

  • 1:1 support they have a dedicated in-house affiliate team  to answer questions and help affiliates earn more commissions
  • Chewy newsletter to keep their affiliates informed and pass on knowledge about opportunities, and industry trends.

How to Promote Chewy Online

To be successful at Chewy you need to drive new customers to them. Focusing on new pet owners will lead to more commissions as Chewy only pays for new customers.

SEO and content marketing is the way to best leverage Chewy commissions. Some interesting Keyword opportunities include:

  • Chewy Coupon (lots of search low competition)
  • Reviews of the popular brands: Blue Buffalo – Royal Canin – Hill’s Science Diet – Purina Pro Plan
  • Descriptions of the departments: Chewy Cat Food, Chewy Dog Food etc.

Generally speaking any pet related food or supply article is worth doing some keyword research on. Choose lower competition long-tail keywords to start. Unless you are a mega-site with pet authority, you want rank for something like “Best Dog food” so focus on content that serves a smaller audience of search but has less content available.

With SEO and content marketing, you need to find the best balance of search volume and competitive ness. Consider dogwood.

Best dog food has over 90k monthly searches — that’s great. The problem is it is highly competitive. You are not going to be able to rank for that keyword unless you have huge authority. 

Best Dog Food Keyword Metrics

Chewey affiliate program --dog food keyword

A better idea is to target lower competition keywords like …

  • Best dog food brands
  • Best dry dog foods
  • Best dog wood for puppies
  • Best dog food allergies
  • Best wet dog food
  • Best grain free dog food
less competitive dog food keywords

Those these each have thousands of monthly searches they are still fairly competitive.

For newer sites trying to become established in a pet niche it will make sense to go even further down the keyword ladder. Target keywords like …

  • Best dog food for pitbulls
  • Best dog food for small dogs
  • Dog food for fussy dogs
  • Royal Canine dogwood vs. Hill’s Science
  • Dog food brands to avoid
  • Vet recommended dog food.

In addition to affiliate sales for Chewy, pet niches will work well for higher traffic sites that are also after ad revenues. These sites will have a focus on information type posts that can drive lots of traffic.

Even though information posts have fewer conversions for specific product purchases they are often easier to rank and have more traffic than buying keyword posts.

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Pros and Cons —
Chewy Affiliate Program


$15 Dollar bounty for new customers

Huge product range

Evergreen Niche

Repeat buyers


Only Pay on New Customers

Low commission after bonus


How much does Chewy pay its affiliates?

Chewy's affiliate program pays a flat $15 for any new customer you refer that makes a purchase.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Chewy has a 15-day last touch cookie. As long as the customer purchases within 15-days of arriving with your affiliate link you will receive the $15 bounty.

Does Chewy run its own affiliate program?

Chewy's affiliate program is managed by Partnerize. Partnerize provides affiliate support and marketing materials.

Should You Become a Chewy Affiliate?

So many pet owners treat their dogs and cats like a part of the family – many like children. So it is natural that when they are shopping for food and other supplies that they seek out best quality products. They shop for sales and specials. But most importantly they come back and reorder. this is not a one time impulse purchase. It is an evergreen niche. However …

Chewy does not pay commissions or bonuses for referrals that have purchased from Chewy before. This may be a show stopper for some affiliates. For many your new content may be more productive elsewhere.

If you focus on pets or have young couples and other overlapping demographics Chewy can be a good option for you.