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Prosociate is a powerful and flexible WordPress plugin for building your Amazon and Ebay affiliate sites. We have thousands of customers and have a track record of solid support. We want you to succeed and we make an extra effort to see that happen. There are no magic solutions or secret tricks here, but Prosociate will make let you focus on content and audience. Take a moment to view our in-depth product overview video and see the power of Prosociate.

Prosociate Product Walk-through

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The Tutorial Video below is the first step in Getting Started with Prosociate.  Please watch this Video and see how simple it is to Install and Activate Prosociate using our built-in Step by Step method.

In the second step in the Installation Process of Prosociate, you must integrate with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API in order to automatically post Amazon products to your WordPress blog through WooCommerce.  In this Video we will take you step by step through this very simple process.  Here you will also learn how to get your Amazon Associates Affiliate tracking ID as well (if you do not have one already).

Amazon has a very strict Terms of Service agreement with its affiliates, but no worries; Prosociate has Compliance built in so you can get started making money right away.  Watch the Video below and see how simple it is.

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