4500-word Promotion

Article Writing:
Your Site’s Backbone


Product Article(s) – 4500 words

Affiliate sites focus on content marketing. Most of your visitors are organic. Users search Google and find your information, generating traffic to your site. This makes articles the capital of your affiliate site.  By presenting relevant information to your audience you establish trust and a higher likelihood of them taking action.

Premium native English writers and editors. This is content that will rank and you will be proud to be associated with. It is not created by ESL authors or inexperienced writers.

Your content will be topically relevant and have the appropriate search intent. It will, of course, meet our affiliate on-page SEO standards. We will upload and publish your content for you or deliver in HTML or Word .doc format.

You want to be an authority in your niche and fresh content is key.  Google also views a steady flow of new engaging content as the way you earn authority.  Our writers will create a 4500-word, 5 900-word articles or anything in-between. You define the article that is relevant to your niche and focused on buying intent keyword(s). Or we can define your articles based on keyword research.

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