WooCommerce is the leading WordPress plugin for commerce sites. According to Datanyze WooCommerce is used on 680,730 sites and 22.91 % of the entire e-commerce market. That includes non-WordPress sites. Squarespace and Shopify rank 2 and 3 with 20.23% and 9.09% respectively. Clearly WooCommerce dominates the WordPress e-commerce market. What advantages does WooCommerce bring to Amazon and eBay affiliates? Is WooCommerce just for storefront style sites?

Affiliate marketers with many products have the same needs as e-commerce sites with physical products.  Managing multiple product’s pricing, descriptions, reviews and images can quickly become unwieldy if done manually. Presenting the products in multiple views and locations on your website is critical. WooCommerce can easily manage individual products or categories of products. You can have wish-lists for your visitors to keep track of products that interest them. You can have sliders and other creative display options. Products can be searched and arranged by price, attributes like color, or most popular. But how do affiliates create WooCommerce products from Amazon and eBay to build their affiliate websites?

There are two popular WordPress plugins that provide this capability – Prosociate and WooZone. They both work in a similar fashion. WooZone allows you to search and import Amazon products and “post” them as WooCommerce products. Prosociate does the same while providing more robust searching capabilities and an eBay version that is bundled with the Amazon version. Both products will import all of the images, reviews and, descriptions and add them to the WooCommerce product that they create. Both products will let you have an add-to-cart capability. This carting of orders gives you a 90-day, instead of 24 hour, Amazon cookie. This is a great advantage for high ticket items. They both also allow you to link products directly to Amazon and let Amazon do the final selling.

Is WooCommerce just for storefront type sites? Sure WooCommerce builds great storefront style sites. These types of sites have many products and are a familiar type of site to visitors. Storefront sites are hard to rank though. Particularly if all you have are affiliate products and little additional content. If you are building this type of site you definitely want to create your own descriptions and not just use the Amazon and eBay descriptions that Prosociate and WooZone will import for you. That way you have more original content. And you should still have additional content like reviews or comparisons. Amazon considers sites with product listings only to be undesirable. But with all of the great features of WooCommerce you are not limited to just storefronts. Think of WooCommerce as a product management tool. Get creative in organizing products by category and you can simply display them with a WoCommerce category shortcode. Use sliders and grids of WooCommerce products with the many add-ons available.  Embed individual products in your reviews with WooCommerce shortcodes. Use wish-lists to engage your visitors and encourage return trips to your site. No, WooCommerce and affiliate marketing is not just for storefronts!

Both Prosociate and WooZone are solid plugins that will let you manage hundreds of products. WooZone is available from the CodeCanyon marketplace and Prosociate has their own site at Prosociate.com. WooZone is a bit more expensive and requires ongoing costs to get support. Prosociate is a one time purchase and includes the eBay module which is great. Multiple sources of products for your visitors builds trust and credibility. Either plugins will make you more productive and help you create a compelling site for your customers. So harness the power of WooCommerce for your affiliate sites and let the plugins do the heavy lifting of making WooCommerce products from your Amazon and eBay niche affiliate offerings.