Prosociate 4

The countdown begins for our newest release. We are constantly developing and improving our products – Prosociate 4 will set a new standard for building Amazon Associate sites.

Some of the new features you can look forward to:

  • Book Searching – The Amazon api provides a number of unique search parameters for books; author, isbn etc. We have created a dedicated book searching capability to the posting area. Every niche has books from Amazon of interest to your readers. Now you can quickly find them and provide great benefit to your customers.
  • wpCron Support – In the previous versions we used cron jobs set in your C-panel to keep prices and inventory up to date. This is a requirement from Amazon if you want to display prices. Some hosting companies however place restrictions on the CPanel Cron jobs. In version 4 you can optionally use our built-in WordPress Cron support to keep your Amazon info up to date.
  • PHP 7 – PHP 7 is stable now and being supported by many hosting companies. Most users are currently on PHP 5.4-5.6 (there is no PHP 6). PHP 7 was focused on performance improvements, Google is focused on performance – so you should be too! You may want to upgrade to EasyApache 4 as well which will let you set PHP level by domain.
  • CSV Export – Now you can use Prosociate’s powerful search tools to find your products and output the results to a csv file of ASINs. An ASIN grabber on steroids!

Prosociate 4 is in beta now and will be shipping in the next 30-45 days. The beta test is open and available to all customers and partners who want to get a head-start. We also updated our programs for our partners, reviewers, etc – You can find more at Partners

If you are interested in the beta please drop us a note at our support email: