User Testing Details

Get Paid To: Testing Websites

Where to Join: Tester Signup

Payment Methods:  Paid via Paypal

Payment Threshold: $10 -$60 per test. Payments are twice per month.

Among the many types of Get Paid To (GPT) sites I like the testing sites a lot. These are sites that are paid by their clients to test their website, software application, prototype, or mobile app.

These GPT testing sites then hire people like you to be their testers. You will be giving feedback on the usability, navigation, design and more.

Like all GPT sites UserTesting is a side hustle not a full time job. You are not going to make a lot of money from any one site. But with testing sites you get more diversity than taking consumer surveys. I also find satisfaction in knowing I helped improve the product. The fact that you earn a few bucks in your idle time is a great bonus.

UserTesting will pay you to find bugs and other technical error on their clients websites. There are screening tests required in fact sometimes several screening tests. The practice test for me was not that time consuming.

One downside is that they often have very specific demographics to qualify. The other issue some users have reported is that there are so many technical issues in the dashboard and on the site in general. 

Check out our Website Testing Jobs guide.

What Is User Testing? is all about testing customers websites and products. Customers setup their product or website tests on line and UserTesting recruits and pays people like you to be the testers.

As a tester you will first be asked to fill out a profile and complete a sample test.  UserTesting will review your profile and your sample test . After that is approved you will be good to go.

When a customer sets up a testing project, one of the steps is to select the desired demographics of the testers. They can select sex, age, location, educational level etc. If your profile matches the clients demographic request you will get an invitation to the test. The number of tests that you can take will be limited by the number of matches.

In addition to the typical tests that other GPT testing sites offer, UserTesting has some called Live Conversation. This is a $60 gig for you so keep an eye out for them. Here is how UserTesting presents these to customers …

One of the reasons I like testing GPT sites is that you are contributing your feedback to a product development cycle. It is also a service that seems to be in constant need as new websites and products are developed.

So testing design and functionality of sites and apps makes sense. But is legit?

Is UserTesting Legit? is one of the best known testing platforms. Companies hire them to test prototypes, websites, software products, mobile apps, and more.

UserTesting is definitely legit.

They meet all of the criteria for not being a scam …

  • There are no costs to participate
  • No sensitive private information is needed
  • Their payouts are timely and without a large threshold.

Let’s see how UserTesting actually works.

How Does Work?

When there is a test available to do that matches your profile it will appear on your tester dashboard. You select the test that you want to take. Not every test that you select will be made available to you. There may be many applicants, a profile mismatch or you may have a low tester score (more about that later)

Once you are selected, the test tasks will be presented to you. You will start the screen recorder, perform the tasks while speaking out-loud giving feedback.

Typical UserTesting Tasks

  • Register for a new account on the site
  • Explore the site for 2 minutes and provide feedback
  • Try all navigation items
  • Visit a specific competitor site and compare

In general you will be asked for feedback on items like site navigation, concept, ease of use, overall appeal. Here is a good overview of UserTesting …

How Long will the Test Take to Complete?

A typical test takes from 15-20 minutes to complete. In the beginning it may take a bit longer. It is most important that you are provide clear and consistent feedback in your testing. You don’t want 5 minutes of dead air as you click around the site.

How to Join UserTesting

Joining is easy. Just head over to the signup page at You will initially enter your email address and contact info. UserTesting will confirm the email and give you a link to the registration page. Once nice thing about UserTesting is that they are no just for US testers.

Many online testing companies only support a small number of countries for a tester’s residence.. Though most tests at UserTesting are for US and Canadian companies/testers they also have testing projects in Europe South Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, China and other countries.

It is important to complete the initial questionnaire in detail. These answers will determine your eligibility for specific tests.

You will be required to do a sample test. Some testers will not pass this initial test and will not be accepted as a tester.

The most common reason for a new application to be rejected in the sample test phase are …

  • Poor language and comprehension skills
  • Poor work environment with distractions (don’t do the sample test in a coffee shop)
  • Computer freezes, mic quality is bad, other technical issues.
  • Long pauses with no feedback, you need to think out-loud

For those that pass the test the big question is … How much can you earn at UserTesting?

What Equipment and Setup do I need ?

There are two types of tests categories — desktop and mobile. with slightly different requirements …


All you need to get started is a PC or Mac, good internet connection, and an external or built-in microphone .

Mobile Device

For mobile and tablet testing you will need an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

General Requirements

You will need to download UserTesting screen recorder. This allows your review to be captured and submitted. The screen recorder is supported on both PC and Macs. Most browsers are supported including …

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

Tester Rating System

There are typically more testers applying for a test than are needed. Applicants are selected based on a number of criteria. Primarily the testers profile and their star rating. After each test the customers rate the quality of the testers report …


Using While Traveling

One thing to note for Digital Nomads or others who travel a lot is that you need to be in the country that you listed in your profile. If you are in a different country from your profile you may get low star ratings, canceled payments or removal from the system.

How Much Money Can I Make with UserTesting

Remember this is a side-hustle. You won’t make rent money so you should enjoy the tasks.

Most tests pay $10. Some pay more. There is also a product called Live Conversation. This can pay up to $60

A $10 test is typically a 20-minute recording with 4-5 written questions.

With a  Live Conversation you take part in a UserTesting customer video conference call. You will use a tool like Zoom at a specific time and be on a joint call with the UserTesting client.

Since the average test takes 20-40 minutes that is ~ $20 per hour. UserTestings pays 7 days after the test is accepted. Unfortunately there are not likely to be multiple tests you can take every day.

But still a pretty good GPT program, especially if you get selected for a Live Conversation. You have no control over the selection process. Customers request certain demographics and UserTesting matches the requirements to tester profile.


Pros & Cons —


Many supported countries

Can pay as much as $60.

You have real input to sites or products

Paid in 7-days via PayPal.


Generally only 2-3 tests per week

Some profiles get more tests

Payouts are fairly low

Bottom Line

UserTesting is not a job. It is a side-hustle paying small amounts per test. One of the best aspects is the rewarding involvement you have with website and product design. It is common to see your suggestions implemented.

It is easy to get started with All you need is a mobile phone or a computer. Even better have both. This will make more tests available to you.

I find testing fun, maybe you will too. 


Is Usertesting a scam?

No. UserTesting is an international testing company with many customers.

Is this a part-time job?

Not really. UserTesting is a Get Paid To (GPT) site. You can make a small amount of money with your spare time.

How long are the tests?

Typically 15-20 minutes per test.

How much will I get paid for tests?

Most tests pay $10-$20 some as much as $60.