You don’t want to step into an industry like affiliate marketing cold. There are lots of coaches and mentors, hundreds of training classes, tools and software products all trying to capitalize on your excitement about starting a new venture. Spend just a few dollars and do some research. Be an informed consumer and business operator. Books are still relevant in 2020.

There are many books on passive income, affiliate marketing, online business etc. Affiliate marketing and SEO are constantly changing so we tracked down the top 10 books for oyu.

Internet marketing books can have a few different motivations or purposes.

  • Lead Magnet — Low-cost or even free books quickly created mainly to capture your email address and promote other things to you. You may find a nugget of knowledge in one of these. Just be sure to realize the deal was a free book and they will pitch you their product or service.
  • Motivational — Books focused on getting and staying motivated. This is a critical part of running an online business. It can be a grind and many give up … too soon. But motivation is a separate topic for another day.
  • Informational — A typical non-fiction book with actionable up to date details. These are generally the affiliate marketing books we are reviewing. These are both by traditional publishing houses as well as self-published by industry experts.

Having created scores of affiliate sites, as well as affiliate plugins for Amazon, eBay, JV-Zoo and ClickBank, we are in a unique position to help you separate the good from the bad.

Let’s jump in …

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AFFILIATE MARKETING 2020 — Exceed 2019 With The Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide To Make Money Online, Passive Income …

Author: Christopher Clark

Published: 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback

affiliate marketing 2020The first few chapters focus on AM definitions and basic niche selection information. The book then moves into selecting affiliate programs and general information about different marketing channels and advertising.

There are also a few Top Ten type lists of tips and common mistakes.

This is a good general book and covers all of the major areas of the affiliate business model. There is not much information on how to create content or SEO details.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Author: Ted Sudol, Paul Mladjenovic

Published: 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback

affiliate marketing for dummies  The title not withstanding, this is one of the better books on affiliate marketing. I never understood the marketing behind the dummies series … almost like insulting your customers.

The author does a good job of laying out the business case for affiliate marketing and covers all of the basics. There is a small section on building a web site, SEO and Email marketing which is nice to see.

Finally, there are a number of chapters that are top 10 lists including …

  • Ten pitfalls

  • Ten best paid tools

  • Ten free tools

  • Ten best marketing strategies

Affiliate Marketing Secrets – How to Start a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business and Generate Passive Income Online, Even as a Complete Beginner

Author: Chandler Wright

Published: 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback

affiliate marketing secretsThis is a rather short book at 135 pages. There is not a lot of detail but a good quick read. There is a “bonus offer” in the introduction section but it turns out anyone can get this offer so not really a bonus.

This has the feel of a lengthy lead magnet. Nothing wrong with that but good to understand all of the facts.

The content is basic and a bit on the hyperbolic-side but everything seems factually accurate.

Affiliate Marketing: Launch a Six Figure Business with ClickBank Products, Affiliate Links, Amazon Affiliate Program …

Author: Noah Gray

Published: 2017

Format: Kindle, Paperback

affiliate marketing- launchAn in-depth book that covers all the important A lot of detail in this book around Amazon and ClickBank which are the leading affiliate programs for physical and digital products. There is also a good section on traffic generation.

Though they don’t mention SEO too often they do cover some of the important points like long-tail keywords and site structure.

It is a 2017 book and things change quickly. Amazon in particular has changed quite a bit. But the basics are still accurate and a well written book.

Affiliate Marketing — The Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Online Business

Author: Nik Neutron

Published: 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback

affiliate marketing ultimate guide smThis is a fairly short book at 165 pages. It does cover all the the high level points but this is not a detailed book to getting an affiliate business up and running.

I did like the section on making sure to chose a profitable niche. Even though I may have some different ideas in this area too many people chose a niche without evaluating the profitability and competition.

If you are looking for a quick read before jumping into affiliate or content marketing this is a good read.

Blogging for Profit 2019, 2020 — The Ultimate Course in Making Money Online, Learn Social Media Marketing, SEO, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing

Author: Don Porter

Published: 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback

blogging for profitThis is a two-part book. The first section deals with affiliate marketing and the second social media marketing. There are only 50 pages on affiliate marketing and SEO with the majority of the book being focused on social media marketing.

Even though there is less content on affiliate marketing there is a section on domain names, hosting and WordPress.

The social media marketing section is very broad going well beyond FaceBook and Instagram. 

Affiliate Marketing: The Beginner’s Step By Step Guide To Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Author: Kevin Ulaner

Published: 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback

Affilatae Marketing Step by StepA good beginners guide though brief at 60 pages. Sometimes less is more though.

If you are just looking for a quick Kindle read a 60 page overview like this might be just the ticket.

The book does a good job with its coverage of the features and benefits of affiliate marketing along with programs and strategies.

Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing — Your Step-By-Step Guide To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Author: Micheal Ezeanaka

Published: 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback

passive income

Part of the Business & Money Series which also includes Real Estate Investing, Dropshipping, FaceBook advertising and other titles.

I particularly liked the section of tracking your traffic. This is often overlooked. With a lengthy section on advertising. This book might be best for ad traffic vs. search SEO traffic affiliate marketers.

Each chapter contains an ending quiz to help make the information stick in your memory.

The appendix contains the chapter quiz answers.

From Nothing — Everything You Need to Profit from Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Online Business, e-Commerce and More

Author: Ian Pribyl, Regina Pribyl

Published: 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback

from nothing affiliate marketingI relate to the author’s opening comment …

We’re all fed up with bogus “make money online” bulls**t.”

This team has set out to create a detailed book to building an affiliate business. They do cover all of the basics well. There is perhaps a bit of hyperbole when you are mixing starting and affiliate business and building a six-figure revenue stream but it is always good to have goals.

The only missing components were affiliate programs and network details, tracking and compliance. You should know that the author is also selling a $300 Internet Marketing training course.

All-in-all a top book.

AFFILIATE MARKETING with SEO 2021 — Creating a Content based Business

Author: Mark Ketzler

Published: 2021

Format: Kindle, Paperback

We are in the final stages of our new publication to take you from the planning stage to building a content based site that uses search and SEO as the  primary traffic source. We will be publishing in Summer of 2021.

There will be a companion free membership area with templates, themes, plugins, and other resources for your affiliate business.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource on affiliate marketing and how to monetize your content.

The highlights include:

  • Example websites — Learn by seeing other succesful sites

  • Niche selection — Understand how to find a money-making niche

  • Affiliate programs — How to find and select programs and offers

  • Building your website — From getting a domain name to building a WordPress website.

  • Creating Content — Learn to select keywords that can rank and types of article formats

  • SEO — Give your content it’s best chance to be recommended by Google

  • Marketing Strategies — How to make the most revenue from your content

  • Tools — Tools can help or just be a diversion and waste of time.

  • Compliance — Stay compliant with your affiliate program and privacy laws.

  • Growth Strategies — Build a multiple revenue streams for your content.

Wrapping up

With all of the online content and affiliate gurus, books are often overlooked. Like most industries though they are often the best source of honest information. Invest $20 in a real book or even less on a Kindle publication.