Comparison tables are a key part of most Amazon and niche affiliate marketing sites. They provide a concise and easy to use visual guide for your visitors. At ReadyThemes, we have created a new Amazon integrated table building tool. Ready tables uses the Amazon api to import product descriptions, images and pricing. Prices are automatically kept up to date to keep you in compliance with your Associate terms of service. Simply enter an Amazon asin number and ReadyTables will import the information. You can also add non-Amazon products, star ratings and any other text or graphic fields.

Tables can include;

  • Amazon asin number
  • Amazon imported image
  • Current Amazon price
  • A constructed Amazon description with images
  • User created star-rating (with choice of characters to display: star, check-mark etc.)
  • Short text strings
  • Text paragraphs
  • Additional images

Ready tables also provides formatting capabilities for controlling background color, ruling lines etc. Of source with CSS you can modify the table’s look completely.

Check out the video below and visit the ReadyTables product page at ReadyThemes.