Prosociate 4.3 Upgrade

A quick note to let everyone know that we have
issued a Prosociate upgrade. The latest version
is now 4.3. In addition to small bug fixes we added
some new capabilities.

New features in 4.3:
✅ Dual Cart – We added support for new popup modal
for sites that need dual checkout capabilities.
When your customer checks out a shopping cart that
contains both Amazon and local WooCommerce products
the new checkout modal appears for the local
transaction and another tab is created for the
Amazon checkout.
✅ Direct Amazon Links – There is now an option to
pre-resolve external links with your embedded
Amazon Associate id. In the past the link was
a WooCommerce product link.
✅ Handcrafted – We added the browsenodes for the
Hand Crafted categories.

Let us know if there are any new features you would like to see in future releases.

If you are an affiliate of any kind, your products…